Revelation 18: the loud cry —2018-2030

“She has fallen, she has fallen, Babylon the Great! »
“Come out from among her, my people…”

Samuel presents

Daniel and Revelation to me

Prophetic Proofs That God Exists
His Ultimate Revelations for His Elect

In this work: His Project - His Judgment

Version: 23-09-2023 (7-7th-5994 )


And I heard the voice of a man in the midst of Ulai;

he cried and said, Gabriel, explain to him the vision ” Daniel 8:16.



Explanatory note of the cover

From top to bottom: Messages from the three angels of Revelation 14.

These are three truths from the book of Daniel revealed to the saints after the trial of the spring of 1843 and after that of October 22, 1844. Ignoring the role of the Sabbath, the early Adventists could not understand the true meaning of these messages. Adventists who were awaiting the return of Christ had linked their experience to the " midnight cry " or " middle of the night " cited in the parable of the " ten virgins " from Matt.25:1 to 13 where the announcement of the " return of the Bridegroom ” is mentioned.

1-     The theme of judgment developed in Dan.8:13-14 and subject of the first angel 's message in Rev.14:7: " Fear God and give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who has done the earth, the heavens, and the springs of water! »: the return to Saturday, the only true seventh day of the divine order, the Jewish Sabbath and weekly day of rest, is required by God in the fourth of his ten commandments.

2-     The denunciation of papal Rome , " little horn " and " different king " of Daniel 7:8-24 and 8:10-23 to 25, which receives the name " Babylon the great " in the message of the second angel of Apo .14:8: “ Babylon the Great is fallen, she is fallen! ": mainly, because of Sunday, the former "day of the sun" inherited from Emperor Constantine I who established it on March 7, 321. But this expression " it fell " is justified by the revelation of its cursed nature by God as he introduced it to his Adventist servants after 1843, in 1844, by restoring the practice of the abandoned Sabbath. “ She has fallen ” means: “she is taken and defeated.” The God of truth thus announces his victory against the camp of religious lies.

3-     The theme of the last judgment where “ the fire of the second death ” strikes the Christian rebels. This is the image presented in Dan.7:9-10, the theme is developed in Rev.20:10-15, and it is the subject of the third angel 's message in Rev.14:9-10: " And another, a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of the wrath of God, poured out without mixture into the cup of his wrath, and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone, before the holy angels and before the Lamb ": Here, Sunday is identified with the " mark of the beast ".

Note the identical correspondence of the numbers of the targeted verses in Daniel 7: 9-10 and Revelation 14: 9-10 .


The fourth angel : he appears only in Apo.18 where he images the final proclamation of the three previous Adventist messages which benefit from all the divine light that has come to illuminate them since 1994 and until the end of the world, that is, until spring 2030 This is the role that this work must play. The light that came to illuminate it reveals the successive guilts: of the Catholic religion, since 538; of the Protestant religion, since 1843; and the official Adventist institution, since 1994. All these spiritual falls had the cause, in their time: the refusal of the light proposed by the Holy Spirit of God in Jesus Christ. “ At the time of the end ” mentioned in Dan.11:40, the Catholic Church brings together in its curse, all religious groups, Christian or not, which recognize its ministry and its authority; this under the aegis of its so-called “ecumenical” alliance which, after Protestantism, official Adventism joined in 1995.



2 Corinthians 4:3-4

…If our Gospel is still veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing; for the unbelievers whose intelligence the God of this age has blinded, so that they do not see the splendor of the Gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God . »

“And if the prophetic word remains misunderstood, it will only remain so for those who must be lost”

Also, in summary of the revelations presented in this document know that, to “ justify holiness ”,

since the spring of 1843 established by the decree of the creator and legislator God of Daniel 8:14, according to his “ everlasting Gospel ”,

throughout the earth, every man and every woman,

 must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ by total immersion to obtain divine grace,


must observe Saturday , the seventh-day Sabbath rest, sanctified by God in Genesis 2, and 4th of his 10 commandments cited in Exodus 20; this, in order to preserve his grace,


must honor the divine moral laws and dietary laws prescribed in the Holy Bible, in Genesis 1:29 and Leviticus 11, (holiness of the body)


and must not “ despise his prophetic word ”, so as not to “ quench the Spirit of God (1 Thess.5:20).


Anyone who does not meet these criteria is condemned by God to suffer the “ second death ” described in Revelation 20.





Pagination of topics covered

First part: Preparatory notes

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Title page 

07  Presentation

12  God and his creations

13  The Biblical Foundations of Truth

16  Fundamental note : March 7, 321, the cursed day of sin

26  The testimony of God given on earth

28  Note : Do not confuse martyrdom with punishment

29  Genesis: a vital prophetic summary

30  Faith and unbelief

33  Food for the Suitable Weather

37  The Revealed History of True Faith

39  Preparatory notes for the book of Daniel

41  It all begins in Daniel – THE BOOK OF DANIEL

42  Daniel 1 - Arrival of Daniel in Babylon

45  Daniel 2 - The statue of the vision of King Nebuchadnezzar

56  Daniel 3 - The three companions in the furnace

62  Daniel 4 - the king humiliated and converted

69  Daniel 5 - The judgment of King Belshazzar

74  Daniel 6 - Daniel in the lions' den

79  Daniel 7 - The four animals and the little papal horn

90  Daniel 8 - Papal identity confirmed – the divine decree of Dan.8:14.

103  Daniel 9 - The announcement of the time of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ.

121  Daniel 10 - Announcement of the great calamity - Visions of the calamity

127  Daniel 11 - The seven wars of Syria.

146  Daniel 12 - The Adventist universal mission illustrated and dated.

155  Introduction to prophetic symbolism

158  Adventism

163  The First Look at the Apocalypse

167  The Symbols of Rome in Prophecy

173  Light on the Sabbath

176  God's decree of Daniel 8:14

179  Preparation for Apocalypse

183  The Apocalypse in Summary

188  Second part: the detailed study of the Apocalypse

188  Revelation 1 : Prologue-The Return of Christ-The Adventist Theme

199  Revelation 2 : The Assembly of Christ from its inception to 1843

199  1st period: Ephesus -  2nd period : Smyrna - 3rd period : Pergamon -

4th era : Thyatira

216  Revelation 3 : The Assembly of Christ since 1843 - the apostolic Christian faith restored

216  5th period : Sardis -  6th period : Philadelphia -

223  The Destiny of Adventism Revealed in Ellen G. White's First Vision

225  7th era : Laodicea

229  Revelation 4 : heavenly judgment

232  Note : DIVINE LAW prophesies

239  Revelation 5 : the Son of Man

244  Revelation 6 : Actors, divine punishments and signs of the times of the Christian era - The first 6 seals

251  Revelation 7 : Seventh-day Adventism sealed with the “ seal of God ”: the Sabbath and secret “ seventh seal ”.

259  Revelation 8 : The first four “ trumpets

268  Revelation 9 : The 5th and 6th “ trumpets

268  the 5th trumpet

276  the 6th trumpet

286  Revelation 10 : the “ little open book

291  End of the first part of the Revelation

Second part: the themes developed

292  Revelation 11 : papal reign - national atheism - the 7th “ trumpet

305  Revelation 12 : the great central plan

313  Revelation 13 : the false brothers of the Christian religion

322  Revelation 14 : The Time of Seventh-day Adventism

333  Revelation 15 : The end of the probationary period

336  Revelation 16 : The Seven Last Plagues of God's Wrath

345  Revelation 17 : the prostitute is unmasked and identified

356  Revelation 18 : the prostitute receives her punishment

368  Revelation 19 : the Armageddon battle of Jesus Christ

375  Revelation 20 : the thousand years of the 7th millennium and the last judgment

381  Revelation 21 : the glorified New Jerusalem symbolized

392  Revelation 22 : The Endless Day of Eternity

405  The letter kills but the Spirit gives life

408  The earthly time of Jesus Christ

410  Holiness and sanctification

424  The separations of Genesis – from Genesis 1 to 22 –

525  The fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham: Genesis 23 to…

528  The Exodus and Faithful Moses – From the Bible in General – The Hour of the Last Choice – Seventh-day Adventism: A Separation, a Name, a History – The Major Judgments of God – Divine from A to Z – Distortions of biblical texts – The Spirit restores the truth.

547  The final dedication

548 The Last Call




Note: translations into foreign languages being carried out using automatic translation software, the author is only responsible for texts in French, the language of the original version of the documents.

Explain Daniel and Revelation to me


I was born and live in this highly abominable country, since God symbolically names its capital “ Sodom and Egypt ” in Rev.11:8. Its model of society, republican, envied, was imitated, spread and adopted by numerous peoples throughout the world; this country is France, a dominating monarchical and revolutionary country, experimenter of five Republics with publican regimes condemned by God. Proudly, it proclaims and displays its tables of human rights, outrageously opposed to the tables of human duties written in the form of “ten commandments”, by the creator God himself. Since its origin and its first monarchy, it has taken up the defense of its enemy, the Roman Catholic religion whose teaching has never ceased to call "evil" what God calls "good" and to call "good" what which he calls “evil”. Continuing its inexorable fall, its Revolution led it to adopt atheism. Thus, as a creature, a pot of earth, France is engaged in a standoff which opposes it to the all-powerful God, an authentic pot of iron; the outcome was predictable and prophesied by him; she will experience the fate of “ Sodom ” guilty of the same sins before her. World history for the last 1700 years or so has been shaped by its evil influence, notably its support for the authority of the Roman Catholic papal regime, from its first monarch, Clovis I, the first king of the Franks. He was baptized in Reims, on December 25 in the year 498. This date bears the sign of a Christmas celebration linked by Rome, unfairly and outrageously, to a false date of birth of Jesus Christ, the incarnate God, creator of the world and everything that lives or exists; who rightly claims the title of “ God of truth ” because he abhors “ the lie which has the devil as its father ,” as Jesus declared.

Do you want undeniable proof that no Roman pope is legitimate in claiming to be a servant of Jesus Christ? Here it is, precise and biblical: Jesus said in Matt.23:9: “ And call no man your father on earth; for one is your father, who is in heaven. »

What is the pope called on earth? Everyone can see it, “holy father ”, or even, “very holy father ”. Catholic priests are also called “ fathers ”. This rebellious attitude causes the multitudes of priests to place themselves as supposedly indispensable intermediaries between God and the sinner, while the Bible teaches for him free access to God legitimized by Jesus Christ. In this way, the Catholic faith infantilizes human beings to appear indispensable and essential. This diversion from the direct intercession of Jesus Christ will be denounced by God in a prophecy, in Dan.8:11-12. Question-Answer : Who can believe that the powerful creator God could take as his servants human beings who disobey him with such outrageous “ arrogance ” denounced in Dan.7:8 and 8:25? The biblical response to this infantilization of human minds is in this verse from Jer.17:5: “ Thus says YaHWéH: Cursed is the man who trusts in man , who takes the flesh for his support , and who turns away his heart of YaHWéH ! »

Because it was France which greatly shaped the religious history of a large part of the Christian era, God gave a Frenchman the mission of revealing his cursed role; this, by illuminating the hidden meaning of his prophetic revelations encrypted in a strictly biblical code.

In 1975 I received the announcement of my prophetic mission through a vision, the true meaning of which I only understood in 1980, after my baptism. Baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith, I have known, since 2018, that I have been placed in ministry for the time of a jubilee (7 times 7 years) which will end in the spring of 2030 with the return in glory of the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.

Recognizing the existence of God or Jesus Christ is not enough to obtain eternal salvation .

I recall here, before returning to heaven, Jesus addressed to his disciples the words of these verses from Mat.28:18 to 20: “Jesus, having come near, spoke to them thus: All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations , baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit , and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you . And behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the world .” His divine Spirit inspired in the apostle Peter this other formal and solemn declaration of Acts 4:12: “ There is salvation in no other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved .”

Consequently, understand, the religion which reconciles us with God is not based on a religious heritage due to human traditions. Faith in the atoning voluntary sacrifice offered by God, through His human death in Jesus Christ, is the only way to obtain our reconciliation with the perfect righteousness of His divine holiness. Also, whoever you are, whatever your origin, your inherited religion, your people, your race, your color or your language, or even your status among men, your reconciliation with God only comes through Jesus Christ and adherence to his teaching which he addresses to his disciples until the end of the world; as evidenced by this document.

The expression “ Father, Son and Holy Spirit ” designates three successive roles played by the one God in his plan of salvation offered to guilty sinner man, condemned to the “ second death ”. This “trinity” is not a gathering of three Gods, as Muslims believe, thus justifying their rejection of this Christian dogma and its religion. As “ Father ”, God is our creator for all; as “ Son ” he gave himself a body of flesh to atone for the sins of his elect in their place; in “ Holy Spirit ”, God, Spirit of the resurrected Christ, comes to help his elect to succeed in their conversion by obtaining “ the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord ”, according to what the apostle Paul teaches in Heb.12: 14; “ sanctification ” is, being set apart for and by God. It confirms his acceptance of the chosen one and appears in the works of his faith, in his love for God and his inspired and revealed biblical truth.

Reading this document is essential to understand the very high level of curse that weighs on the peoples of the earth, their religious institutions and those of the Western Christian world, particularly, because of their Christian origin; because the path traced by Jesus Christ constitutes the unique and exclusive saving path of God's project; as a result, the Christian faith remains the prime target of attacks from the devil and demons.

Basically, the saving project designed by the creator God is simple and logical. But religion takes on a complex character due to the fact that those who teach it only think of justifying their religious conception and, practicing sin, often out of ignorance, this conception is no longer in conformity with the requirements of God. As a result, he hits them with his curse which they interpret to their advantage and do not hear the divine reproach.

This work is not intended to receive a literary prize; for the creator God, his sole role is to put his elect to the test of faith which will allow them to obtain eternal life won by Jesus Christ. You will find repetitions there, but this is the style that God uses by hammering out the same teachings that he reveals through different images and symbols. These numerous repetitions constitute the best proof of their authenticity and testify to the importance he gave to the illustrated truths concerned. The parables taught by Jesus confirm this emphasis and repetition.

You will find in this work revelations given by the great creator God who visited us under the human name of Jesus of Nazareth, who came under the title of “anointed”, or “messiah”, according to the Hebrew “mashiah” cited in Dan .9:25, or “christ”, from the Greek “christos” of the writings of the new covenant. In him, God came to offer his perfectly pure life as a voluntary sacrifice, to validate the rites of animal sacrifices which preceded his coming since the original sin committed by Eve and Adam. The term “ anointed ” designates one who receives the anointing of the Holy Spirit symbolized by the oil of olive trees. The prophetic revelation given by God in the sole name of Jesus Christ and his atoning work guides his elect on the path that leads to eternal life. Because salvation by grace alone does not prevent the elect from falling into traps of which he is unaware. It is therefore to complete his offer of grace, that in the name of Jesus Christ, God comes to reveal the existence of the main traps which allow his last servants of the time of the end, to analyze, judge, and understand clearly the confused situation of the universal Christian religion which prevails in this last epoch of earthly salvation.

But before sowing, it is advisable to uproot; because the nature of the creator God is distorted by the teaching of the great monotheistic religions prevalent on earth. They all have in common that they impose the one God by constraint and thus testify to their separation and from any relationship with him. The apparent freedom attached to the Christian faith is only due to the current circumstances of the time, but as soon as God allows the demons to act freely, this intolerance towards those who do not follow them will reappear. If God had wanted to act through constraint, it would have been enough for him, simply, to make himself visible to their eyes, to obtain from his creatures that they obey all his wills. If he did not act in this way, it is because his selection of elected officials rests, solely , on the free choice to love him or reject him; free choice that he gives to all his creatures. And if there is a constraint, it is only that of the natural character of the elect who are pushed and attracted, by their individual free nature, by the God of love. And this name love suits it well, because it sublimates it, by offering its creatures a demonstration put into action which makes it incontestable; this by offering his life to atone, in the person of Jesus Christ, for the sins inherited and committed by his elect alone at the time of their ignorance and weakness. Attention ! On earth, this word love only takes the form of feeling and its weakness. That of God is strong and perfectly just; which makes all the difference because it takes the form of a principle where feeling is totally controlled. The true religion approved by God therefore rests on free adherence to his person, his thoughts and his principles established in laws. All earthly life is built on its physical, chemical, moral, psychic and spiritual laws. Just as the idea of escaping the law of earthly gravity and making it disappear would not enter man's mind, his spirit can only flourish harmoniously in respect and obedience. to the laws and principles established by the creator God. And these words of the apostle Paul from 1 Cor.10:31 are thus perfectly justified: “ Whether you eat, or drink, or do anything else, do all for the glory of God .” The application of this free invitation is made possible by the fact that, in the Bible, and it alone, God has delivered and revealed his divine opinions. And it is important to take his opinion into account in accomplishing the work of “ sanctification without which ,” according to Heb.12:14, “ no one will see the Lord .” Sometimes his opinion takes the form of a prescription, but it is no more debatable than that provided by the specialist doctor to whom the human being hastens to obey, thinking that he is acting in his best interests for his health. physical or mental (even if he is wrong). The creator God is, far above all, the only and true physician of souls whom he knows in their smallest details. It hurts but heals whenever the situation is favorable. But ultimately, he will destroy and annihilate all celestial and earthly life that has proven incapable of loving him and therefore, of obeying him.

Religious intolerance is therefore the revealing fruit of the false monotheistic religion. It constitutes a very serious fault and sin because it distorts the character of God, and by attacking him, it does not risk obtaining his blessing, his grace and his salvation. However, God uses it like a scourge to punish and strike unbelieving or unfaithful humanity. I rely here on biblical and historical testimony. Indeed, the writings of the old covenant teach us that to punish the infidelity of his people, the nation called Israel, God used the “Philistine” people, his closest neighbor. In our time this people continues this action under the name “Palestinian”. Later, when he wanted to reveal his judgment and his final condemnation of this earthly carnal Israel, he called upon the services of the Chaldean king Nebuchadnezzar; this three times. In the third, in – 586, the nation was destroyed and the surviving people were taken into deportation to Babylon for a period of “70 years” prophesied in Jer.25:11. Later still, for its refusal to recognize Jesus Christ as its messiah, the nation was destroyed again by Roman troops led by Titus, the heir of Emperor Vespasian. During the Christian era, officially falling back into sin in 321, the Christian faith was given over to the intolerance of the popes from 538. And this dominant Catholic faith sought quarrel with the Middle Eastern peoples who had become religiously Muslim in the same 6th century . Infidel Christianity has found there a perpetual formidable adversary. Because the religious opposition of the two camps is like the poles, totally opposed until the end of the world. The unbeliever is also proud and seeks the glory of exclusivity; not obtaining it from God, he attributes it to himself and does not accept being challenged. This description of the individual characterizes, also collectively, the members who belong to the different assemblies and group together in the different false religions. Condemning intolerance does not mean that God is tolerant. Intolerance is a human practice inspired by the demonic camp. The word tolerant implies the thought of intolerance and the word of true faith is approval or disapproval according to the biblical principle "yes, or no." For his part, God supports the existence of evil without tolerating it; he supports it for a time of freedom planned in his project to select his elected officials. The word tolerance therefore only applies to humanity, and the term appeared in the Edict of Nantes of Henri IV of April 13, 1598. But after the end of the time of grace, evil and those who do will be destroyed. Tolerance had replaced the religious freedom given to man by God from the beginning.

The menu of this work is announced; the evidence will be presented and demonstrated throughout the pages.




























God and his creations


The spiritual lexicon used by men in Latin Europe hides essential messages delivered by God. So it is, first of all, with the word Apocalypse which, in this aspect, evokes the great catastrophe feared by men. Yet behind this frightening term lies the translation “Revelation” which reveals to His servants in Christ indispensable things necessary for their salvation. According to the principle that the happiness of some causes the misfortune of others, those of the opposite camp, the messages in absolute opposites are very rich in teaching and very often suggested in the very holy “Revelation” given to the apostle John.

Another term, the word “angel” hides important lessons. This French word comes from the Latin “angelus” itself taken from the Greek “aggelos” which means: messenger. This translation reveals to us the value that God gives to his creatures, his counterparts whom he created free and relatively independent. Life being given by God, this independence retains logical restrictions. But this term “messenger” reveals to us that God sees his free counterparts as living messages. Thus, each creature represents a message composed of a life experience marked by personal choices and positions which constitute what the Bible calls “a soul”. Every creature is unique as a living soul. Because what the first celestial counterparts created by God, those whom we traditionally call “the angels”, did not know is that the one who gave them life and the right to live can take them back. They were created to live forever and did not even know the meaning of the word death. It is to reveal to them what the word death means that God created our earthly dimension in which the human species, or Adam, would play the role of mortal after the sin of the Garden of Eden. The message we represent is pleasing to God only if it conforms to His standards of good and good. If this message meets its standard of evil and bad, the one who carries it is of the rebellious type whom it condemns to eternal death, to a final destruction and annihilation of his entire soul.
















The Biblical Foundations of Truth


God saw it good and right to reveal, first, the origins of our earth system to Moses, so that every human being would know about it. He indicates there, a priority of spiritual teaching. In this action he presents to us the bases of his truth which begin by regulating the order of time. For God is the God of order and noble consistency. We will discover, by comparison with its standards, the stupid and incoherent aspect of our current order established by the man of sin. Because it is indeed sin and already original sin that changes everything.


But it is essential to understand before anything else, that the “ beginning ” cited by God in the Bible, and first word of the book called “Genesis” is, “origin”, does not concern the “ beginning ” of life, but only that of his creation of our entire terrestrial dimension which includes the stars of the celestial cosmos all created on the fourth day after the earth itself. With this thought in mind, we can understand that this specific earth system, in which nights and days will follow one another, is created to become the environment where God and his faithful elect and the devil's enemy camp will confront each other. This fight of divine good against the evil of the devil, the first sinner in the history of life, is his reason for being and the basis of the entire revelation of his universal and multiversal saving project. During this work, you will discover the meaning of certain enigmatic words spoken by Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry. You will thus see how much meaning they take on in the great project set in motion by the one great God, creator of all forms of life and matter. Here I close this important parenthesis and return to the subject of the order of time established by this Supreme Sovereign of existence.


Before sin, Adam and Eve had their lives structured around a succession of seven-day weeks. In accordance with the model of the fourth of the ten commandments (or Decalogue) which recalls it , the seventh day is a day sanctified for rest by God and by man, and knowing today what this action prophesies, we can understand why God holds to respect this practice. In its overall project which explains the reasons for this specific earthly creation, the week, the proposed unit of time, prophesies seven thousand years during which the great project of the universal (and multiversal) demonstration of his love and justice will be accomplished. In this program, in analogy to the first six days of the week, the first six millennia will be placed under the demonstration of his love and patience. And like the seventh day, the seventh millennium will be devoted to the establishment of his perfect righteousness. I can summarize this program thus by saying: six days (of a thousand years = six thousand years) to save, and the seventh (= thousand years), to judge and annihilate the terrestrial and celestial rebels. This saving project will rest entirely on the voluntary expiatory sacrifice made by the creator God, in the earthly divine aspect of the person named, by his divine will, Jesus Christ in the Greek version or according to the Hebrew, Jesus the Messiah.

Before sin, in the original perfect divine order, the entire day is composed of two successive equal parts; 12 hours of lunar night are followed by 12 hours of sunlight and the cycle repeats itself perpetually. In our current condition, this situation only appears two days a year, at the time of the spring and autumn equinoxes. We know that the current seasons are due to a tilt of the earth's axis, and we can thus understand that this tilt appeared as a consequence of the original sin committed by the first couple, Adam and Eve. Before sin, without this inclination, the regularity of the divine order was perfect.

The complete revolution of the earth around the sun indicates the unit of the year. In his testimony, Moses tells the story of the Exodus of the Hebrews delivered by God from Egyptian slavery. And on the very day of this exit, God said to Moses, in Exo.12:2: “ This month will be the first month of the year for you; it will be for you the first month .” Such insistence testifies to the importance that God gives to the thing. The Hebrew calendar of twelve lunar months fluctuated with time, and behind the solar order, it was necessary to add an additional thirteenth month to regain concordance after several years of accumulation of this delay. The Hebrews came out of Egypt " the 14th day of the first month of the year ” which logically began on the spring equinox; name which means precisely “first time”.

This order given by God, “ this month will be the first month of the year for you ”, is not trivial, because it is addressed to all men who will claim his salvation until the end of the world ; Hebrew Israel, recipient of divine Revelation, being only the vanguard of the great universal saving project of its divine program. His lunar time will be followed by the solar time of Christ through which God's saving project is revealed in all its light.

The perfect restoration of these divine standards will never be accomplished on an earth populated by rebellious and wicked human beings. However, it remains possible, in the individual relationship we have with God, this powerful invisible creative Spirit who magnifies love as much as justice. And any relationship with him must begin with this search for his values and firstly, those of his order of time. This is an act of faith, quite simple and without particular merit; a minimum to offer from our human side. And our approach being pleasant to Him, the loving relationship of the creature and its Creator becomes possible. Heaven is not won by feats or miracles, but by signs of reciprocal attention, which express true love. This is what everyone can discover in the work of Jesus Christ, who gave his life, voluntarily, as a sign of a call, to save only his chosen beloved.

After this admirable picture of the divine order, let us look at the pathetic aspect of our human order. This comparison is all the more necessary because it will allow us to understand the reproaches that God prophesied through his prophet Daniel, whom Jesus in his hour authenticated as such. Among these reproaches we read in Dan.7:25: “ He will design to change the times and the law .” God knows only one standard of these things; those which he himself established since the creation of the world and then revealed to Moses. Who dared to commit such an outrage? A dominating regime to which he attributes “ arrogance ” and “ the success of its tricks ”. Also described as a “ different king ”, the synthesis of these criteria suggests religious power. Moreover, accused of " persecuting the saints ", the possibilities of interpretation narrow and enclose the Roman papal regime established, only , since 538 by a decree due to the emperor Justinian 1st . But the Revelation called Apocalypse will reveal the fact that this date 538 is only the consequence and the extension of an evil brought against “ the times and the divine law” from March 7, 321 by the Roman Emperor Constantine 1st . His crime will often be recalled in this study, because this evil date brings the curse into the pure and perfect Christian faith established in the time of the apostles. This sharing of guilt, in relay, of pagan imperial Rome and Roman Catholic papal Rome is a main key to the prophetic revelation constructed in the testimonies written by Daniel. For the pagan emperor established the first day's rest, but it is the Christian papal regime who religiously imposed it in its “ changed ”, particular and human form, of the ten commandments of God.
































Fundamental note: March 7, 321, the cursed day of sin


And powerfully cursed, because on March 7, 321, the rest of the holy seventh day of the Sabbath was, by order of a dated imperial decree, officially replaced by the first day. At the time, this first day was dedicated by the pagans to the worship of the Sun God, the SOL INVICTVS that is, the outrageous UNDEFEATED SUN, already the object of adoration on the part of the Egyptians at the time of the Exodus of the Hebrews , but also, in America, by the Incas and the Aztecs, and until today by the Japanese (land of the “rising sun”). The devil always uses the same recipes to lead humans into his fall and condemnation by God. It exploits their superficiality and their carnal mind which leads them to despise the spiritual life and the lessons of the historical past. Today, March 8, 2021, when I am writing this note, the news bears witness to the importance of this outrage, a true divine lèse-majesté, and once again, divine time takes on its full meaning. For God the time of a year begins in spring and ends at the end of winter, in our current Roman calendar, from March 20 to the following March 20. It thus appears that March 7, 321 was for God March 7, 320, i.e., 13 days before spring 321. Consequently, for God, it was the year 320 which was marked at its end, by the abominable act brought against his just and holy divine law. According to God's time, the year 2020 constitutes the 17th anniversary (17: number of judgment) in number of centuries since the year 320. It is therefore not surprising that from the beginning of the year 2020, the divine curse has entered an aggressive phase in the form of a contagious virus which has caused panic, in the West, the society of men whose trust and faith have been placed entirely in science and its progress. Panic is the consequence of the inability to present an effective cure or vaccine despite the high technical skills of current scientists. By giving these 17 centuries a prophetic value, I am not inventing anything, because for God the numbers have a spiritual meaning which he reveals and uses in the construction of his prophecies, and precisely in Revelation, chapter 17 is devoted to the theme of “the judgment of the harlot who sits on many waters .” “ Babylon the great ” is its name and the “great waters ” involved suggest the “ River Euphrates ” that God targets in the “ sixth trumpet ” message of Rev.9:13, symbol of the coming Third World War. Behind these symbols are papal Catholicism and unfaithfully Christian Europe, sources and targets of his anger. The struggle between God and men has just begun; the iron pot against the earthen pot, the outcome of the fight is predictable; better, it is prophesied and programmed. How was God going to mark the 17th centenary of March 7, 320 (320, for him and his elect; 321 for the falsely religious or profane world)? I have long believed that it would be through the entry into world war, but a world war which will end in atomic form, because God prophesied it, three times, in Dan.11:40 to 45, Ezekiel 38 and 39, and finally, in Rev.9:13 to 21. The struggle initiated by God against rebellious humanity since the spring of 2020 is of the same type as that which he engaged against the pharaoh of Egypt in the time of Moses ; and the end result will be the same; the enemy of God will lose his life there, like Pharaoh who, in his time, saw his firstborn son die and lost his own. This March 8, 2021, I note that this interpretation was not fulfilled, but I had been prepared for it for about a month, having realized by divine inspiration that 321 was for God 320 and that consequently, he had planned to curse, not just the day of March 7, 2020, but the entire year to which this cursed day is attached, thus applying, for this punishment, the principle cited in Nom.14:34: “Just as you have spent forty days exploring the land, you will bear the penalty of your iniquities forty years, a year for each day ".

But to this observation, one thing is added. Our false calendar is not only wrong about the beginning of the year, it is also wrong about the date of the birth of Jesus Christ. Incorrectly, in the 5th century , the monk Dionysius the Little placed it on that of the death of King Herod which really took place in – 4 of his calendar. To these 4 years, we must add the “ two years ” estimated by Herod as being the age of the Messiah whom he wanted to put to death according to Matt.2:16: “ Then Herod, seeing that he had been tricked by the wise men , became very angry, and he sent to kill all the children from two years old and under who were in Bethlehem and in all its territory, according to the date of which he had carefully inquired from the wise men . So, when he counts the years, God adds 6 years to our usual false and misleading date and the birth of Jesus took place in the spring of that year – 6. As a result, the year 320 was for him: 326 and the 17th secular anniversary of our year 2020 was for him the year 2026 from the true moment of the birth of Jesus Christ. This number 26 is the number of the tetragram “YHWH”, in Hebrew “Yod, Hé, Wav, Hé”, by which God named himself, following the question of Moses: “What is your name ? » ; this, according to Exodus 3:14. The great creator God therefore had one more reason to mark with his personal royal seal this day marked by his all-powerful divine curse; and this until the end of the world. The scourge of contagious disease appearing in this year 2026 of divine time has just confirmed the continuity of this curse which will take different forms during the last years of life on planet Earth. A Third Nuclear World War will mark “ the end ” of the “ times of the nations ” announced by Jesus Christ in Matt.24:14: “ This good news of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations . Then the end will come .” This “ end ” will begin with the end of the grace period; the offer of salvation will end. A test of faith based on respect for his holy Sabbath will definitively separate the camp of the “ sheep ” from that of the “ goats ” of Matt.25:32-33: “ All nations will be gathered before him. He will separate one from another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and he will put the sheep on his right hand, and the goats on his left .” The decree of a law making Roman Sunday obligatory will ultimately result in the true elect saints of Jesus Christ being condemned to death. This situation will fulfill these words of Dan.12:7: “ And I heard the man clothed in linen, standing above the waters of the river; he lifted up his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and he swore by him who lives forever that it will be in a time, and times, and half a time, and that all these things will end when the strength of the people saint will be completely broken .” From a human perspective, their situation will be desperate and their death imminent. It is then that these words of Jesus Christ cited in Matt.24:22 come to light: “ And if these days were not shortened, no one would be saved; but, for the sake of the elect , these days will be shortened .” The year 6000 will end before April 3, 2036 of divine time, that is, April 3, 2030 of our false calendar which comes 2000 years after the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ accomplished on the 14th day after the beginning of spring . year 30. And these “ days ” must be “ shortened ” or diminished. This means that the date of application of the death decree will precede this date. For it is the emergency situation that requires Christ to intervene directly to save his elect . We must then take into account God's priority of glorifying the standard of " time " that He gave to His earthly creation. It is he who will inspire the rebels of the last days to choose a date which will exceed by a few days the first day of spring 2030 behind which closes the 6000 years of earthly history. Two possibilities then present themselves: a date which will remain unknown until the end, or April 3, 2030 which marks the maximum possible and spiritually meaningful limit. Consider that despite its extreme importance, the 14th day of the year of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is not suitable to mark the end of 6000 years of world history, much less the beginning of the 7th millennium . This is why I place my preference and my faith on the spring date of March 21, 2030, the date of the “ abbreviated ” prophetic time of April 3 or an intermediate date. Marked by nature created by God, spring is decisive when we want to count the 6000 years of human history; which becomes possible from the moment Adam and Eve sinned. In the biblical account of Genesis, the days leading up to this first spring were eternal days. The time counted by God is that of the land of sin and the 6000 years that the week prophesies begin with the beginning of the first spring and they will end with the end of a last winter. It was one spring that the countdown to 6000 years began. Because of sin, the earth underwent a tilt of its axis of 23° 26' and the succession of seasons could begin. In the Jewish holidays of the old covenant, two holidays are dominant: the weekly Sabbath and Passover. These two festivals are placed under the symbolism of the numbers "7, 14 and 21" of the "7th , 14th and 21st " days which represent the three phases of the plan of divine salvation: The weekly Sabbath theme of Rev.7 which prophesies the reward of the chosen saints, for the “7”; the redemptive work of Jesus Christ which constitutes the means of offering this reward, for the “14”. Note that in the festival of Passover which lasts 7 days the 15th and the 21st day are two Sabbaths of profane inactivity. And the triple “7” or “21” designates the end of the first 7000 years and the entry into eternity of the new divine creation on the earth renewed according to Rev.21; this number 21 symbolizes the perfection (3) of the fullness (7) of the life project which was the goal desired by God. In Revelation 3, verses 7 and 14 respectively mark the beginning and end of the Seventh-day Adventist institution ; here again the two phases of the same sanctified subject. Likewise, Rev.7 deals with the subject of the sealing of the Adventist elect and Rev.14 presents the messages of the three angels which summarize their universal mission. Thus, in the year 30, the end of the 4000 years was accomplished in the spring, and for only symbolic reasons, Jesus was crucified 14 days after March 21 of this spring of the year 30, i.e., 36 for God . Through these examples, God confirms, the “7” of the Sabbath and the “14” of the redemption of the sins of the elect by Jesus Christ are inseparable. Thus, when at the end, the “7” of the Sabbath is attacked, Christ the Redeemer of “14” flies to his aid to give him glory, the maximum 14 “days” which will separate the two dates will be “abbreviated” or , suppressed to save its last elected faithful.

By rereading Matt.24, it appeared to me that Christ's message is addressed, particularly, to his disciples at the end of the world, to us who are living in these last years. Verses 1-14 cover the time up to the time of “ the end .” Jesus prophesies of successions of wars, the appearances of false prophets and the final spiritual cooling. Then, verses 15 to 20, in double application, concern both the destruction of Jerusalem accomplished by the Romans in 70 A.D. and the final aggression of the nations against the Jewishness of the elect who observe God's holy Sabbath. After this, verse 21 prophesies their final " great distress ": " For then shall be such great distress as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, and 'there will never be '; Note that this clarification " and there never shall be " prohibits application for the time of the apostles, because it would be contradicted by the teaching of Dan.12:1. This means that both quotes relate to the same accomplishment in the final earthly test of faith. In Dan.12:1 the expression is identical: “ At that time Michael, the great prince, the defender of the children of your people, will rise; and it will be a time of trouble, such as has not been since nations existed until that time . At that time those of your people who are found written in the book will be saved . ". The “ distress ” will be so great that “ the days ” will have to be “ shortened ” according to verse 22. Verse 23 indicates the standard of true faith which does not grow in the spontaneous appearances of Christ on earth: “ If then you said, Behold, he is in the wilderness; go not there; behold, he is in the chambers, believe it not .” In the same final era, spiritualism will multiply its “ prodigies ” and its deceptive and seductive appearances of the false Christ, which will subjugate poorly taught souls: “ For false Christs and false prophets will arise; they will perform great wonders and miracles, to the point of deceiving , if it were possible, even the elect ”; which is confirmed by Rev. 13:14: “ And she deceived the inhabitants of the earth by the signs which it was given to her to work in the presence of the beast, telling the inhabitants of the earth to make an image to the beast which had the wound of the sword and who lived . Verse 27 evokes the powerful and victorious appearance of the divine Christ and verse 28 prophesies “ the feast ” offered to the birds of prey after his intervention. For the rebels who survive until his coming will be exterminated and delivered to pasture “ to the birds of the air ” as Rev. 19:17-18 and 21 teaches.

I summarize here, this whole new understanding of divine creation. By establishing the first week, God fixes the unity of the day which is made up of a dark night and a light day, the sun will only illuminate it from the 4th day . The night prophesies the establishment of sin on earth because of the future disobedience of Eve and Adam. Until this act of sin, the earthly creation displays eternal characteristics . The sin committed, things change and the countdown of 6000 years can begin, because the earth tilts on its axis and the principle of the seasons begins. The earthly creation cursed by God then takes on its perpetual characteristic that we know. The 6000 years that began in the first spring marked by sin will end in the spring of 6001 with the return in divine glory of Jesus Christ. His final advent will be accomplished on “ the first day of the first month ” of the first year of the 7th millennium .

That said, March 7, 2021, of our false human calendar, has just been religiously marked by a visit by Pope Francis to Eastern Christians persecuted in Iraq by Muslim extremists. In this meeting, he reminded Muslims that they had the same God, that of Abraham, and he considered them his “brothers”. These words which delight Western unbelievers are no less an enormous outrage for Jesus Christ who gave his life as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of the sins of his elect. And this intrusion by the leader of the “ex-crusaders” Catholic “Christians” into their territory can only intensify the anger of the Islamists. This peaceful action of the pope will therefore bring dramatic consequences prophesied in Dan.11:40, the intensification of the “clash” of the Muslim “king of the south” against papal Italy and its European allies. And in this perspective, the economic collapse of France and all Western countries of Christian origin caused by their leaders, because of the Covid-19 virus, will change the balance of power and ultimately, allow the accomplishment of the “World War III” pushed back to the end of the last 9 years that are still ahead of us. In conclusion, let us remember that by causing the epidemic due to Covid-19 and its developments, God opened the way for the curse which was to characterize the last ten years of human history on earth.

March 7, 2021, however, was marked by acts of violence by youth between rival gangs and against the police authorities in several cities in France. This confirms the path towards a generalized confrontation; the positions of each being irreconcilable because they are incompatible. This is the consequence of the clash of two diametrically opposed cultures: Western secular freedom against the society of the bosses and capos of the southern countries, moreover traditionally and nationally Muslim. A tragedy is brewing like Covid-19, with no cure.


To complete the observation of the abominable order legitimized by humanity, we must note: the change of the year after the 12th month which bears the name of the 10th month (December), at the beginning of winter; the change of day in the middle of the night (midnight); only the precise and regular counting of hours remains positive. Thus, the beautiful divine order has disappeared because of sin, replaced by a sinful order which will disappear in turn, when the glorious creator God appears, for the settlement of accounts, that is to say at the end of the first six thousand years, in the spring of 2030 , for deceived humans, or spring 2036 of the true birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for his elect.

The established and observed disorder testifies to the divine curse that weighs on humanity. Because since the tilt of the earth, the calculation of time has lost its stability and regularity, the hours of night and day being in perpetual succession of increase and decrease.

The order in which the creator God organizes his saving plan further reveals to us the spiritual priorities that he proposes to man. He chose to reveal his sublime love by giving his life in Jesus Christ as a ransom after 4000 years of human earthly experiences. By doing this, God says to us: “First, show me your obedience and I will show you my love.”

On earth, men follow one another reproducing the same character fruits, however the generation of the final time into which we entered in 2020 presents a particularity; after 75 years of peace in Europe, and an incredible recent evolution of genetic science, very logically, the Europeans and their outgrowths, from the USA, Australia and Israel, believed they could respond to all health problems, their societies being increasingly sanitized. It is not the attack of a contagious virus that is new, it is the behavior of the leaders of advanced societies that is new. The cause of this behavior of fear is their exposure to the peoples of the earth through the bombardment of the media, and among these media, the new media or social networks which appear on the spider's web that constitutes free internet communication, on in which we find more or less clear diffusers. Humanity is thus trapped by its excesses of freedom which fall as a curse on it. In the USA and Europe, violence pits ethnic communities against each other; there, it is the curse of the “ Babel ” experience which is renewed; another undeniable divine lesson which was not learned, because it is the descendant of a single couple necessarily speaking the same language, until this guilty experience, we still see it today, humanity is separated by multiple languages and dialects created by God and scattered throughout the earth. And yes, God did not stop creating after the first seven days of creation; he still created much to curse and sometimes to bless his elect, the manna offered in the desert, to the sons of Israel, is an example.

However, freedom is at its core, a wonderful gift from our Creator. It is on it that our free commitment to its cause rests . And there, it must be admitted, this integral freedom implies the existence of chance because God does not intervene in any way; a word that many believers do not believe at all. And they are wrong, because God leaves a large part to chance in his creation, and first of all, the role of arousing among the elect, the appreciation of his revealed celestial norms. Having identified his elect, the Creator takes charge of them to lead them and teach them his truths which prepare them for eternal celestial life. The malformations and monstrosities observed at the birth of human creatures prove the action of chance which produces genetic errors in the process of reproduction of the species with more or less serious consequences. The proliferation of species is based on the momentum of reproductive chains which generate conformity errors from time to time; this including the principle of heredity or independently due to the chance of life. In summary, if I owe my faith to the chance of free life, I owe, on the contrary, the reward and nourishment of this faith, to the love of God and to the initiatives already taken and which he continues to take to save me .

In the story of his earthly creation, the day which will be cursed by God comes first in the week; his destiny is written: his goal will be to “ separate light from darkness ”. Chosen by false Christians to contradict God's choice which sanctifies the seventh day, this first day will have fully fulfilled its role as a " mark " of the disobedient rebel camp in Rev.13:15. As much as the first Sunday is cursed by God, the seventh day Sabbath is blessed and sanctified by Him. And to understand this opposition, we must embrace the thought of God, which is a sign of sanctification by and for him. The Sabbath concerns the seventh day and this number seven, “7”, is symbolic of fullness. Under this term fullness, God places the thought of the purpose for which he created our earthly dimension, namely, the regulation of sin, its condemnation, its death and its disappearance. And in this plan, these things will be fulfilled in full during the 7th millennium that the weekly Sabbath prophesies. This is why this goal is more important for God than the means of redemption by which he will redeem the lives of the earthly elect and which he will accomplish in person, in Jesus Christ, at the cost of atrocious suffering.

Here is another reason why God says in Ecc.7:8: “ the end of a thing is better than its beginning .” In Genesis, the succession in the order “night-day” or “ evening-morning ” confirms this divine thought. In Isa.14:12, under the guise of the king of Babylon, God said to the devil: “ Here you are fallen from heaven, morning star , son of the dawn! You are cast down to the ground, you, the conqueror of the nations ! » The expression by which God designates him, “ morning star ” suggests that he compares him to the “sun” of our terrestrial system. He was his first creature and under cover of the king of Tyre, Ezé.28:12 relates his original glory: “ Son of man, utter a lament over the king of Tyre! You will say to him: Thus says the Lord Yahweh: You set the seal to perfection, you were full of wisdom, perfect in beauty . » This perfection had to disappear, replaced by rebellious behavior which made him become the enemy, the devil and the adversary, the Satan condemned by God because verse 15 declares: “You have been perfect in your ways, from the the day when you were created until iniquity was found among you .” Thus, the one who was considered the “ morning star ” pushed unfaithful men to honor as a divinity the “morning star ” of divine creation: “the Unconquered Sun” deified from the Roman cult to which almost the entire world Western Christianity worships paganly. God knew, even before his creation, that this first angel would rebel against him and despite this he created him. Likewise, the day before his death, Jesus announced that one of the 12 apostles was going to betray him, and he even said to Judas directly: “ Whatever you have to do, do it quickly!” ". This allows us to understand that God does not seek to prevent his creatures from expressing their choices, even when they are contrary to his own. Jesus also invited his apostles to leave him if that was their desire. It is by leaving his creatures complete freedom to express themselves and reveal their nature that he can select his elect for their demonstrated fidelity and ultimately destroy all his celestial and terrestrial enemies, the unworthy and the indifferent. .




The original sin

The rest of the first day takes on enormous importance in our Christian era because it constitutes the “ sin ” restored since March 7, 321 and because it becomes the mark of the camp which entered into rebellion against the sanctified camp of God. But this “ sin ” must not make us forget the original “ sin ” which condemns humanity to death by inheritance since Adam and Eve. Enlightened by the Spirit, this topic led me to discover important lessons hidden in the book of Genesis. At the level of observation, the book reveals to us the origin of creation in chapters 1, 2, 3. The symbolic meaning of these numbers is still perfectly justified: 1 = unit; 2 = imperfection; 3 = perfection. This deserves an explanation. Gen.1 relates the creation of the first 6 days. Their definition " evening morning " will only take on meaning after sin and the curse of the earth which becomes the domain dominated by the devil, which will be the theme of Gen.3 without which the expression " evening morning " has no meaning. no meaning at the terrestrial level. By delivering the explanation, chapter 3 puts the seal of perfection on this divine revelation. Likewise, in Gen.2, the theme of the seventh-day Sabbath or, more precisely, of the rest of God and man on the seventh day, also only takes on its meaning after "the original sin" committed by Eve. and Adam in Gen.3 which gives it its reason for being. Thus, paradoxically, without its justification given in Gen.3, the sanctified Sabbath deserves its “2” symbol of imperfection. It emerges from all this that the earth was created by God to be offered to the devil and his demons so that the evil fruits of their souls could materialize and appear in the eyes of all, God, angels and men, and that the angels and the men choose their side.

This analysis leads me to point out that the establishment of the seventh day sanctified at rest prophesies the curse of earthly " sin " established in Gen.3, because the earth itself is cursed by God, and it is therefore only from from the moment death and its process strike it, its time of six thousand years and the thousand years of the seventh millennium take on a meaning, an explanation, a justification. It is appropriate to note this: before earthly creation, in heaven, the conflict already pits the devil's camp against God's camp but only the death of Jesus Christ will make individual choices definitive; which will be made visible by the expulsion from heaven of the rebels condemned from then on to die in earthly creation. Now, in heaven, God did not organize the lives of the angels on “ evening morning ” alternations , this because heaven represents his eternal norm; that which will prevail and continue for its elect eternally. Faced with these data: what about the earth before sin? Apart from the “ evening-morning ” alternations, its norm is also that of heaven, apparently life unfolds in an eternal norm; vegan animals, vegan humans and without death which will be the wages of sin, days follow days and it could last forever.

But in Gen.2, God reveals to us his order of the time of the week which ends on the seventh day with a rest for God and for man. This word rest comes from the verb “to cease” and it applies to the work done by God as well as to the works done by humans. You can understand, before sin, neither God nor human beings could feel tired. Adam's body suffered no ailment, fatigue, or pain of any kind. Now, the seven-day weeks followed one another and reproduced themselves like an eternal cycle, except that the “ evening morning ” successions marked the difference with the celestial standard of the kingdom of God. This difference was therefore intended to prophetically reveal a program designed by the great creator God. Just as the festival of “Yom Kippur” or “Day of Atonement” was renewed each year among the Hebrews and it prophesied the end of sin through its atonement accomplished by the death of Jesus Christ, so the weekly Sabbath prophesies the coming of the seventh millennium, when God and his elect will enter into real rest because the rebels will have died and wickedness will have been defeated. However, the elect are still concerned with " sin " since with Christ they must judge " sins " and sinners, who will at that time be asleep in mortal sleep. This is why, like the previous six days, the seventh is placed under the sign of “ sin ” which covers and concerns the seven days of the entire week. And it is only at the beginning of the eighth millennium, after sinners have been consumed in " the fire of the second death " that eternity without " sin " will begin on the renewed earth. If the seven days are marked by sin and they prophesy 7000 years, the counting of these 7000 years can only begin with the establishment of sin revealed in Gen.3. Thus, the earthly days without sin are not in the norm and logic of the succession “ evening morning ” or “ darkness light ” and since this time is without “ sin ”, it cannot enter into the 7000 years programmed and prophesied. for “ sin ” by the seven-day week.

This teaching highlights the importance of this action that God attributes to the Roman papacy in Dan.7:25: “ he will form the plan to change the times and the law ”. " Changing the times " established by God results in the impossibility of discovering the prophetic character of the weekly Sabbath of God's " law ." And this is what Rome has done since Constantine I , since March 7, 321, by ordering the weekly rest on the first day instead of the seventh. By following the Roman order, the sinner is not delivered from the original “ sin ” inherited from Adam and Eve, but in addition he takes on an additional “ sin ”, this time voluntary , which increases his guilt towards God .

The order of time “ evening morning ” or “ darkness light ” is a concept chosen by God and obeying this choice favors and authorizes access to the prophetic mystery of the Bible. Nothing forces man to adopt this choice and the proof is that humanity has chosen to mark its change of day at midnight, that is, 6 hours after spring sunset; which prophesies the camp of those who wake up too late for the glorious return of Christ, the Bridegroom in the parable of the ten virgins. The subtle messages given by God are thus beyond his intellectual reach. But for his chosen ones, the order of divine time illuminates all his prophecies and especially that of Revelation at the beginning of which Jesus presents himself as being " the alpha and the omega ", " the beginning or beginning and the end ". Each day that passes in our lives prophesies God's plan which he summarizes in Gen.1, 2 and 3 since " night " or " darkness " represents the six profane days presented in Gen.1, while rest divine established in Gen.2 announces the “ light ” time. It is on this principle that according to Dan.8:14, the time of the Christian era is divided into two parts: a time of spiritual “ darkness ” between 321, when “ sin ” against the Sabbath is established, and 1843 where a time of “ light ” begins for the elect from this date until the return of Jesus Christ in the spring of 2030 where, as in Gen.3, in Almighty creator God, he comes to judge between the elect and rebels, “ sheep and goats ,” as he judged between the “ serpent, the woman, and Adam .” Likewise, in Revelation, the themes of “ Letters to the seven Churches, of the seven seals, and of the seven trumpets ” prophesy “ darkness ” for the first six and divine “ light ” for the seventh and last degree of each of these themes. . It is so true that in 1991, the official refusal of this last “light” by institutional Adventism, the light that Jesus has given me since 1982, led him to say, in the Letter addressed to “ Laodicea ” in Rev.3:17: “ Because you say: I am rich, I am enriched, and I have need of nothing , and because you do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked ,… ”. Official Adventists have forgotten this quote given in 1 Peter 4:17: “ For this is the time when judgment will begin on the house of God . Now, if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God? » The institution has been in place since 1863 and Jesus blessed its establishment in the " Philadelphia " era, in 1873. According to the divine principle " evening morning " or " light darkness ", the last and seventh era symbolized by the name “ Laodicea ” was to be a time of great divine “ light ” and the present work constitutes proof of it, a great “ light ” has indeed come to illuminate the prophesied mysteries, in this final era, at the expense of the official world Adventist institution. The name “ Laodicea ” is well justified since it means “judged people or people of judgment”. Those who do not or no longer belong to the Lord are condemned to join the supporters of the “day cursed by God”. Showing themselves incapable of sharing with God his just condemnation of the Roman “Sunday”, the Sabbath will no longer appear to them as important as in the blessed time of their baptism. A message given by Jesus Christ to his servant Ellen G. White, in her book "Early Writings" and in her first vision, translated this situation thus: "they lost sight, and the goal, and Jesus... They sank into the wicked world and we never see them again.”

Genesis 2 prophesies the time of “ light ” and this chapter of Genesis begins with the sanctification of the “ seventh day .” It ends with this verse 25: “ The man and his wife were both naked, and they were not ashamed .” The link between these two themes shows that the discovery of their physical nudity will be the consequence of the imputation of the “ sin ” that they will commit and which recounted in Gen.3, thus appears as the cause of a mortal spiritual nudity. Comparing this teaching with that of “ Laodicea ”, we find the Sabbath associated with “ sin ” which makes one “ naked ”. In this final context, the practice of the Sabbath is therefore no longer sufficient to preserve the grace of Christ, because by offering its full prophetic light to the official Adventist authorities between 1982 and 1991 the requirement of Jesus Christ has increased and he wants for this era that with the practice of his holy Sabbath the elect worthy of his grace gives his interest, his time, his life, and his whole soul for his revelations prophesied in Daniel and Revelation; but also throughout the revealed Bible which constitutes its “ two witnesses ” according to Rev. 11:3.




The testimony of God given on earth


As important as it is, God's visitation of humanity in the form of Jesus Christ should not make us forget His previous visitation in the time of Moses. Because it is in this distant context that God revealed to him the origins of the terrestrial dimension. And as a revelation given by God, the account of Genesis is as important as that of Revelation revealed to the apostle John. The form chosen by God to organize earthly life prophesies his plan of love for creatures to whom he gives complete freedom, so that they can respond to his love and live with him eternally or reject it and disappear into the nothingness of death, in accordance with the conditions of his salutary offer.

If Adam is created alone, first, it is because he is presented as " the image of God (Gen.1:26-27)" in search of love from a free counterpart to his image, because all the time of his past eternity was one of absolute solitude. This became unbearable to him to the point that he was ready to bear the consequences of the freedom he was going to give to his living creatures. The creation of Eve from one of Adam's ribs, while he is immersed in a deathly sleep, prophesies the creation of his Church, the Chosen One composed of his faithful elect, the fruit harvested by his death atonement in Jesus Christ; this justifies the role of “ helper ” that God attributes to the woman who came from him and whose name Eve means “ life ”. The Chosen One will “ live ” eternally, and on earth, she has the vocation to offer God her “ help ” to collaborate humanly in the accomplishment of her project which aims to establish perfect shared and undisturbed love in its eternal universes.

The sin of disobedience enters humanity through Eve or through the “ woman ” symbol of her chosen ones who will inherit this original sin. Also, like Adam, out of love for Eve, in Jesus Christ, God becomes human to share and bear in place of his Chosen One, the mortal punishment that her sins deserve. The story of Genesis is therefore both a historical testimony which reveals our origins and their circumstances, and a prophetic testimony which reveals the saving principle of the great loving project of the almighty creator God.

After the first six days of creation mentioned in Genesis 1, six days which prophesied the six thousand years reserved by God for his selection of earthly elect, in Genesis 2, under the image of an eternal Sabbath, the unlimited seventh day will open to welcome the proven and selected elect.

God knows from the beginning the outcome of his project, the names of his elect who will appear over the course of six thousand years. He had all the power and authority to judge and destroy the rebellious angels without having to create our earthly dimension. But it is precisely because he respects his creatures, who love him and whom he loves, that he organizes a universal demonstration on the earth created for this purpose.

God elevates above all, the principle of truth. As announced in Psa.51:6, Jesus defines his elect as being " born again " or "born of the truth" so that they may be conformed to the standard of divine truth. According to John 18:37, he himself came to “ bear witness to the truth ” and presents himself in Rev. 3:14 under the name “ Truthful One ”. This exaltation and glorification of the principle of truth is in absolute opposition to the principle of lies, and the two principles take multiple forms. The principle of lying has constantly seduced the inhabitants of the earth throughout its history. In modern times, lying has become the norm of existence. It is adopted under the term “bluff” in the trading mind, but it is nonetheless the fruit of the devil, “ father of lies ” according to John 8:44. On the religious level, lies appear in the form of multiple different religious counterfeits depending on the peoples and places on earth concerned. And the Christian faith has itself become the perfect image of “confusion” (= Babel) as its dark counterfeits are so numerous.

Lying is taught scientifically. Because contrary to its authoritarian approach, scientific thought is incapable of providing real proof of its evolutionary theories of species, and of the millions and billions of years that its scientists attribute to the existence of the earth. Contrary to this scientific thought, the testimony of the creator God offers many proofs of his reality, because terrestrial history bears witness to his actions, of which the flood of waters constitutes the first example, attested by the presence of marine fossils in the plains and even on the summits of the highest mountains on earth. Added to this natural testimony is the testimony left by human history, the life of Noah, the life of Abraham, the liberation of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery and the birth of the Jewish people, living eyewitnesses to its history. until the time of the end of the world; there is also the eyewitness testimony of the apostles of Jesus Christ who witnessed his miracles, his crucifixion and his resurrection; this to the point that the fear of death left them, and they followed on the path of martyrdom, their Master and their Model Jesus of Nazareth.

By evoking this word “martyrdom” I must here open an explanation.
















Note: do not confuse martyrdom with punishment


The two things have the same external appearance and can therefore be easily confused. However, this confusion has serious consequences since the punitive action risks being imputed to the truly chosen one of God and conversely the child of the devil can be imputed to a martyrdom for a very deceptive God. So, to see clearly, we must take into account the following analysis which starts from this principle; First, let's ask the question: what is martyrdom? This word comes from the Greek “martus” which means: witness. What is a witness? It is the one who reports faithfully or not what he has seen, heard, or what he has understood on a subject. The subject that interests us here is religious, and among those who testify for God, there are true and false witnesses. What is certain is that God makes the difference between the two. The truth is known to him and he blesses it because for his part, this true witness strives to show himself faithful by practicing in “ works all his revealed truth and he perseveres on this path until the acceptance of the truth. dead. And this death is authentic martyrdom, because the life offered to death conformed to the standard of holiness required by God for his time. If the life offered is not in this conformity, then it is not a martyrdom, it is a punishment which strikes a living being delivered to the devil for his destruction, because he does not benefit from protection and the blessing of God. Dependent on conformity to the standard of truth required by God for each age, the identification of "martyrdom" will rest on our knowledge of the divine judgment revealed in its prophecies which target the time of the end; which is the aim and subject of this work.


It is important to understand that the truth does not have the capacity to convert a rebellious mind; the experience of the first created angel, named by God, Satan, since his rebellion, proves it. The truth is a principle towards which the elect will naturally feel attracted, those who love it and are ready to fight alongside God in Jesus Christ, the lie that harms him.

In conclusion, Divine Revelation is built progressively over six thousand years of experiences and testimonies lived in the best and worst conditions. A time of six thousand years may seem short, but for the man who only gives real interest to the years of his own life, it is in reality a long enough time which allows God to extend over centuries, and more precisely over six thousand years, the different phases of the accomplishments of his global project. Exclusively in Jesus Christ, God gives to his end-time elect, concerning his mysteries and works, a clear understanding reserved for this end time.








Genesis: a vital prophetic summary


In this understanding, the Genesis account delivers the fundamental keys to the biblical prophecies of Daniel and Revelation; and without these keys, this understanding is impossible. These things will be recalled when necessary, during the prophetic study, but from now on, we must know that the words, " deep, sea, earth, woman ", will carry a specific idea of divine thought in its revelation “Apocalypse”. They are linked to three successive stages of terrestrial creation. “ The abyss ” refers to planet earth entirely covered in water without any life. Then, on the second day, that of the separation of the elements, “ the sea ”, as a synonym and symbol of death, will be populated only by marine animals on the 5th day ; its environment is hostile for human beings created to breathe air. “ The earth ” comes out of “ the sea ” and will also be inhabited on the fifth day by animals and finally, on the sixth day, by “ the man formed in the image of God ” and “ the woman ” who will be formed on a human rib. Together, the man and woman will conceive two children. The first " Abel ", type of the spiritual chosen one ( Abel = Father is God) will be killed out of jealousy by his elder " Cain ", type of the carnal, materialistic man (= acquisition) thus prophesying the destiny of the typical chosen one , Jesus Christ and his elect, who will suffer and die as martyrs because of the "Cains", Jews, Catholics and Protestants, all "merchants of the temple", whose successive and aggressive jealousies are demonstrated and accomplished during the earthly history. The lesson given by the Spirit of God is therefore the following: from the “abyss ” emerge, successively , the sea and the earth” symbols of false Christian religions which lead to the perdition of souls. To designate his Elected assembly, he gives her the word " woman " who is, if she is faithful to her God, the " Wife ", of the "lamb " pictorial symbol of Christ himself prophesied by the word " man » (the Adam ). If she is unfaithful, she remains a “ woman ”, but takes on the image of a “ prostitute ”. These things will all be confirmed in the detailed study presented in this work and their vital importance will become apparent. You can easily understand, in 2020, the events prophesied in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation have, for the most part, already been fulfilled in history, and they are known to men. But they were not identified for the spiritual role God gave them. Historians note historical facts, but only God's prophets can interpret them.












Faith and disbelief


By nature, human beings, from their origins, are of the believing type. But belief is not faith. Man has always believed in the existence of God or divinities, superior spirits whom they had to serve and whom they had to please so as not to have to suffer damage caused by their anger. This natural belief extended from centuries to centuries and millennia to millennia until modern times, where scientific discoveries took possession of the brain of Western man who has since become incredulous and unbelieving. Note that this change mainly characterizes people of Christian origin. Because at the same time, in the East, the Far East and Africa, beliefs in invisible spirits remained. This is explained by supernatural manifestations witnessed by the people who practice these religious rites. In Africa, clear evidence of the existence of invisible spirits prohibits disbelief. But what these people do not know is that the spirits which manifest powerfully among them are in reality demonic spirits rejected by the God creator of all life, and condemned to death on probation. These people are not unbelieving, nor unbelieving, like the Westerners, but the result is the same, since they serve demons who seduce them and hold them under their tyrannical domination. Their religiosity is of the idolatrous pagan type which has characterized humanity since its origins; Eve having been his first victim.

In the West, unbelief is really the result of a choice, because few people are unaware of their Christian origins; and among the defenders of republican liberty, there are people who quote words from the Holy Bible, thus testifying that they are not ignorant of its existence. They are not ignorant of the glorious facts to which it testifies for God, and yet, they choose not to take them into account. It is this type of unbelief that the Spirit calls unbelief and which is the absolute rebellious opposition to true faith. Because if he takes into account the proofs that life gives him throughout the earth and particularly in the supernatural manifestations of African peoples, man has no possibility of justifying his disbelief. The supernatural actions carried out by demons therefore condemn Western unbelief. The creator God also gives proof of his existence, acting with power through phenomena produced by the nature which is subject to him; earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, destructive tidal waves, deadly epidemics, but all these things now receive scientific explanations which mask and destroy the divine origin. To the eye, this great enemy of faith, is added the scientific explanation which convinces the human brain and both encourage it in its choices which lead it to its perdition.

What does God expect of his creatures? He will select among them those who approve of his conceptions of life, that is, who embrace his thoughts. Faith will be the means, but not the goal. This is why “ faith without works ”, which it must carry, is said to be “ dead ” in James 2:17. Because if true faith does exist, false faith also exists. Right and wrong make all the difference, and God has no trouble identifying obedience to distinguish it from disobedience. In any case, he remains the only judge whose opinion will decide the eternal future of each of his creatures, since the purpose of his selection is unique and his offer of eternal life is obtained exclusively through Jesus Christ. The passage on earth is only justified to offer the possibility of this selection of eternal elect. Faith is not the fruit of formidable efforts and sacrifices, but that of a natural state obtained or not by the creature from its birth. But when it exists, it must be nourished by God, otherwise it dies and disappears.

True faith is a rare thing. Because contrary to the deceptive aspect of the official Christian religion, it is not enough to place a cross above the grave of a creature for the doors of heaven to be open to him. And I point this out because it seems overlooked, Jesus said in Matt.7:13-14: “ Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction , and there are many who enter through it . But narrow is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life , and there are few who find it. » This teaching is further confirmed in the Bible in the example of the deportation of the Jews to Babylon, since God finds worthy of his election only Daniel and his three companions and five powerful kings; and Ezekiel who lives in this era. Then we read in Ezek.14:13-20: “ Son of man, if a country sins against me in unfaithfulness, and I stretch out my hand against it, if I break for it the staff of bread, if I sent famine upon it, if I destroyed man and beast from it, and there were among it these three men, Noah, Daniel and Job , they would save their souls by their righteousness , says the Lord Yahweh. If I caused wild beasts to roam the country which would depopulate it, if it became a desert where no one would pass because of these beasts, and there were these three men in its midst, I would be alive! says the Lord Yahweh, they would not save sons or daughters, but they alone would be saved , and the land would become a desert. Or if I brought the sword against this land, if I said: Let the sword run through the land! If I exterminated men and beasts, and there were these three men in its midst, I would be alive! says the Lord Yahweh, they would not save sons or daughters, but they only would be saved . Or if I sent a plague into this land, if I poured out my fury against it through mortality, to exterminate from it men and beasts, and there were among it Noah, Daniel and Job, I am alive ! saith the Lord Yahweh, they would not save sons or daughters, but by their righteousness they would save their own souls. » We thus learn that at the time of the flood of waters, only Noah was found worthy of salvation among the eight people protected by the ark.

Jesus further said in Matt.22:14: “ For many are called, but few are chosen. » The reason is simply explained by the high standard of holiness required by God who wants to take first place in our heart or nothing. The consequence of this requirement is opposed to humanist thinking about the world which places man above everything. The apostle James warned us against this opposition, telling us: “ You adulterers! Do you not know that the love of the world is enmity against God ? He therefore who wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God . » Jesus tells us again in Matt.10:37: “ He who loves his father or his mother more than me is not worthy of me , and he who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me .” Also, if like me, you invite a friend to respond to this religious criterion required by Jesus Christ, do not be surprised if he calls you a fanatic; This is what happened to me, and I then understood that I only had Jesus as my true friend; him, “ the True One ” of Rev.3:7. We will also call you a fundamentalist, because you show yourself to be honest with God, a legalist, because you love and honor his most holy law through your obedience. This will be, in part, the human price to pay to please the Lord Jesus, so worthy of our self-sacrifice and our complete devotion that he demands.

Faith allows us to receive from God his secret thoughts until we discover the magnitude of his prodigious project. And to understand his overall project, the chosen one must take into account the celestial life of the angels which preceded the earthly experience. Because in this celestial society, the division of creatures and the selection of good angels faithful to God were not carried out on faith in Christ crucified or on his rejection as would be the case on earth. This confirms that at the universal level, the crucifixion of Christ who remained sinless is for God the means of condemning the devil and his followers and that on earth, faith in Jesus Christ represents the means chosen by God to have the love he feels for his chosen ones who love and appreciate him. The purpose of this demonstration of his total self-sacrifice was to be able to legally condemn to death rebellious celestial and terrestrial creatures who do not share his sense of existence. And among his earthly creatures, he selects those who embrace his thoughts, approve his actions and his judgments because they are fit to share his eternity. In the end, he will have solved the problem created by the freedom given to all his heavenly and earthly creatures, for without this freedom, the love of his selected creatures would be worthless and even made impossible. Indeed, without freedom, the creature is nothing more than a robot, with automated behavior. But the price of freedom will, in the end, be the extermination of rebellious creatures of heaven and earth.


The proof is thus given that faith does not rest on a simple: “ Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved ”. These biblical words are based on what the verb “believe” implies, namely, obedience to divine laws which characterizes true faith. For God, the goal is to find creatures who obey Him out of love. He found some among the celestial angels and among his earthly human creatures, he selected some and will continue to select some until the end of the time of grace.













Food for the right weather


Just as the human body needs nourishment to prolong its life, the faith produced in its spirit also needs its spiritual nourishment. Every human being sensitive to the demonstration of love given by God in Jesus Christ feels the desire to in turn do something for him. But how can we do something that pleases him if we don't know what he expects of us? It is the answer to this question which will constitute the nourishment of our faith. Because “ without faith it is impossible to please God ” according to Heb.11:6. But this faith must still be made alive and pleasant for him by its conformity to his expectations. For the Lord God Almighty is its Finisher and its Judge. Multitudes of Christian believers long to have a good relationship with the God of heaven, but this relationship remains impossible because their faith has not been properly nourished. The answer to the problem is given to us in Matt.24 and 25. Jesus focuses his teaching on our last days which shortly precede the time of his second appearance, this time, in the glory of his divinity. He describes it by multiplying the images in parables: parable of the fig tree, in Matt.24:32 to 34; parable of the night thief, in Matt.24:43 to 51; parable of the ten virgins, in Matt.25:1 to 12; parable of the talents, in Matt.25:13 to 30; parables of the sheep and the goats, in Matt.25:31 to 46. Among these parables, the mention of “ food ” appears twice: in the parable of the night thief and in that of the sheep and the goats because, despite the appearances, when Jesus says, " I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat ," he is speaking to us of spiritual food, without which man's faith dies. “ For man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God . Matt.4:4”. The purpose of the food of faith is to protect him against the “ second death ” of Rev. 20, which causes one to lose the right to live eternally.

As part of this reflection, direct your gaze and attention to this parable of the night thief:

V.42: “ Watch therefore, since you do not know on what day your Lord is coming .”

The theme of the return of Jesus Christ is defined and its "waiting" will provoke a spiritual awakening in the United States of North America, between 1831 and 1844. It is called "Adventism", the members of this movement being them -themselves designated by their contemporaries by the term “Adventists”; word taken from the Latin “adventus” which means: advent.

V.43: “ Know this well, if the master of the house knew on what watch of night the thief must come, he would watch and not allow his house to be broken into .”

In this verse, the “ master of the house ” is the disciple who is waiting for Jesus to return, and the “ thief ” refers to Jesus himself. Through this comparison, Jesus shows us the advantage of knowing the date of his return. He therefore encourages us to discover it, and our listening to his advice will condition our relationship with him.

V.44: “ Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man comes at an hour when you do not think .”

I have corrected, in this verse, the future tense of the verbs because in the original Greek, these verbs are in the present tense. Indeed, these words are said by Jesus to his contemporary disciples who question him on this subject. The Lord will, in the time of the end, use this “Adventist” theme to sift Christians by putting them to the test of prophetic faith; for this purpose, he will successively organize over time, four “Adventist” expectations; each time justified by new lighting given by the Spirit, the first three concerning the prophetic texts of Daniel and Revelation.

V.45: “ Who then is the faithful and prudent servant, whom his master has set over his people, to give them food at the proper time? »

Be careful not to make a mistake in your judgment, because the “ food ” spoken of in this verse is currently before your eyes. Yes, it is this document to which I gave the name “Explain Daniel and Revelation” which constitutes this spiritual “ food ” essential to nourish your faith, because it provides, from Jesus Christ, all the answers to the questions that you can legitimately ask, and beyond these answers, unexpected revelations, such as the true date of the return of Jesus Christ which commits us until the spring of 2030 in the fourth and last “Adventist” “wait”.

Being personally concerned by this verse, I present this document, the fruit of my fidelity to the God of truth and of my prudence, because I do not want to be surprised by the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus here reveals his end-time plan. He has planned for this time, “ food ” which is suitable to nourish the faith of his elect who faithfully await his glorious return. And this “ food ” is prophetic.

V.46: “ Blessed is that servant, whom his master, when he arrives , will find doing so! »

The context of his glorious return is confirmed here, it is that of the fourth “Adventist” expectation. The servant concerned is indeed already very happy to know the revealed thought of God, his judgment on the faith of men. But this beatitude will extend and concern all those who, receiving this last divine light, will in turn propagate it and share it with the elect scattered throughout the earth, until the effective return of Jesus Christ.

V.47: “ I tell you the truth, he will establish it over all his possessions. »

The Lord's goods will concern, until his return, spiritual values. And the servant becomes for Jesus, the guardian of his spiritual treasure; the exclusive depositary of its oracles and its revealed light. After reading this entire document, you will be able to see that I am not exaggerating in giving its biblical prophetic revelation the name “treasure”. What other name could I give to a revelation that protects against the “ second death ” and opens the way to eternal life? Because it dissipates and makes disappear the possibility of doubt which is fatal for faith and salvation.

V.48: “ But if it be an evil servant, who says within himself: My master delays in coming,

The life created by God is of the binary type. Everything has its absolute opposite. And God presented humans with two paths, two paths to guide their choices: life and good, death and evil; the wheat and the chaff; the sheep and the goat, the light and the darkness . In this verse, the Spirit targets the wicked servant, but a servant nonetheless, which designates the false faith not nourished by God and above all, the false Christian faith which ends up reaching and concerning the Adventist faith itself, in our time of the end. No longer receiving light from Jesus Christ because he refused that which was presented to him between 1982 and 1991 and which announced his coming for 1994, this Adventism produced a fruit of wickedness which resulted in by the radiation of the messenger of God in November 1991. Note that Jesus reveals the hidden thoughts of the heart: “ who says in himself ”. Because the appearances of external religious behavior are extremely deceptive; religious formalism replaces true living faith full of zeal for the truth.

V.49: “… if he begins to beat his companions, if he eats and drinks with the drunkards,

The image is a little anticipated to date, but the radiation expresses, clearly, in times of peace, the opposition and the fight which express and precede the real persecution which will come; it's just a matter of time. Since 1995, institutional Adventism has been “ eating and drinking with drunkards ” to the extent that it has made an alliance with Protestants and Catholics by entering into the ecumenical alliance. For in Rev.17:2, targeting the Catholic faith called " Babylon the Great ", and the Protestant faith called " earth ", the Spirit says: " It is with her that the kings of the earth have given themselves over to the fornication, and it is of the wine of his fornication that the inhabitants of the earth got drunk .”

V.50: “ …the master of this servant will come on a day he does not expect, and at an hour he does not know,

The consequence of the rejection of the light concerning the third Adventist expectation, and the date 1994, finally appears in the form of ignorance of the time of the true return of Jesus Christ, that is, the fourth Adventist expectation of the divine project. This ignorance is the consequence of the rupture of the relationship with Jesus Christ, so we can deduce the following thing: the Adventists placed in this tragic situation are no longer in the eyes of God or, in his judgment, “Adventists” .

V.51: “ …he will tear him in pieces, and give him his portion with the hypocrites : there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. »

The image expresses the wrath that God will inflict on false servants who have betrayed him. I note in this verse the term " hypocrites " by which the Spirit designates false Christians in Dan.11:34, but a broader reading is required to understand the context of the time targeted by the prophecy, which includes the verses 33 and 35: “ and the wisest among them will instruct the many. There are some who will succumb for a time to the sword and the flame, to captivity and plunder. In the time when they succumb, they will be helped a little, and many will join them out of hypocrisy . Some of the wise men will fall, that they may be purified, purified and whitened, until the time of the end , for it will not come until the appointed time. » The “ wicked servant ” is therefore indeed the one who betrays the expectations of God, his Master, and he joins, “ until the time of the end ”, the camp of the “ hypocrites ”. He shares, from then on, with them, the wrath of God which strikes them until the last judgment, where they are annihilated, consumed in the “lake of fire ” which gives “ the second death ” definitively, according to Rev. 20: 15: “ Whoever was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire .”





































The Revealed History of True Faith


The true faith

There are many things to say on the subject of true faith, but I am already proposing this aspect which seems to me to be a priority. Anyone who wants to establish a relationship with God must know that his or her conception of life on earth and in heaven is the extreme opposite of our system established on earth which is built on proud and wicked thoughts inspired by God. devil ; his enemy, and that of his true elect. Jesus gave us the way to identify true faith: “ By their fruits you will know them . Do we pick grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles? (Matt.7:16).” On the basis of this statement, be assured that all who claim his name and who do not present, his gentleness, his helpfulness, his self-sacrifice, his spirit of sacrifice, his love of truth and his zeal for obedience to the commandments of God, have never been and never will be his servants; this is what 1 Cor.13 teaches us by defining the charisma of true holiness; that which is required by the righteous judgment of God: verse 6: “ she does not rejoice in injustice, but she rejoices in the truth ".

How can we believe that the persecuted and the persecutor are judged by God in the same way? What is the resemblance between Jesus Christ, voluntarily crucified, and the Roman papal inquisition or John Calvin, who subjected men and women to torture until their death? To not see the difference, we must ignore the words inspired by biblical writings. This was the case, before the Bible was spread throughout the world, but since it has been available everywhere on earth; what excuses can justify the errors of judgment of human beings? There are not any. Therefore, the coming divine wrath will be very great and uncontrollable.

The three and a half years during which Jesus labored in his earthly ministry are revealed to us in the Gospels, that we may know the standard of true faith in God's opinion; the only one that matters. His life is offered to us as a model; a model that we must imitate to be recognized by him as his disciples. This adoption implies that we share his conception of the eternal life that he proposes. Selfishness is banished there, as well as devastating and destructive pride. There is no place for brutality and wickedness in the eternal life offered only to the elect recognized by Jesus Christ himself. His behavior was peacefully revolutionary, because he, the Master and Lord, made himself the servant of all, stooping to the point of washing the feet of his disciples, in order to give concrete meaning to his condemnation of the proud values manifested by the leaders. Jewish religious figures of his time; things that still characterize Jewish and Christian religious people today. In absolute opposition, the standard revealed in Jesus Christ is the standard of eternal life.

By showing his servants the means to identify themselves, their enemies, the false servants of God, Jesus Christ acted to save their souls. And his promise to be, until the end of the world, “ in the midst ” of his elect, is kept and it consists of enlightening and protecting them throughout their earthly life. The absolute standard of true faith is that God remains with his elect. They are never deprived of his light and his Holy Spirit. And if God withdraws, it is because the chosen one is no longer one; his spiritual status changed in God's righteous judgment. Because his judgment adapts to human behavior. On an individual level, changes remain possible in both directions; from good to evil or from evil to good. But this is not the case, at the collective level of religious groups and institutions, which only change from good to evil, when they do not adapt to the changes established by God. In his teaching, Jesus tells us: “ A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, just as a bad tree cannot bear good fruit (Matt.7:18).” He thus gave us to understand that because of its abominable fruit, the Catholic religion is a “ bad tree ” and that it will, through its false doctrine, remain so, even when, deprived of monarchical support, it ceases. to persecute people. And it is the same with the Anglican religion created by Henry VIII to justify his adulteries and his crimes; what value can God give to his descendants and successor monarchs? This is also the case of the Protestant Calvinist religion, since this founder, John Calvin, was feared, because of the reputation of his harshness of character and the numerous executions to death that he legitimized in his city of Geneva, of way very similar to the Catholic practices of his time, to the point of going beyond them. This Protestantism was not likely to please the sweet Lord Jesus Christ, and it cannot in any way be taken as a model of the true faith. It is so true that in his revelation given to Daniel, God ignores the Protestant reformation, targeting only the papal regime of 1260 years, and the time of the establishment of the messages of Seventh-day Adventism , bearer of revealed divine truths, since 1844, until the end of the world, which comes, in 2030.


Historical evil religious counterfeits all have aspects of God's approved model, but they never match it. True faith is constantly nourished by the Spirit of Christ, false faith is not. True faith can explain the mysteries of God's biblical prophecies, false faith cannot. Multitudes of interpretations of prophecies circulate in the world, each more fanciful than the last. Unlike them, my interpretations are obtained solely from quotations from the Bible; the message is therefore precise, stable, coherent and consistent with the thought of God from which it never strays; and the Almighty watches over it.









Preparatory Notes for the Book of Daniel



The name Daniel means God is my Judge. Knowledge of God's judgment is a principal basis of faith, because it leads the creature towards obedience to his revealed and understood will, the only condition for being blessed by him at all times. God seeks the love of his creatures who make it concrete and demonstrate it through their obedient faith. God's judgment is therefore revealed through his prophecies which use symbols as in the parables of Jesus Christ. God's judgment is first revealed by the book of Daniel but it only lays the main basis for His judgment on Christian religious history which will be revealed in detail in the book Revelation.

In Daniel, God reveals little, but this quantitative little is of great qualitative importance, because it constitutes the foundation of the overall prophetic Revelation. Building architects know how decisive and determining the preparation of the building site is. In prophecy, this is the role given to the revelations received by the prophet Daniel. Indeed, when their meanings are clearly understood, God achieves the dual goal of proving his existence and giving his elect the keys to understanding the message delivered by the Spirit. In this “few things” we find all the same: the announcement of a succession of four universal dominating empires since the time of Daniel (Dan.2, 7 and 8); the official dating of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ (Dan.9); the announcement of the Christian apostasy in 321 (Dan.8), the papal reign of 1260 years between 538 and 1798 (Dan.7 and 8); and the “Adventist” alliance (Dan. 8 and 12) from 1843 (until 2030). I add to this, Dan.11 which, as we will see, reveals the form and evolution of the ultimate terrestrial nuclear World War which still remains to be accomplished before the glorious return of the Savior God.

Subtly, the Lord Jesus Christ evoked the name of Daniel to recall its importance for the new covenant. “ Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation, of which the prophet Daniel spoke , established in the holy place, let him who reads it take heed! (Mat.24:15) »


If Jesus testified in favor of Daniel, it is because Daniel had received from him the teachings concerning his first coming and his glorious return, more than any other before him. So that my words are well understood, you must know that the Christ who came from heaven previously presented himself to Daniel under the name “ Michael ”, in Dan.10:13-21, 12:3 and this name is taken up by Jesus -Christ in Rev.12:7. This name “ Micaël ” is better known in its Latin Catholic form Michel, the name given to the famous Mont Saint-Michel in Breton France. The book of Daniel adds numerical details which allow us to know the year of his first coming. I would also like to point out that the name “ Micaël ” means: Who is like God; and the name “ Jesus ” translates as: YaHWéH saves. Both names concern the great creator God, the first with the celestial title, the second with the earthly title.

The Revelation of the Future is presented to us as a multi-story construction game. At the beginning of cinema, to create relief effects in cartoons, filmmakers used glass plates whose different painted patterns, once superimposed, gave an image on several levels. So it is with the prophecy designed by God.

































It all starts in Daniel




You who read this work, know that the unlimited Almighty God is alive, although he is hidden. This testimony of the “ prophet Daniel ” was written to convince you of this. It bears the seal of the testimony of the old and new covenant because Jesus evoked it in the words addressed to his disciples. His experience reveals the action of this good and just God. And this book allows us to discover the judgment that God carries on the religious history of his monotheism, Jewish in a first alliance, then Christian, in his new alliance, built on the blood shed by Jesus Christ, on April 3, 30 of his era. Who better than “ Daniel ” can reveal God’s judgment? His name means “God is my judge”. These lived experiences are not fables, but testimony to the divine blessing of his model of fidelity. God presents him among the three people he would save in misfortune in Ezek.14:14-20. These three types of the chosen one are “ Noah, Daniel and Job ”. God's message clearly tells us that even in Jesus Christ, if we do not resemble these models, the door to salvation will remain closed to us. This message confirms the narrow way, narrow path, or narrow gate through which the elect must pass to enter heaven, according to the teaching of Jesus Christ. The story of “ Daniel ” and his three companions is presented to us as the model of the faithfulness that God saves in days of trouble.

But there is also in this story of the life of Daniel, the conversion of three powerful kings whom God succeeded in snatching from the devil whom they were worshipers in complete ignorance. God made these emperors the most powerful spokespersons for his cause in human history, the first, but also the last, because these model men will disappear and religion, values, morality will ceaselessly decline. For God, snatching a soul is a long struggle and the case of King “ Nebuchadnezzar ” is an extremely revealing model of its kind. It confirms the parable of Jesus Christ, this “ Good Shepherd ” who leaves his flock to search for the lost sheep.






Daniel 1


Dan 1:1  In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon marched against Jerusalem and besieged it.

1a-  The third year of the reign of Jehoiakim, king of Judah

Reign of Jehoiakim of 11 years from – 608 to – 597. 3rd year in – 605.

1b-  Nebuchadnezzar

This is the Babylonian translation of the name of King Nebuchadnezzar, "Nabu protects my eldest son." Nabu is the Mesopotamian god of knowledge and writing. We can already understand that God intends to have this power over knowledge and writing restored to him.

Dan 1:2 And the Lord delivered into his hand Jehoiakim king of Judah, and part of the vessels of the house of God. Nebuchadnezzar took the utensils to the land of Shinar, to the house of his god, and put them in the treasure house of his god.

2a-  The Lord delivered into his hands Jehoiakim, king of Judah 

God's abandonment of the Jewish king is justified. 2Ch.36:5: Jehoiakim was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem. He did what was evil in the sight of Yahweh his God .

2b-  Nebuchadnezzar took the utensils to the land of Shinar, to the house of his god, he put them in the treasure house of his god.

 This king is pagan, he does not know the true God whom Israel serves but he takes care to honor his god: Bel. After his future conversion, he will serve the true God of Daniel with the same faithfulness.

Dan 1:3 The king ordered Ashpenaz, the chief of his eunuchs, to bring some of the children of Israel of royal birth or of noble family,

Dan 1:4 young boys without blemish of body, handsome in appearance, endowed with wisdom, understanding and instruction, capable of serving in the king's palace, and who would be taught the letters and language of the Chaldeans .

4a-  King Nebuchadnezzar appears friendly and intelligent, he only seeks to help Jewish children successfully integrate into his society and its values.

Dan 1:5 The king assigned to them for each day a portion of the food of his table and of the wine which he drank, intending to bring them up for three years, at the end of which they would be in the service of the king.

5a-  The king's good feelings are obvious. He shares with the young people what he offers himself, from his gods to his food.

Dan 1:6 Among them were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah of the children of Judah.

6a-  Of all the young Jews taken to Babylon, only four of them showed model fidelity. The facts which follow are organized by God in order to show the difference in the fruit borne by those who serve him and whom he blesses and by those who do not serve him and whom he ignores.

Dan 1:7 And the chief of the eunuchs gave them names: Daniel Belteshazzar, Hananiah Shadrach, Mishael Meshach, and Azariah Abednego.

7a-  Intelligence is shared by these young Jews who agree to bear pagan names imposed by the winner. Naming is a sign of superiority and a principle taught by the true God. Gen.2:19: And Yahweh God, who formed out of the ground every beast of the field and every fowl of the air, brought them to man to see what he would call them, and that every living creature should be named what man would give him.

7b-  Daniel “God is my judge” is renamed Belteshazzar: “Bel will protect”. Bel designates the devil that in complete ignorance these pagan peoples served and honored, victims of demonic spirits.

 Hanania “Grace or Given from YaHWéH” becomes “Shadrach “inspired by Aku”. Aku was the moon god in Babylon.

 Mishaël “Who is the righteousness of God” becomes Meschac “who belongs to Aku”.

 Azariah “The Help or Help is YaHWéH” becomes “Abed-Nego” “Servant of Nego” , and there already, the solar god of the Chaldeans.

Dan 1:8 Daniel determined not to defile himself with the king's food and with the wine the king drank, and he begged the chief eunuch not to force him to defile himself.

8a-  Having a pagan name does not pose a problem when you are defeated, but defiling yourself to the point of casting shame on God is too much to ask. The loyalty of the young men led them to abstain from the king's wines and meats because these things were traditionally presented to the pagan deities honored in Babylon. Their youth lacks maturity and they do not yet reason like Paul, the faithful witness of Christ who considers false deities to be wind (Rom.14; 1Co.8). But for fear of shocking those who are weak in faith, he acts like them. If he acts in the opposite way, he does not commit a sin, because his reasoning is correct. God condemns defilement committed voluntarily with all knowledge and conscience; in this example, the intentional choice to honor pagan gods.

Dan 1:9 God gave Daniel favor and grace before the chief eunuch.

9a-  The faith of young people is demonstrated by their fear of displeasing God; He can bless them.

Dan 1:10 The chief of the eunuchs said to Daniel, I fear my lord the king, who has appointed you what you should eat and drink; because why should he see your face more dejected than that of young people of your age? You would expose my head to the king.

Dan 1:11 Then Daniel said to the steward to whom the chief eunuch had entrusted the supervision of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah:

Dan 1:12 Test your servants for ten days, and give us vegetables to eat and water to drink;

Dan 1:13 Then you shall look on our faces and on the faces of the young men who eat the king's food, and you shall deal with your servants according to what you have seen.

Dan 1:14 And he granted them what they asked, and tested them ten days.

Dan 1:15 At the end of ten days they were better looking and more plump than all the young men who ate the king's food.

15a-  We can establish a spiritual comparison between the “ ten days ” of the experience of Daniel and his three companions, with the “ ten days ” of prophetic years of persecutions of the message of the “ Smyrna ” era of Apo. 2:10. Indeed, in both experiences, God reveals the hidden fruit of those who claim to be from him.

Dan 1:16 The steward took away the food and wine that were intended for them, and he gave them vegetables.

16a-  This experience shows how God can act on the minds of men so that they favor his servants according to his holy will. Because the risk taken by the king's steward was great and God had to intervene so that he accepted the proposals made by Daniel. The faith experience is a success.

Dan 1:17 God gave to these four young men knowledge, understanding in all letters, and wisdom; and Daniel explained all the visions and dreams.

17a-  God granted these four young men knowledge, intelligence in all letters, and wisdom

Everything is a gift from the Lord. Those who do not know him do not know how much it depends on him whether they are intelligent and wise or ignorant and foolish.

1 7 b-  and Daniel explained all the visions and all the dreams.

First to show his faithfulness, Daniel is honored by God who gives him the gift of prophecy. This was the testimony he gave in his time to faithful Joseph, captive of the Egyptians. Among God's offerings, Solomon also chose wisdom; and for this choice, God gave him everything else, glory and wealth. Daniel will in turn experience this elevation built by his faithful God.

Dan 1:18 At the time appointed by the king for bringing them to him, the chief of the eunuchs presented them to Nebuchadnezzar.

Dan 1:19 The king talked with them; and among all these young men there was none like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. They were therefore admitted to the service of the king.

Dan 1:20 Concerning all the things that required wisdom and understanding, and about which the king questioned them, he found them ten times superior to all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his kingdom.

20a-  God thus shows the difference between those who serve him and those who do not serve him ”, which is written in Mal.3:18. The names of Daniel and those of his companions will enter into the testimony of the Holy Bible, for their demonstrations of faithfulness will serve as models to encourage the elect until the end of the world.

Dan 1:21 So was Daniel until the first year of king Cyrus.








Daniel 2



Dan 2:1 In the second year of Nebuchadnezzar's reign Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams. His mind was restless and he could not sleep.

1a-  So, in – 604. God manifests himself in the spirit of the king.

Dan 2:2 The king called the magicians, the astrologers, the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, to tell him his dreams. They came and presented themselves before the king.

2a-  The pagan king then turns to the people in whom he has, until then, trusted, each being a specialist in his field.

Dan 2:3 And the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream; my mind is agitated, and I would like to know this dream.

3a-  The king said well: I want to know this dream ; he doesn't talk about its meaning.

Dan 2:4 The Chaldeans answered the king in the Aramaic language, O king, live forever! Tell your servants about it, and we will explain it.

Dan 2:5 And the king answered again, and said unto the Chaldeans, The thing hath escaped me; If you do not make me aware of the dream and its explanation, you will be torn to pieces, and your houses will be reduced to a heap of rubbish.

5a-  The intransigence of the king and the extreme measure he takes are exceptional and inspired by God who creates the means to confound pagan charlatanism and to reveal his glory through his faithful servants.

Dan 2:6 But if you tell me the dream and its explanation, you will receive from me gifts and gifts and great honor. Therefore, tell me the dream and its explanation.

6a-  These gifts, presents, and great honors , God prepares for his faithful elect.

Dan 2:7 They answered the second time, Let the king tell the dream to his servants, and we will explain it.

Dan 2:8 And the king answered and said, Truly I perceive that you are trying to gain time, because you see that the matter has escaped me.

8a-  The king asks his wise men something that has never been asked and he does not achieve it.

Dan 2:9 Therefore if you do not make me know the dream, the same sentence will cover you all; you want to prepare to tell me lies and falsehoods, while waiting for times to change. Therefore, tell me the dream, and I will know if you are able to give me the explanation.

9a-  you want to prepare to tell me lies and falsehoods, while waiting for the times to be changed

 It is on this principle that until the end of the world, all false seers and diviners get rich.

9b-  Therefore, tell me the dream, and I will know if you are able to give me the explanation

 For the first time this logical reasoning manifests itself in the thought of a man. Charlatans have a great time being able to tell anything to their naive and overly gullible customers. The king's request unmasks their limit.

Dan 2:10 The Chaldeans answered the king, There is no one on earth who can say what the king asks; no king, however great and powerful he may have been, has ever demanded such a thing from any magician, astrologer or Chaldean.

10a-  Their words are true, since until then, God had not intervened to unmask them, so that they understand that he is the only God, and that their pagan divinities are nothing but nothing and idols constructed by hands and the spirits of men given over to demonic spirits.

Dan 2:11 What the king asks is difficult; there is no one who can tell the king, except the gods, whose dwelling is not among men.

11a-  The wise here express an undeniable truth. But by making these remarks, they admit to having no relationship with the gods , while all the time, they are consulted by duped people who think they will obtain answers from hidden deities through them. The challenge launched by the king unmasks them. And to achieve this, it required the unpredictable and infinite wisdom of the true God, already sublimely revealed in Solomon, this master of divine wisdom.

Dan 2:12 At this the king was angry, and was very angry. He ordered all the wise men of Babylon to be put to death.

Dan 2:13 The sentence was published, the wise men were put to death, and they were looking for Daniel and his companions to destroy them.

13a-  It is by placing his own servants before death that God will raise them in glory with King Nebuchadnezzar. This strategy prophesies the last experience of Adventist faith where the elect will await death decreed by the rebels on a decided date. But here again, the situation will be reversed, because the dead will be those rebels who will kill each other when the powerful and victorious Christ appears in heaven to judge and condemn them.

Dan 2:14 Then Daniel spoke wisely and wisely to Arjoch, captain of the king's guard, who had gone out to kill the wise men of Babylon.

Dan 2:15 And he answered and said to Arjoch the king's commander, Why is the king's sentence so severe? Arjoc explained the matter to Daniel.

Dan 2:16 And Daniel went to the king, and begged him to give him time to give the king the explanation.

16a-  Daniel acts according to his nature and his religious experience. He knows that his prophetic gifts are given to him by God, in whom he is accustomed to placing all his trust. Learning what the king asks, he knows that God has the answers, but is it his will to make them known to him?

Dan 2:17 Then Daniel went to his house, and told Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah his companions about this matter,

17a-  The four young men live in Daniel's house. “ Those of like flock together ” and they represent the assembly of God. Already before Jesus Christ, “ where two or three gather in my name, I am in their midst ” says the Lord. Brotherly love unites these young people who demonstrate a beautiful spirit of solidarity.

Dan 2:18 urging them to implore mercy from the God of heaven, so that Daniel and his companions would not be destroyed with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.

18a-  Faced with such a strong threat against their lives, ardent prayer and sincere fasting are the only weapons of the elect. They know it and will wait for the response from their God who has already given them so much proof that he loves them. At the end of the world, the last chosen ones targeted by the decree of death will act in the same way.

Dan 2:19 Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a vision in the night. And Daniel blessed the God of heaven.

19a-  Requested by his elect, the faithful God is there, because he organized the test to testify to his faithfulness for Daniel and his three companions; in order to raise them to the highest positions in the king's government. He will, experience after experience, make them indispensable for this king whom he will lead and finally convert. This conversion will be the fruit of the faithful and irreproachable behavior of the four young Jews sanctified by God for an exceptional mission.

Dan 2:20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God from everlasting to everlasting. Wisdom and strength belong to him.

20a-  A well-justified praise because the proof of his wisdom is, in this experience, undeniably demonstrated. Her strength delivered Jehoiakim to Nebuchadnezzar and she imposed her ideas in the minds of the men who were to favor her project.

Dan 2:21 He it is who changes times and circumstances, who overthrows and establishes kings, who gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding.

21a-  This verse clearly expresses all the reasons to believe in and in God. Nebuchadnezzar will eventually convert when he fully realizes these things.

Dan 2:22 He reveals what is deep and hidden, he knows what is in darkness, and the light abides with him.

22a-  The devil can also reveal what is deep and hidden, but the light is not in him. He does it to seduce and turn humans away from the true God who, when he does so, acts to save his elect by revealing to them the deadly traps set by the demons condemned to earthly darkness, since the victory of Jesus Christ over the sin and death.

Dan 2:23 God of my fathers, I glorify and praise you, that you have given me wisdom and strength, and that you have made known to me what we have asked of you, that you have revealed to us the king's secret.

23a-  Wisdom and strength were in God, in Daniel's prayer, and God gave them to him. We see in this experience the principle taught by Jesus being fulfilled: “ ask and it will be given to you ”. But it is clearly understood that to obtain this result, the loyalty of the applicant must withstand all tests. The force received by Daniel will take a form acting on the thoughts of the king who will be subjected to an undeniable obvious proof which will force him to admit the existence of the God of Daniel unknown to him and his people until then.             

Dan 2:24 After this Daniel went to Arjoch, to whom the king had commanded to destroy the wise men of Babylon; and he went and spake unto him thus: Do not destroy the wise men of Babylon! Take me before the king, and I will give the king the explanation.

24a-  Divine love is read in Daniel who thinks of obtaining life for the wise pagans. This is again a behavior which testifies to God of his goodness and compassion, in a state of mind of perfect humility. God may be satisfied, his servant glorifies him by the works of his faith.

Dan 2:25 Arjoch brought Daniel quickly before the king, and spoke to him thus: I have found among the captives of Judah a man who will give explanation to the king.

25a-  God holds the king in great anguish, and the mere prospect of obtaining the answer he so desired will make his anger subside immediately.

Dan 2:26 And the king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Are you able to shew me the dream which I have had, and the explanation thereof?

26a-  The pagan name given to him changes nothing. It is Daniel and not Belteshazzar who will give him the expected answer.

Dan 2:27 Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said, What the king asks is a secret, which the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians and the diviners, are not able to reveal to the king.

27a-  Daniel intercedes on behalf of the wise. What the king asked of them was beyond their reach.

Dan 2:28 But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets, and who has made known to Nebuchadnezzar the king what will happen in the end of time. This is your dream and the visions you had in your bed.

28a-  This beginning of the explanation will make Nebuchadnezzar attentive, because the subject of the future has always tormented and distressed men, and the prospect of obtaining answers on this subject is exciting and comforting. Daniel directs the king's attention to the invisible living God, which is surprising for the king who worshiped materialized deities.

Dan 2:29 On your bed, O king, thoughts have come up to you concerning what will be after this time; and he who reveals secrets has made known to you what will happen.

Dan 2:30 If this secret has been revealed to me, it is not because there is in me wisdom greater than that of all living; but it is that the explanation may be given to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your heart.

30a-  it is not that there is in me a wisdom superior to that of all living people; but it is so that the explanation is given to the king

Perfect humility in action. Daniel steps aside, and tells the king that this invisible God is interested in him; this God more powerful and effective than those he has served until then. Imagine the effect of these words on his mind and heart.

30b-  and know the thoughts of your heart

 In pagan religion, the standards of good and evil of the true God are ignored. Kings are never questioned, because they are feared and dreaded because their power is great. The discovery of the true God will allow Nebuchadnezzar to gradually discover his character defects; what no one would have had the audacity to do among his people. The lesson is also addressed to us: we can only know the thoughts of our heart if God acts in our conscience.

Dan 2:31 O king, you looked and saw a great image; this statue was immense, and of extraordinary splendor; she stood before you, and her appearance was terrible.

31a-  you saw a large statue; this statue was immense, and of extraordinary splendor

 The statue will illustrate the successions of the great earthly empires which will succeed one another until the return in glory of Jesus Christ, hence its immense appearance . Its splendor is that of successive rulers covered with wealth, glory and honors rendered by men.

31b-  she stood before you, and her appearance was terrible.

 The future prophesied by the statue lies in front of the king and not behind him. Its terrible aspect prophesies the multitudes of human deaths that will cause, the wars and the persecutions which will characterize human history until the end of the world; the rulers walk over corpses.

Dan 2:32 The head of this image was pure gold; his chest and arms were of silver; his belly and his thighs were of brass;

32a-  The head of this statue was of pure gold

 Daniel will confirm it in verse 38, the head of gold is King Nebuchadnezzar himself. This symbol characterizes him because first, he will convert and serve with faith the true creator God. Gold is the symbol of purified faith in 1 Peter 1:7. His long reign will mark religious history and justify his mention in the Bible. In addition, he constitutes the head of the construction of the successions of earthly rulers. The prophecy begins in the first year of his reign in – 605.

32b-  his chest and his arms were of silver

 Silver is of less value than gold. It alters, gold remains unalterable. We are witnessing a degradation of human values that follows the description of the statue from top to bottom. From – 539, the empire of the Medes and Persians will succeed the Chaldean empire.

32c-  his belly and his thighs were of brass

 Brass is also of less value than silver. It is a copper-based metal alloy. It deteriorates terribly and changes appearance over time. It is also harder than silver, itself harder than gold which alone remains very malleable. Sexuality is at the center of the image chosen by God, but it is also the image of human reproduction. The Greek empire, because it is indeed it, will indeed prove to be very prolific, giving humanity its pagan culture which will continue until the end of the world. The Greek statues in molten and cast brass will be admired by people until the end. The nudity of the body is revealed and its depraved morals are limitless; these things make the Greek empire a typical symbol of sin which will endure through the centuries and millennia until the return of Christ. In Dan.11:21 to 31, the Greek king Antiochos 4 known as Epiphanes, persecutor of the Jewish people for “7 years” between – 175 and – 168, will be presented as a type of the papal persecutor whom he precedes in the prophetic account of this chapter. This verse 32 successively grouped and evoked the empires which led to the Roman empire.

Dan 2:33 his legs of iron; his feet, partly of iron and partly of clay.

33a-  his legs, of iron

 As the fourth prophesied empire, that of Rome is characterized by maximum hardening represented by iron. It is also the most common metal which oxidizes, rusts and is destroyed. Here again the deterioration is confirmed and it is increasing. The Romans are polytheists; they adopt the gods of vanquished enemies. This is how Greek sin will, through their extension, extend to all the peoples of its empire.

33b-  his feet, partly iron and partly clay

 In this phase, a clay part weakens this hard domination. The explanation is simple and historical. In 395, the Roman Empire broke up and after it the ten toes of the statue's feet would accomplish the establishment of ten independent Christian kingdoms but all placed under the religious supervision of the Bishop of Rome who would become the Pope from 538 . These ten kings are mentioned in Dan.7:7 and 24.

Dan 2:34 As you were looking, a stone fell out without hands and struck the feet of iron and clay of the image, and broke them in pieces.

34a-  The image of the stone that strikes is inspired by the practice of death by stoning. This was the standard for the execution of guilty sinners in ancient Israel. This stone therefore comes to stone earthly sinners. The last plague of God's wrath will be hailstones according to Rev.16:21. This image prophesies Christ's action against sinners at the time of his glorious divine return. In Zec.3:9, the Spirit gives to Christ the image of a stone, the main one of the corner, the one with which God begins the construction of his spiritual building: For behold, as for the stone which I placed before Joshua, there are seven eyes on this one stone; behold, I myself will engrave that which shall be engraved therein, saith the LORD of hosts; and I will remove the iniquity of this land in one day. Then we read in Zac.4:7: Who are you, great mountain, before Zerubbabel? You will be smoothed out. He will lay the main stone amid acclamations: Grace, grace for her! In this same place, in verses 42 and 47, we read: He said to me: What do you see? I answered, I look, and behold, there is a candlestick all of gold, with a vase on top, and holding seven lamps, with seven pipes for the lamps which are on the top of the candlestick ; … For those who despised the day of weak beginnings will rejoice when they see the level in the hand of Zerubbabel. These seven are the eyes of the Lord, which run through all the earth . To confirm this message, we will find in Rev.5:6, this image, in which the seven eyes of the stone and the candlestick are attributed to the Lamb of God, namely, Jesus Christ: And I saw, in the middle of the throne and the four living beings and in the midst of the elders, a lamb which was there as if slain. He had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent through all the earth. The judgment of sinful peoples being carried out by God in person, no human hand intervenes.

Dan 2:35 Then the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold were broken together, and became like chaff that escapes from a summer threshing floor; the wind carried them away, and no trace was found of them. But the stone that struck the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.

35a-  Then the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver and the gold were broken together, and became like chaff that escapes from a threshing floor in summer; the wind carried them away, and no trace was found of them.

At the return of Christ, the descendants of the peoples symbolized by gold, silver, brass, iron and clay all remained in their sins and worthy of destruction by him, and the image prophesies this annihilation.

35b-  But the stone that struck the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth

 Revelation will reveal that this announcement will only be completely fulfilled after the thousand years of heavenly judgment, with the installation of the elect on the renewed earth, in Rev. 4, 20, 21 and 22.             

Dan 2:36 This is the dream. We will give the explanation before the king.

36a-  The king finally hears what he dreamed of. Such an answer cannot be invented, because it was impossible to deceive him. He who describes these things to him has therefore himself received the same vision. And he also responds to the king's request by showing himself capable of interpreting the images and giving their meaning.

Dan 2:37 O king, you are the king of kings, for the God of heaven has given you dominion, power, strength and glory;

37a-  I really appreciate this verse where we see Daniel speaking informally to the powerful king, which no man would dare to do in our perverted and corrupted days. The informal address is not insulting, Daniel has respect for the Chaldean king. Tuinality is only the grammatical form used by an isolated subject who expresses himself to a single third party. And “as great as the king is, he is no less a man” as the actor Molière was able to say in his time. And the drift of unjustified vows was born in his time with Louis 14 , the proud “sun king”.

37b-  O king, you are the king of kings, for the God of heaven has given you the empire

 More than respect, Daniel brings to the king a celestial recognition that he was unaware of. In fact, the heavenly King of kings attests to having built the earthly king of kings. Ruling over kings constitutes the imperial title. The symbol of the empire is " the eagle's wings " which will characterize it as the first empire in Dan.7.

37c-  power,

 It designates the right to dominate over multitudes and is measured in quantity, i.e. mass.             

It can turn the head and fill a powerful king with pride. The king will sometimes give in to pride and God will heal him through a severe trial of humiliation revealed in Dan.4. He must accept the idea that he did not obtain his power by his own strength, but because the true God gave it to him. In Dan.7, this power will take the symbolic image of the Bear of the Medes and Persians.

Power being obtained, sometimes, by feeling an emptiness in themselves and in their lives, men commit suicide. Power makes you fantasize about obtaining a great happiness that does not come. “All new, all beautiful” goes the saying, but this feeling hardly lasts. In modern life, renowned and admired and enriched artists end up committing suicide despite an apparent, dazzling and glorious success.

37d-  strength

 It designates the action, the pressure under constraint which makes the opponent bend in a fight. But this fight can be waged against oneself. We then talk about strength of character. Strength is measured in quality and efficiency.

It also has its symbol: the lion according to Judges 14:18: “ what is stronger than the lion, what is sweeter than honey ”. The strength of the lion is in his muscles; those of its paws and claws but especially those of its mouth which grips and suffocates its victims before devouring them. The diverted revelation of this answer to the riddle posed to the Philistines by Samson will become the consequence of an action of unparalleled force on his part against them.

37th-  and glory .

 This word changes meaning in its terrestrial and celestial conceptions. Nebuchadnezzar obtained human glory until this experience. The pleasure of dominating and deciding the fate of all creatures on earth. It remains for him to discover the celestial glory that Jesus Christ will obtain by making himself, the Master and the Lord, the servant of his servants. For his salvation, he will eventually accept this glory and its heavenly conditions.                                         

Dan 2:38 He has given into your hand, wherever they dwell, the children of men, and the beasts of the field, and the birds of the air, and has made you ruler over them all: you are the one who you are the golden head.

38a-  This image will be used to designate Nebuchadnezzar in Dan.4:9.

38b-  you are the head of gold.

 These words show that God knows in advance the choices Nebuchadnezzar will make. This symbol, the head of gold , prophesies his future sanctification and his election for eternal salvation. Gold is the symbol of purified faith according to 1 Peter 1:7: so that the testing of your faith, more precious than perishable gold (which however is tested by fire), may result in praise, glory and honor, when Jesus Christ appears . Gold , this malleable metal, is the image of this great king who allows himself to be transformed by the work of the creator God .

Dan 2:39 After you there will arise another kingdom, less than yours; then a third kingdom, which will be of bronze, and will rule over all the earth;

39a-  Over time, human quality will deteriorate; the silver of the chest and two arms of the statue is less than the gold of the head. Like Nebuchadnezzar, Darius the Mede will convert, Cyrus 2 the Persian also according to Esd.1:1 to 4, all also loving Daniel; and after them Darius the Persian and Artaxerxes 1 according to Esd.6 and 7. In trials, they will rejoice to see the God of the Jews come to the aid of his own.

39b-  then a third kingdom, which will be of bronze, and which will rule over all the earth.

 Here, the situation seriously deteriorates for the Greek empire. Brass, the symbol which represents it, designates impurity, sin . The study of Dan.10 and 11 will allow us to understand why. But already, the culture of the people is in question as the inventor of republican freedom and all its perverse and corrupt deviations which according to the principle have no limit, this is why God says in Pro.29:18: When there is no revelation, the people are without restraint; Happy if he keeps the law! 

Dan 2:40 There will be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron; just as iron breaks and breaks everything, so it will break and break everything, like iron that breaks everything in pieces.

40a-  The situation worsens with this fourth kingdom which is that of Rome which will dominate the previous empires and adopt all their divinities, so that it will accumulate all their negative characteristics bringing a novelty, an iron discipline of implacable hardness . This makes it so effective that no country can resist it; so much so that his empire will extend from England in the west to Babylon on the eastern side. Iron is truly its symbol, from its double-edged swords, its armor and its shields, so that when attacking, the army takes on the appearance of a carapace bristling with spear points, formidably effective against disorderly attacks . and dispersed from his enemies.

Dan 2:41 And as thou hast seen the feet and the toes, partly of potter's clay, and partly of iron, this kingdom shall be divided; but there will be in it something of the strength of iron, because you saw iron mixed with clay.

41a-  Daniel does not specify it but the image speaks. Feet and toes represent a dominant phase that will succeed the pagan Roman empire imaged by iron . Divided, this Roman empire will become the battlefield for the small kingdoms formed after its breakup. The alliance of iron and clay does not create strength, but division and weakness. We read potter's clay . The potter is God according to Jer.18:6: Can I not act towards you like this potter, O house of Israel? saith the Lord. Behold, as clay is in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel! This clay is the peaceful component of humanity from which God selects his elect and makes them vessels of honor.

Dan 2:42 And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so this kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile.

42a-  Notes that Roman iron continued until the end of the world, although the Roman Empire lost its unity and its domination in 395. The explanation lies in its resumption of domination by the religious seduction of the Roman Catholic faith. This being due to the armed support given by Clovis and the Byzantine emperors to the bishop of Rome around 500. They built his prestige and his new papal power which made him, but only in the eyes of men, the earthly leader of the Christian church since 538.

Dan 2:43 You have seen iron mixed with clay, because they will be mixed by human alliances; but they will not be united to each other, just as iron is not combined with clay.

43a-  The fingers of the feet, ten in number , will become ten horns in Dan.7:7 and 24. After the body, and the feet, they represent the western Christian nations of Europe in the final time, that is, our era. Denouncing the hypocritical alliances of European nations, God revealed 2,600 years ago the fragility of the agreements that unite the people of today's Europe, precisely united on the basis of the "Treaties of Rome".

Dan 2:44 In the days of these kings the God of heaven will raise up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, nor will it pass under the dominion of another people; he will break and destroy all these kingdoms, and he himself will endure forever.

44a-  In the time of these kings

 The thing is confirmed, the ten toes are contemporary with the glorious return of Christ.

44b-  the God of heaven will raise up a kingdom that will never be destroyed

 The selection of the elect is done under the name of Jesus Christ since his ministry, during his first coming to earth, to atone for the sins of those he saves. But during the two thousand years that followed this ministry, this selection was accomplished in humility and persecution from the diabolical camp. And since 1843, those whom Jesus saves are few in number, as the study of Dan.8 and 12 will confirm.

The 6000 years of the time of selection of the elect coming to an end, the 7th millennium opens the Sabbath of eternity only to the elect redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ since Adam and Eve. All will have been selected because of their faithfulness because God takes with him faithful and obedient humans, delivering the devil, his rebellious angels and disobedient humans to the complete destruction of their souls.

44c-  and which will not pass under the domination of another people

 Because it puts an end to earthly human dominations and successions.

44d-  he will break and destroy all these kingdoms, and he himself will endure forever

 The Spirit explains the meaning it gives to the word end; absolute meaning. There will be an elimination of all humanity. And Rev.20 will reveal to us what happens during the 7th millennium . We will thus discover the program planned by God. On the desolate earth, the devil will be held prisoner, without any heavenly or earthly company. And in heaven, for 1000 years, the elect will judge the wicked dead. At the end of these 1000 years, the wicked will be resurrected for the final judgment. The fire that destroys them will purify the earth that God will make new by glorifying it to welcome his throne and his redeemed elect. The image of the vision therefore summarizes more complex actions that the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ will reveal.

Dan 2:45 This is indicated by the stone that you saw falling out of the mountain without the help of any hand, and which broke in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver and the 'gold. The great God has made known to the king what must happen after this. The dream is true, and its explanation is certain.

45a-  Finally, after his coming, Christ being symbolized by the stone , the celestial judgment of a thousand years and his execution of the last judgment, on the new earth restored by God, the great mountain announced in the vision will take shape and place for him. eternity.

Dan 2:46 Then king Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face and worshiped Daniel, and commanded sacrifices and incense to be offered to him.

46a-  Still a pagan, the king reacts according to his nature. Having received from Daniel everything he had asked for, he bowed down before him and honored his commitments. Daniel does not object to the idolatrous actions he practices towards him. It is still too early to contradict and question it. Time, which belongs to God, will do its work.

Dan 2:47 And the king spoke to Daniel, saying, Truly your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings, and he reveals secrets, since you have been able to discover this secret.

47a-  This was the first step of King Nebuchadnezzar towards his conversion. He will never be able to forget this experience which forces him to admit that Daniel is in relationship with the true God, in fact, the God of gods and the Lord of kings . But the pagan entourage who assists him will delay his conversion. His words testify to the effectiveness of the prophetic work. The power of God to say in advance what will happen puts normal man up against the wall of compelling evidence to which the chosen one gives in and the fallen resists.

Dan 2:48 Then the king raised up Daniel, and gave him many rich gifts; he gave him command over the whole province of Babylon, and made him supreme ruler over all the wise men of Babylon.

48a-  Nebuchadnezzar acts towards Daniel in the same way as Pharaoh before him had done towards Joseph. When they are intelligent and not stubbornly closed and blocked, great leaders know how to appreciate the services of a servant with valuable qualities. They and their people are beneficiaries of the divine blessings that rest on his elect. The wisdom of the true God thus benefits everyone.

Dan 2:49 Daniel asked the king to hand over the stewardship of the province of Babylon to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. And Daniel was in the king's court.

49a-  These four young people stood out, by their particularly faithful attitude towards God, from the other young Jews who came with them to Babylon. After this ordeal, which could have become dramatic for everyone, the approval of the living God appears. We thus see the difference that God makes between those who serve him and those who do not serve him. He elevates his elected officials who have shown themselves worthy, publicly, in the eyes of all people.














Daniel 3



Dan 3:1 King Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold, sixty cubits high and six cubits wide. He set it up in the valley of Dura, in the province of Babylon.

3a-  The king was convinced but not yet converted by the living God of Daniel. And megalomania still characterizes him. The adults around him encourage him in this path as the fox in the fable does with the raven, they adore him and venerate him like a god. Also, the king ends up comparing himself to a god. It must be said that in paganism, the drift is easy because the other false deities are immobile and frozen in the form of statues while he, the king, being alive, is already superior to them. But how poorly this gold is used in the raising of a statue! Obviously, the previous vision has not yet borne fruit. Perhaps even the honors that the God of gods showed him helped to maintain and even grow his pride. Gold, the symbol of faith purified by trial according to 1 Peter 1:7, will help reveal the presence of this type of sublime faith in Daniel's three companions, in the new experience recounted in this chapter. This is a lesson that God addresses in particular to his elect in the last Adventist trial when a decree of death prophesied in Rev.13:15 will be about to take their lives.

Dan 3:2 King Nebuchadnezzar summoned the satraps, the stewards and governors, the chief judges, the treasurers, the lawyers, the judges, and all the magistrates of the provinces, to come to the dedication of the image which King Nebuchadnezzar raised.

2a-  Unlike Daniel's ordeal in Dan.6, the experience is not due to the conspiracies of the people surrounding the king. Here, it is the fruit of his personality that is revealed.

Dan 3:3 Then the satraps, the stewards and the governors, the chief judges, the treasurers, the lawyers, the judges, and all the magistrates of the provinces, gathered together to dedicate the image that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up . They stood before the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up.

Dan 3:4 And a herald cried with a loud voice, This is what they command you, people, nations, and men of every tongue!

Dan 3:5 When you hear the sound of the trumpet, the pipe, the guitar, the sambuque, the psaltery, the bagpipes, and all kinds of musical instruments, then you will fall down and worship the golden statue erected by King Nebuchadnezzar.

5a-  At the moment when you hear the sound of the trumpet

 The signal of the trial will be given by the sound of the trumpet , just as the return of Jesus Christ is symbolized in Rev. 11:15 by the sound of the 7th trumpet , and the six previous punishments are also symbolized by trumpets.

5b-  you will prostrate yourself

 Prostration is the physical form of honor rendered. In Rev.13:16, God symbolizes it by the hand of men which will receive the mark of the beast, which consists of practicing and honoring the day of the pagan sun which replaced the holy divine Sabbath .

5c-  and you will love it

 Worship is the mental form of honor rendered. In Rev.13:16, God images it through the forehead of the man who receives the mark of the beast .

 This verse allows us to discover the keys to these symbols cited in the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. The forehead and hand of man summarize his thoughts and his works and among the elect, these symbols receive the seal of God as opposed to the mark of the beast , identified with the "Sunday" of Roman Catholicism, accepted and supported by the Protestants since their entry into the ecumenical alliance.

 The entire organization of this measure imposed by King Nebuchadnezzar will be renewed at the end of the world in the test of fidelity for the Sabbath of the creator God. Every Sabbath, the refusal to work of the elected will testify to their resistance to the law of men. And on Sunday, their refusal to participate in imposed common worship will identify them as rebels who must be gotten rid of. A death sentence will then be pronounced. The process will therefore be perfectly consistent with what Daniel's three companions will experience, themselves being fully blessed by God for their already demonstrated fidelity.

 However, before the end of the world, this lesson was offered, first, to the Jews of the old alliance who were subjected to a similar ordeal between – 175 and – 168, persecuted to death by the Greek king Antiochos 4 known as Epiphanes. And Dan.11 will testify that certain faithful Jews preferred to be killed rather than commit an abomination before their true God. Because in those days, God did not intervene to miraculously save them, any more than he did subsequently for the Christians killed by Rome.

Dan 3:6 Whoever does not bow down and worship will be immediately thrown into a fiery furnace.

6a-  For Daniel's companions, the threat is the fiery furnace . This death threat is the image of the final death decree. But there is a difference between the two experiences of the beginning and that of the end, because in the end, the fiery furnace will be the punishment of the last judgment of the aggressors persecutors of the chosen saints of God.

Dan 3:7 Therefore when all peoples heard the sound of the trumpet, and the pipe, and the guitar, and the sambuque, and the psaltery, and of every instrument of music, all the people, the nations and people of all languages fell down and worshiped the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up.

7a-  This behavior of almost general and unanimous submission of the masses to human laws and ordinances still prophesies their behavior at the time of the last test of earthly faith. The last universal government of the earth will be obeyed with the same fear.

Dan 3:8 On this occasion, and at the same time, certain Chaldeans came and accused the Jews.

8a-  God's elect are the targets of the wrath of the devil who dominates all souls that God does not recognize as his elect. On earth, this diabolical hatred takes shape in the form of jealousy and at the same time, great hatred. They are then held responsible for all the evils from which humanity suffers, although it is the opposite which explains these evils which are simply the consequences of the absence of their protection by God. Those who hate the elected officials hatch plots to make them the popular execration that must be gotten rid of by killing them.

Dan 3:9 They answered and said to King Nebuchadnezzar, O king, live forever!

­9a-  The agents of the devil enter the scene, the plot becomes clearer.

Dan 3:10 You have given a commandment that everyone who hears the sound of the trumpet, the pipe pipe, the guitar, the sambuque, the psaltery, the bagpipes, and all kinds of instruments, should to bow down and worship the golden image,

10a-  They remind the king of his own words and the order of his royal authority to which obedience is required.

Dan 3:11 and whoever does not bow down and worship will be thrown into a fiery furnace.

11a-  The threat of death is also recalled; the trap closes on the chosen saints.

Dan 3:12 Now there are Jews to whom you have entrusted the stewardship of the province of Babylon, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, men who have no regard for you, O king; they do not serve your gods, nor worship the golden image that you have set up.

12a-  The thing was predictable, the high positions being entrusted to Jewish foreigners, the perfidious jealousy ignited was to manifest its fruit of murderous hatred. And thus, God's chosen ones are singled out and condemned by popular vindictiveness.

Dan 3:13 Then Nebuchadnezzar, angry and angry, ordered Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to be brought. And these men were brought before the king.

13a-  Remember that these three men obtained from Nebuchadnezzar the highest positions in his kingdom, because they appeared to him wiser, more intelligent than the people of his people. This is why his “ irritated and furious ” state will explain his momentary forgetting of their exceptional qualities.

Dan 3:14 Nebuchadnezzar answered and said to them, Is it deliberate, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, that you do not serve my gods, and do not worship the golden image which I have high?

14a-  He doesn't even wait for them to answer his question: Are you deliberately disobeying my orders?

Dan 3:15 Now be ready, and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, the pipe, the guitar, the sambuque, the psalter, the bagpipes, and all kinds of instruments, you will you will bow down and worship the image that I have made; if you do not worship him, you will be immediately thrown into the midst of a fiery furnace. And who is the god who will deliver you from my hand?

15a-  Suddenly realizing how useful these men are to him, the king is ready to offer them a new chance by obeying his universal imperial order.

The question asked will receive an unexpected answer from the true God whom Nebuchadnezzar seems to have forgotten, taken by the activities of his imperial life. Furthermore, there is nothing to establish the date of the affair.

Dan 3:16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to King Nebuchadnezzar, We need not answer you on this matter.

16a-  These words made to the most powerful king of his time seem outrageous and irreverent, but these men who said them are not rebellious people. On the contrary, they constitute models of obedience to the living God to whom they have firmly decided to remain faithful.

Dan 3:17 Behold, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king.

17a-  Unlike the king, the faithful elect retained the proofs that God gave them to show that he was with them in the test of the vision. Associating this personal experience with the glorious memories of their people delivered from the Egyptians and their slavery, by this same faithful God, they push boldness to the point of defying the king. Their determination is total, even if it comes at the cost of their death. But, the Spirit makes them prophesy his intervention: he will deliver us from your hand, O king .

Dan 3:18 Otherwise, know, O king, that we will not serve your gods, nor worship the golden image which you have set up.

18a-  And in the event that God's help does not come, it is better for them to die as faithful elect than to survive as traitors and cowards. This fidelity will be found in the test imposed by the Greek persecutor in – 168. And after that, throughout the Christian era among true Christians who until the end of the world will not confuse the law of God with the law of evil men.

Dan 3:19 Whereupon Nebuchadnezzar was filled with wrath, and he changed his face, turning his face against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He spoke again and ordered the furnace to be heated seven times more than it should be heated.

19a-  It must be understood that this king never during his lifetime saw or heard anyone oppose his decisions; which justifies his fury and the change in the appearance of his face . The devil enters him to lead him to kill God's elect.

Dan 3:20 Then he commanded some of the strongest soldiers in his army to bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and throw them into the fiery furnace.

Dan 3:21 And these men were bound in their breeches, their tunics, their cloaks, and their other garments, and were thrown into the midst of the fiery furnace.

21a-  All these materials mentioned are combustible as are their flesh bodies.

Dan 3:22 As the king's command was severe, and the furnace was extraordinarily hot, the flame killed the men who had thrown Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into it.

­22a-  The death of these men testifies to the deadly effectiveness of the fire of this furnace.

Dan 3:23 And these three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, fell bound in the midst of the fiery furnace.

23a-  The king's order is executed, even killing his own servants.

Dan 3:24 Then king Nebuchadnezzar was afraid, and rose up quickly. And he answered and said unto his counsellors, Have we not cast three bound men into the midst of the fire? They answered the king: Certainly, O king!

24a-  The king of kings of his time cannot believe his eyes. What he sees is beyond human imagination. He feels the need to reassure himself by asking those around him if the action of throwing three men into the fire of the furnace is a reality. And these confirm the thing to him: It is certain, O king!

Dan 3:25 He answered and said, Well, I see four men without bonds, walking in the midst of the fire, and having no harm; and the figure of the fourth resembles that of a son of the gods.

25a-  It seems that only the king had the vision of the fourth character which terrified him. The exemplary faith of the three men is honored and answered by God. In this fire, the king can distinguish men and he sees a figure of light and fire standing with them. This new experience surpasses the first. The reality of the living God is still proven to him.

25b-  and the figure of the fourth resembles that of a son of the gods

 The appearance of this fourth character is so different from that of men that the king identifies him with a son of the gods . The expression is happy because it is indeed a direct intervention of the one who will become for men, the Son of God and the Son of man , Jesus Christ.

Dan 3:26 Then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the entrance of the fiery furnace, and speaking, he said, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, servants of the Most High God, come out and come! And Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego came out of the midst of the fire.

26a-  Once again, Nebuchadnezzar transforms himself into a lamb in the face of a lion king immensely stronger than him. This reminder awakens the testimony of the experience of the previous vision. The God of heaven makes a second appeal to him.

Dan 3:27 The satraps, the stewards, the governors, and the king's counselors assembled together; they saw that the fire had had no power over the bodies of these men, that the hair on their heads had not been burned, that their underpants were not damaged, and that the smell of the fire had not affected them. not reached.

27a-  In this experience, God gives us and Nebuchadnezzar proof of his real omnipotence. He created earthly laws that condition the lives of all human beings and all animals that live on his soil and in his dimension. But he has just proven that neither he nor the angels are subject to these earthly rules. Creator of universal laws, God is above them and can, at his will, order miraculous cases which will, in his time, bring glory and reputation to Jesus Christ.

Dan 3:28 Nebuchadnezzar answered and said, Blessed be the God of Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego, who sent his angel and delivered his servants who trusted in him, and who violated the commandment of the king and surrendered their body rather than serve and worship any god other than their God!

28a-  The anger of the king is gone. Once back on his feet as a man, he learns from the experience and issues an order which will prevent the thing from happening again. Because the experience is bitter. God showed the Babylonians that He is alive, active, and full of strength and power.

28b-  who sent his angel and delivered his servants who trusted in him, and who violated the king's command and surrendered their bodies rather than serve and worship any god other than their God!

 In a high degree of lucidity, the king realizes how admirable is the loyalty of the men whom his mad pride wanted to kill. There is no doubt that he realizes that by reason of his power, it would have been possible for him to avoid this stupid ordeal caused by his pride which only makes him make mistakes at the risk of innocent people.             

Dan 3:29 Now this is my command: Every man, of whatever people, nation, or tongue, that shall speak evil of the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, shall be cut in pieces, and his house will be reduced to a heap of rubbish, because there is no other god who can deliver like him.

29a-  By this declaration, King Nebuchadnezzar provides his protection to God's chosen ones.

 At the same time, he threatens anyone who speaks evil of the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and he specifies, he will be torn to pieces, and his house will be reduced to a heap of rubbish, because he does not there is no other god who can deliver like him. Faced with this threat, it is certain that as long as King Nebuchadnezzar reigns, God's faithful elect will not have trouble due to plots.

Dan 3:30 After this the king made Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego prosper in the province of Babylon.

30a-  “All is well that ends well” for the faithful elect of the living God, the creator of all that lives and exists. For his chosen ones will rise last, and they will walk on the dust of the dead, their former enemies, on the restored earth, for eternity.

 In the last test, this happy ending will also be obtained. Thus, the first trial and the last benefit from the direct intervention of the living God in favor of his elect whom he comes to save in Jesus Christ, the Savior, since his name Jesus means “YaHWéH saves”.










Daniel 4


Dan 4:1 Nebuchadnezzar king to all peoples, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the earth. May peace be given to you in abundance!

1a-  The tone and form prove it, the king who speaks is the one who converted to the God of Daniel. Its expressions resemble the writings of the epistles of the new covenant. He offers peace, because he himself is now at peace, in his human heart, with the God of love and justice, the true, the only, the unique.

Dan 4:2 It seemed good to me to show the signs and wonders that the Most High God has done toward me.

2a-  The king now acts as Jesus said to the blind and crippled healed by him, “ go and show yourselves in the temple and make known what God has done for you ”. The king is animated by the same desire inspired by God. Because conversions are possible every day, but God does not give to all of them the impact of that experienced by a king of kings, a powerful and strong emperor.

Dan 4:3 How great are his signs! How powerful are his wonders! His reign is an everlasting reign, and his dominion endures from generation to generation.

3a-  Understanding and certainty of these things gives him the peace and true happiness already available here below. The king learned and understood everything.

Dan 4:4 I, Nebuchadnezzar, lived peacefully in my house, and happy in my palace.

4a-  Quiet and happy? Yes, but still an unconverted pagan for the true God.

Dan 4:5 I had a dream that frightened me; the thoughts with which I was pursued on my bed and the visions of my mind filled me with terror.

5a-  This king Nebuchadnezzar is truly presented to us as the lost sheep that God in Christ comes to seek to help and save it from misfortune. For after this peaceful and happy earthly time, the future of the king would be perdition and eternal death. For his eternal salvation, God comes to disturb and torment him.

Dan 4:6 And I commanded that all the wise men of Babylon should be brought before me, that they might give me the explanation of the dream.

6a-  Obviously, Nebuchadnezzar has serious memory problems. Why doesn't he call on Daniel immediately?

Dan 4:7 Then came the magicians, the astrologers, the Chaldeans, and the diviners. I told them the dream, and they did not give me the explanation.

7a-  Things happen as with the first vision, the pagan diviners prefer to recognize their incapacity rather than tell fables to the king who has already threatened their lives.

Dan 4:8 Finally, Daniel appeared before me, named Belteshazzar after the name of my god , and who has in him the spirit of the holy gods. I tell him the dream:

8a-  The reason for forgetting is given. Bel was still the king's god. I recall here that Darius the Mede, Cyrus the Persian, Darius the Persian, Artaxerxes 1st , according to Esd.1, 6 and 7, all in their time will appreciate the elected Jews and their one God. Including Cyrus about whom God prophesies in Isa.44:28, saying: I say of Cyrus: He is my shepherd, and he will do all my will; he will say of Jerusalem: Let it be rebuilt! And of the temple: Let it be founded! - The prophesied shepherd will fulfill the prophetic will of God to whom he acknowledges obeying. This other text confirms his prophesied conversion: Isa.45:2: Thus says the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus , and in verse 13: It is I who have raised up Cyrus in my righteousness, And I will make straight all his ways ; He will rebuild my city, and set my captives free, without ransom or bribe, says the LORD of hosts. And the fulfillment of this plan appears in Esd.6:3 to 5: In the first year of king Cyrus, king Cyrus gave this command concerning the house of God in Jerusalem: Let the house be built again, to be a place where sacrifices are offered, and that it has solid foundations. It will be sixty cubits high, sixty cubits wide, three rows of hewn stones and one row of new wood. The costs will be paid by the king's household . Moreover, the vessels of gold and silver of the house of God, which Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple in Jerusalem and carried to Babylon, will be returned, taken to the temple in Jerusalem to the place where they were, and placed in the house of God. The costs will be paid by the king's household. God grants him the honors that he had given to King Solomon. However, be careful! This decree will not allow the calculation proposed in Dan.9:25 to be used to obtain the date of the first coming of the Messiah; it will be that of King Artaxerxes the Persian. Cyrus had the temple rebuilt, but Artaxerxes authorized the reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem and the return of the entire Jewish people to their national land.

Dan 4:9 Belteshazzar, chief of the magicians, who I know have in you the spirit of the holy gods, and to whom no secret is difficult, give me the explanation of the visions which I saw in dream.

9a-  We need to understand where the king is. In his mind , he remained a pagan and only recognized the God of Daniel as another god, except that he was capable of explaining dreams. The idea of having to change gods did not occur to him. The God of Daniel was just another god compared to the others.

Dan 4:10 These are the visions of my mind while I lay. I looked, and, behold, there was a tree of great height in the midst of the earth.

10a-  In the images that Jesus will use to give his lessons to the spiritual people he wants to teach, the tree will be the image of man, from the reed that bends and bends to the powerful and majestic cedar. And just as man can appreciate the tasty fruit of a tree, God appreciates or not the fruit borne by his creatures, from the most pleasant to the least pleasant, even detestable and loathsome.

Dan 4:11 And this tree became great and strong, its top reaching up to the heavens, and it was seen from the ends of all the earth.

11a-  In the vision of the statue, the Chaldean king was already compared to a tree according to the image of the power, the strength, and the empire which had been given to him by the true God.

Dan 4:12 Its foliage was beautiful, and its fruit abundant; he carried food for everyone; the beasts of the field sheltered under its shade, and every living creature drew food from it.

12a-  This powerful king shared with all those in his empire the wealth and food produced under his directives.

12b-  the birds of the air made their home among its branches,

 The expression is a reprise of Dan.2:38. In the literal sense, these birds of the sky represent the peace and serenity that reign under his governance. In the spiritual sense, they mean the heavenly angels of God, but in this single reference from Ecc.10:20, it is God himself who is in question, for he alone searches the thoughts of each person: Do not curse not the king, even in your mind, and do not curse the rich in the room where you sleep; for the bird of the sky would carry away your voice, the winged animal would publish your words . In the majority of quotes, the birds of the sky evoke eagles and birds of prey, dominant among the winged species. Birds settle where their food is abundant; the image therefore confirms prosperity and food satiation.             

Dan 4:13 In the visions of my spirit, which I saw while lying, I saw, and, behold, one of them that watch and are holy came down from heaven.

13a-  Indeed, the celestial angels have no need to sleep, they are therefore in permanent activity. Those who are holy and serving God come down from heaven to carry His messages to His earthly servants.

Dan 4:14 And he cried with might, and spake thus: Cut down the tree, and cut off the branches thereof; shake off the foliage, and scatter the fruits; let the beasts flee from beneath it, and the birds from among its branches!

14a-  The vision announces that the king will lose his kingdom and his domination over him.

Dan 4:15 But leave the stem where the roots are in the ground, and bind it with chains of iron and brass among the grass of the field. Let him be drenched in the dew of heaven, and like the beasts, let him have the grass of the earth as his portion.

15a-  But leave the trunk in the ground where the roots are

 The king will stay in his kingdom; he will not be expelled.

15b-  and bind him with chains of iron and brass, among the grass of the field

 There is no need for chains of iron or brass, because God will simply make his malleable creature lose his reason and common sense in all his aspects, physical, mental and moral. The powerful king will take himself for a beast of the field. The great ones of his kingdom will therefore be forced to remove domination of the kingdom from him.

15c-  May he be drenched with the dew of heaven, and may he have, like the beasts, the grass of the earth as his portion

 We can imagine the consternation of his adults who will see him eating grass from the ground, like a cow or a sheep. He will refuse covered dwellings, preferring to live and sleep in the fields.

Dan 4:16 His human heart will be taken away from him, and the heart of a beast will be given to him; and seven times will pass over him.

 In this experience , God once again gives proof of his real omnipotence. Because Creator of the lives of all his creatures, he can at any time, for his glory, make one intelligent or, on the contrary, dumb it down. Because it remains invisible to their eyes, men ignore this threat which constantly weighs on them. But it is true that he rarely intervenes, and when he does, it is for a specific reason and purpose.

 The punishment is measured. It will apply to King Nebuchadnezzar for seven times , only seven years. There is no legitimacy in using this duration on anything other than the king himself. Here again, by making this choice of the number “7”, the creator God initials with his “royal seal” the action which is about to be accomplished.

Dan 4:17 This sentence is a decree of those who watch, this resolution is a command of the saints, that the living may know that the Most High rules over the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever he pleases, and that he raises there the vilest of men.

17a-  This sentence is a decree of those who watch

 The Spirit underlines the exceptional character of this divine intervention to which he gives a role of “decree” due to those who watch . Man must learn that despite deceptive appearances, he is constantly watched by celestial beings. God wants to make this example a lesson for human beings until the end of the world. By citing those who watch , he reveals the perfect collective unity of the angels of God's camp which associates them in his projects and his actions.

17b- so that the living may know that the Most High has dominion over the kingdom of men, that he gives it to whomever he pleases

 God directs everything and controls everything. Often, forgetting this hidden reality, man believes himself to be master of his destiny and his decisions. He thinks he chooses his leaders, but it is God who puts them in office, according to his good will and his judgment on things and beings.

17c-  and that he raises there the vilest of men

 The saying is true: “people have the leaders they deserve”. When the people deserve a vile man as leader, God imposes it on them.

Dan 4:18 This is the dream that I, King Nebuchadnezzar, dreamed. You, Belteshazzar, give the explanation, since all the wise men of my kingdom cannot give it to me; you can, because you have within you the spirit of the holy gods.

18a-  Nebuchadnezzar is making progress, but he is still not converted. He still remembered that Daniel serves holy gods . Monotheism is not yet understood by him.             

Dan 4:19 Then Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, was stunned for a moment, and his thoughts troubled him. The king answered and said, Belteshazzar, let not the dream and the explanation trouble thee; And Belteshazzar answered: My lord, let the dream be to your enemies, and its explanation to your adversaries!

19a-  Daniel understands the dream and what is going to happen is so terrible for the king that Daniel would prefer to see the thing accomplished on his enemies.

Dan 4:20 The tree which you saw, which grew great and strong, whose top reached to the heavens, and which was seen in every part of the earth;

Dan 4:21 This tree, whose foliage was beautiful and its fruit abundant, which bore food for all, under which the beasts of the field sheltered, and among whose branches the birds of the air made their home,

21a-  the foliage was beautiful

 Physical appearance and clothing.

21b-  and abundant fruits

 The abundance of prosperity.

21c-  who carried food for all

 Who ensured the food sustenance of all his people.

21d-  under which the beasts of the field sheltered

 The king protector of his servants.

21st-  and among whose branches the birds of the air made their home

 Under his rule, his people lived in great security. The birds fly away and leave the tree at the slightest danger.

Dan 4:22 It is you, O king, who have become great and strong, whose greatness is increased and exalted to the heavens, and whose dominion extends to the ends of the earth .

Dan 4:23 And the king saw one of the holy watchers come down from heaven, saying, Cut down the tree, and destroy it; but leave the trunk in the ground where the roots are, and bind it with chains of iron and brass, among the grass of the field; let him be drenched with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts of the field, until seven times be passed upon him.

Dan 4:24 This is the explanation, O king, this is the decree of the Most High, which will be fulfilled on my lord the king.

Dan 4:25 They will cast you out from among men, and you will dwell with the beasts of the field, and they will give you grass to eat like oxen; you will be drenched with the dew of heaven, and seven times will pass over you, until you know that the Most High rules over the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he pleases.

25a-  until you know that the Most High rules over the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he pleases.

 Daniel mentions God as “the Most High”. He thus directs the king's thoughts on the existence of the one God; an idea that the king has great difficulty understanding, due to these polytheistic origins inherited from father to son.

Dan 4:26 The command to leave the trunk where the roots of the tree are means that your kingdom will remain with you when you recognize that He who rules is in heaven.

26a-  When he recognizes that the one who rules is in heaven, the experience of humiliation will cease because the king will be convinced and converted.

Dan 4:27 Therefore, O king, may my counsel please you. Put an end to your sins by practicing justice, and to your iniquities by showing compassion towards the unfortunate, and your happiness may continue.

27a-  When the king puts into practice the things that Daniel lists in this verse, he will truly be converted. But this character is given over to pride, his uncontested power has made him capricious and often unjust, as previous revealed experiences have taught us.

Dan 4:28  All these things were accomplished on King Nebuchadnezzar .

28a-  This declaration by Daniel prohibits any other interpretation of this prophecy, which condemns to nullity the prophetic bases taught by Jehovah's Witnesses and any other religious group which contravenes the rule defined by Daniel. Moreover, the content of the entire chapter provides proof of this. Because the story will teach us why the king is hit by a curse in the prophecy of the tree.

Dan 4:29 At the end of twelve months, as he was walking in the royal palace in Babylon,

29a-  12 months, or a year or “ a time ” passes between the vision and its accomplishment.             

Dan 4:30 the king answered and said, Is not this Babylon the great, which I have built for a royal habitation by the power of my might, and for the glory of my magnificence?

30a-  This is the fateful moment when the king would have done better to remain silent. But we can understand it because his Babylon was truly a pure marvel still listed as one of the “seven wonders of the world”. Hanging gardens lush with greenery, ponds, spacious squares and ramparts on a square of 40 km on each side. Ramparts on the top of which two tanks could pass each other along the entire length of the ramparts; the highway of the time. One of its gates, reconstructed in Berlin, is in the center of two walls made up of blue enameled stones on which the king's emblem is engraved: a lion with eagle's wings that Dan.7:4 mentions. He had something to be proud of. But God does not see pride in his words, he sees pride but above all forgetfulness and contempt for his previous experiences. Certainly, this king is not the only proud being on earth, but God has set his sights on him, he wants him in his heaven and he will have him. This deserves explanation: God judges his creatures beyond appearances. He searches their hearts and their minds, and recognizes, without ever being mistaken, the sheep worthy of salvation. This leads him to insist and sometimes work miracles but the method is justified by the quality of the final result obtained.

Dan 4:31 While the word was still in the king's mouth, a voice came down from heaven: Hear, King Nebuchadnezzar, that the kingdom is going to be taken away from you.

31a-  Nebuchadnezzar is a victim of the love of God who set a trap for him and warned him of it in his prophetic dream. The sentence from heaven can be heard, but let us rejoice because the evil that God will do to him will save his life and make it eternal.

Dan 4:32 They will cast you out from among men, you will dwell with the beasts of the field, and they will give you grass to eat like oxen; and seven times will pass over you, until you know that the Most High rules over the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he pleases.

32a-  For seven years, seven times , the king loses his lucidity and his mind convinces him of being only an animal.

Dan 4:33 At the same time the word was fulfilled on Nebuchadnezzar. He was cast out from among men, he ate grass like oxen, his body was drenched with the dew of heaven; until her hair grew like the feathers of eagles, and her nails like those of birds.

33a-  The king testifies that everything that had been announced in the vision was well accomplished on him. In writing his testimony, the converted king evokes this humiliating experience, speaking of himself in the third person. Shame still pushes him to step back. Another explanation remains possible, which is that this testimony was written together by the king and Daniel, his new brother in the true God.

Dan 4:34 After the appointed time, I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up my eyes toward heaven, and reason returned to me. I have blessed the Most High, I have praised and glorified him who lives forever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and whose kingdom endures from generation to generation.

34a-  The wise and almighty God obtains the love of the lost sheep. She has joined his flock, and multiplies her praises for his glory.

34b-  he whose dominion is an eternal dominion, and whose reign endures from generation to generation

 The formula concerns the 5th kingdom , this time, eternal, of the vision of the Son of man of Dan.7:14: To him were given dominion, glory and kingdom; and all peoples, nations, and men of every language served him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and his kingdom shall never be destroyed . And also in the vision of the image in Dan.2:44: In the days of these kings the God of heaven will raise up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, nor will it pass under the dominion of another people; he will break and destroy all these kingdoms, and he himself will endure forever .

Dan 4:35 All that dwell on the earth are nothing in his sight: he doeth as he pleaseth with the host of heaven, and with them that dwell on the earth: and there is none that can withstand his hand. and who says to him: What are you doing?

35a-  Glory to the living God! Because this time the king understood everything and he was converted.

Dan 4:36 At that time sanity returned to me; the glory of my kingdom, my magnificence and my splendor were restored to me; my advisors and my elders asked me again; I was restored to my kingdom, and my power only increased.

36a-  Like the just and upright Job, to whom God gave sons, daughters and posterity at the end of his ordeal, the king regains the confidence of his great ones and resumes his now wise reign among the true wise men enlightened by the living God . This experience proves that God gives the kingdom to whomever he wants. It was he who inspired the great Chaldeans to ask for their king again.

Dan 4:37 Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, whose works are all true and whose ways are righteous, and who is able to humble those who walk in pride.

37a-  He can say it, because he paid to be able to say it.

 To avoid the worst, pulling out a tooth can hurt a lot; but the stakes can justify the suffering. To gain eternity, it may be necessary to go through hard or very hard trials; the uprooting of pride will justify them when it is possible. Knowing his potential, Jesus Christ made Paul blind on the road to Damascus, so that the spiritually blind “persecutor of his brothers” would become his faithful and zealous witness after having regained the sight of his eyes, but above all, the sight of his spirit.

Daniel 5



Dan 5:1 King Belshazzar gave a great feast to his nobles, a thousand in number, and he drank wine in their presence.

1a-  King Nebuchadnezzar fell asleep in the peace of God when he was quite old and his son Nabonidus succeeded him, reluctant to govern, so he let his son Belshazzar reign in his place. Do not confuse this name which means “Bel protects the king”, a challenge that God intends to take up, with the one that Nebuchadnezzar gave to Daniel: Belteshazzar which means “Bel will protect”. At the origin of these names is the worship of Bel or Bélial behind whom is the sole organizer of polytheism: Satan, the devil. As we will see, the successors of the converted king did not follow him on this path.

Dan 5:2 Belshazzar, when he had tasted the wine, brought the vessels of gold and silver that his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple in Jerusalem, so that the king and his nobles, his wives and his concubines, They were used for drinking.

2a-  For this pagan king, these vessels of gold and silver are only spoils taken from the Jews. Having chosen to ignore the true God to whom Nebuchadnezzar had converted, he ignores the fact that this living God judges all his actions. By using for a base and profane use these things consecrated and sanctified in the service of the creator God, he commits the last error of his short life. In his time, Nebuchadnezzar knew how to take into account the active power of the God of the Jews because he understood that his national gods in truth did not exist. All the peoples subject to the king of Babylon had heard his powerful testimony in favor of the King of heaven, especially his immediate family. God therefore has every reason to now show himself to be just and merciless.

Dan 5:3 Then they brought the vessels of gold which were taken out of the temple, out of the house of God in Jerusalem; and the king and his nobles, his wives and his concubines, used it to drink.

3a-  Daniel insists on the origin of these vessels which were removed from the temple, from the house of God in Jerusalem. Already, seeing that the Jewish God allowed these things to be removed from his temple, the young king should have understood that the true God punishes and severely chastises those who serve him badly. Pagan gods do not do such things and their officiants only seek to please men whose credulity they exploit.

Dan 5:4 They drank wine, and praised the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone.

4a-  Profane use is outdated, it is idolatrous use, the height of abomination for God. Important detail, in a great display of carelessness, the king feasts with his friends, while his city is threatened by the Medes and Persians who are besieging it.

Dan 5:5 At that moment there appeared the fingers of a man's hand, and they wrote opposite the candlestick on the limestone of the wall of the royal palace. The king saw this end of the hand which was writing.

5a-  The miracles of the time of Nebuchadnezzar having been despised, this new miracle does not aim to convert, but to destroy the lives of the guilty as we will see. In front of evil accusers who wanted the death of a sinner, Jesus Christ will also write in the sand with his finger the sins they commit in secret.

Dan 5:6 Then the king changed his color, and his thoughts troubled him; the joints of his back relaxed, and his knees knocked against each other.

6a-  The miracle immediately produces its effects. Despite the intoxication, his mind reacts, he is terrified.

Dan 5:7 And the king cried out loudly for the astrologers, the Chaldeans, and the diviners; and the king answered and said to the wise men of Babylon, Whosoever shall read this scripture, and give me the explanation thereof, shall be clothed in purple, and shall wear a necklace of gold upon his neck, and shall have third place in the government of the kingdom. .

7a-  Once again, Daniel is ignored; his testimonies were scorned by the royal succession. And again, in extreme anguish, the young king promises the highest honors to the one who proves capable of deciphering the message written on the wall in a supernatural way. Whoever does this will get third place in the kingdom because Nabonidus and Belshazzar occupy first and second place.

Dan 5:8 All the wise men of the king came in; but they could not read the writing and give the king the explanation.

8a-  As under Nebuchadnezzar, this remains impossible for pagan wise men.

Dan 5:9 Whereupon king Belshazzar was greatly afraid, and changed his color, and his nobles were dismayed.

Dan 5:10 And the queen, because of the words of the king and his nobles, entered into the banquet hall, and spake thus: O king, live forever. May not your thoughts trouble you, and may not your face change color!

Dan 5:11 There is a man in your kingdom who has the spirit of the holy gods in him; and in the days of your father there were found in him lights, understanding, and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods. Also King Nebuchadnezzar, your father, the king, your father, made him leader of the magicians, of the astrologers, of the Chaldeans, of the diviners,

Dan 5:12 because in him, Daniel, named by king Belteshazzar, was found a superior spirit, knowledge and understanding, the ability to interpret dreams, to explain riddles, and to solve difficult questions. Therefore let Daniel be called, and he will give the explanation.

12a-  This testimony from the queen is confusing and it condemns the entire royal family: we knew that... but we chose not to take it into account.

Dan 5:13 Then Daniel was brought before the king. The king answered and said to Daniel, Are you this Daniel, one of the captives of Judah, whom my father the king brought out of Judah?

Dan 5:14 I have heard of you that you have the spirit of the gods within you, and that in you there is light, understanding, and extraordinary wisdom.

Dan 5:15 They have just brought before me the wise men and the astrologers, that they may read this writing and give me the explanation; but they could not give the explanation of the words.

Dan 5:16 I have learned that you can give explanations and resolve difficult questions; now, if you can read this scripture and give me the explanation, you will be clothed in purple, you will wear a necklace of gold on your neck, and you will have the third place in the government of the kingdom.

16a-  Third place after Nabonidus his father and himself.

Dan 5:17 Daniel answered in the presence of the king, Keep your gifts, and give your gifts to another; nevertheless I will read the writing to the king, and I will give him the explanation.

17a-  Daniel is old and does not give importance to honors or to goods and values of silver and gold, but the opportunity to remind this young king of his faults, his sins that he will have to pay for his life, does not refuse and he is the servant of God for this type of action.

Dan 5:18 O king, the supreme God gave to Nebuchadnezzar your father dominion, greatness, glory and magnificence;

18a-  The reign of Nebuchadnezzar had been the work and gift of the true God, as was his magnificence which he had attributed, wrongly, to his own strength , out of pride, before being stupid by God for seven years .

Dan 5:19 and because of the greatness which he had given him, all the peoples, the nations, the men of all languages feared and trembled before him. The king killed those he wanted, and he allowed those he wanted to live; he raised those he wanted, and he lowered those he wanted.

19a-  The king put to death those he wanted

 In particular, this God-given power led him to punish the rebellious Jewish people and put many of their representatives to death.

19b-  and he left the lives of those he wanted

 Daniel and the captive Jews benefited.

19c-  he raised those he wanted

 Daniel and his three faithful companions were raised above the Chaldeans by King Nebuchadnezzar.

19d-  and he lowered those he wanted

 The greats of his kingdom had to consent to be governed by young strangers from Jewish captivity. By his mighty hand Jewish national pride was humbled and destroyed.

Dan 5:20 But when his heart was lifted up and his spirit hardened to arrogance, he was cast down from his royal throne and stripped of his glory;

20a-  The experience of King Nebuchadnezzar allows us to understand the arrogance attributed to the papal king of Dan.7:8. Daniel demonstrates to the king that absolute power is given by God to whomever he pleases, according to his program. But, in recalling the abasement of King Nebuchadnezzar, he reminds him that however powerful he may be, an earthly king depends on the unlimited power of the heavenly king.

Dan 5:21 He was cast out from among the children of men, and his heart became like the heart of beasts, and his dwelling place was with wild asses; they gave him grass to eat like oxen, and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven, until he recognized that the supreme God rules over the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he likes him.

21a-  I note, in this verse alone, the mention “ wild donkeys ”. The donkey is a typical symbol of stubbornness: “stubborn like a donkey”, especially if it is “wild” and not domesticated. It is the symbol that represents the spirit of man who refuses to hear the lessons given by God through the experiences of his life and through his biblical revelations.

Dan 5:22 And you, Belshazzar his son, have not humbled your heart, although you knew all these things.

22a-  In fact, it was Belshazzar who behaved like a “wild donkey” by taking no account of the experience lived by his “father” (his grandfather).

Dan 5:23 You have exalted yourself against the Lord of heaven; the vessels of his house have been brought before you, and you have used them to drink wine, you and your elders, your wives and your concubines; you have praised the gods of silver, gold, brass, iron, wood, and stone, who see not, and hear not, and know nothing, and have not glorified the God who has in his hand your breath and all your ways.

23a-  Belshazzar desecrated the golden vessels that were sanctified for the creator God for the religious service of his temple. But by using them to praise the false pagan gods, he has accomplished the height of abomination . This image prepares that of Rev.17:4: This woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. She held in her hand a golden cup, filled with abominations and the impurities of her prostitution . She receives the name “ Babylon the great ” in verse 5.

Dan 5:24 Therefore he sent this end of the hand which traced this writing.

24a-  In turn, Belshazzar discovers too late the existence of the true living God who acts and reacts in a miraculous way to the behavior of men.

Dan 5:25 This is the writing that was written: minnow, minnow, tekel, oupharsin.

25a-  Translation: counted, counted, weighed and divided

Dan 5:26 And this is the explanation of these words. Numbered: God has numbered your kingdom, and has put an end to it.

26a-  The first “ counted ” targets the beginning of the reign, and the second “ counted ”, the end of this reign.

Dan 5:27 Weighed: You have been weighed in the balance, and you have been found wanting.

27a-  The scale is here the symbol of divine judgment. Men have adopted it to designate the services of justice; a very imperfect justice. But God's is perfect and based on the image of a double scale, he weighs the actions of good and evil that the being judged has accomplished . If the plateau of good is lighter than that of evil, divine condemnation is justified. And this is the case with King Belshazzar.

Dan 5:28 Divided: Your kingdom will be divided, and given to the Medes and the Persians.

28a-  While he was indulging in abominable drinking bouts in his royal palace, led by King Darius, the Medes entered Babylon by the river bed, temporarily diverted and dried up.

Dan 5:29 And Belshazzar immediately gave orders, and they clothed Daniel in purple, and put a gold necklace around his neck, and it was announced that he would be third in the government of the kingdom.

Dan 5:30 That same night Belshazzar king of the Chaldeans was killed.

Dan 5:31 And Darius the Mede took possession of the kingdom, being sixty-two years old.

31a-  This precise eyewitness testimony of Daniel is not recognized by historians who attribute this action to the Persian king Cyrus 2 the great in – 539.






























Daniel 6


 The teaching of this chapter 6 is identical to that of Daniel 3. It presents to us, this time, Daniel in a test of model fidelity , to imitate and reproduce for all the elect called by God in Jesus Christ. Comments are helpful, but just read and learn the lesson. King Darius acts like Nebuchadnezzar in his time and, in his turn, aged 62 , he will confess the glory of the living God of Daniel; a conversion obtained by Daniel's testimony of faithfulness when God protected him from the lions . From the beginning of their relationship, he has affection and interest in Daniel who serves him faithfully and honestly and in whom he discerns a superior mind .


Dan 6:1 It was good for Darius to set over the kingdom one hundred and twenty satraps, who should be throughout the whole kingdom.

1a-  King Darius reveals his wisdom by entrusting the governance of the kingdom to 120 governors established over 120 provinces.

Dan 6:2 And he appointed three chiefs over them, among whom was Daniel, that these satraps might give account unto them, and that the king might not suffer any harm.

2a-  Daniel is still among the main leaders who supervise the satraps.

Dan 6:3 Daniel excelled the princes and the satraps, because there was a superior spirit in him; and the king thought of establishing it throughout the kingdom.

3a-  Darius, in turn, notices Daniel's superiority in terms of his intelligent and wise mind. And his plan to establish him above all will arouse jealousy and hatred against Daniel.

Dan 6:4 Then the rulers and the satraps sought an opportunity to accuse Daniel concerning the affairs of the kingdom. But they could find no occasion, nor anything to rebuke, because he was faithful, and neither fault nor anything bad was seen in him.

4a-  Daniel serves God where he places him, so that he serves the king with the same dedication and faithfulness. It thus appears irreprehensible ; a criterion found among “Latter-day Adventist” Saints according to Rev.14:5.

Dan 6:5 And these men said, We will find no occasion against this Daniel, except we find one in the law of his God.

5a-  These reasonings reveal the thinking of the diabolical camp of the last earthly test of faith in which, the sabbatical rest of the seventh day of the law of God will allow the killing of its faithful servants, since they will not consent to honor the rest of the first day made obligatory, Sunday under Roman religious law.             

Dan 6:6 Then these princes and these satraps came to the king in tumult, and spoke to him thus: King Darius, live forever!

6a-  This tumultuous entry aims to remind the king of the strength of numbers, its capacity to create disturbances, and therefore the need for him to strengthen his domination.             

Dan 6:7 All the princes of the kingdom, the stewards, the satraps, the counselors, and the governors are of opinion that there should be issued a royal edict, with a severe prohibition, that anyone within thirty days, who prays to any god or to any man, except you, O king, will be thrown into the den of lions.

7a-  Until then, King Darius did not seek to force the men of his kingdom to serve one god rather than another. In polytheism, religious freedom is complete. And to convince him, the plotters flatter him, honoring him, King Darius, as a god. Here again, as with all great rulers, pride awakens and makes him approve of this order which, however, did not come from his mind.

Dan 6:8 Now, O king, confirm the prohibition, and write the decree, that it may be irrevocable, according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which is immutable.

8a-  This decree admirably prophesies the one who will make Roman Sunday obligatory at the end of days. But let us note that this immutable character of the law of the Medes and Persians established by fallible and sinful men is totally unjustified. Immutability belongs to the true and living God, the Creator.

Dan 6:9 Thereupon King Darius wrote the decree and the decree.

9a-  This step is essential, because having himself written the decree and the defense , the immutable law of the Medes and Persians will have to be respected.

Dan 6:10 When Daniel knew that the decree was written, he withdrew into his house, where the windows of the upper room were open towards Jerusalem; and three times a day he knelt down, he prayed, and he praised his God, as he did before.

10a-  Daniel does not change his behavior, and does not allow himself to be influenced by this human measure. By opening his window, he shows that he wants his loyalty to Almighty God to be known to all. At this time, Daniel turns in the direction of Jerusalem where even destroyed, the temple of God is located. For the Spirit God manifested himself for a long time in this holy temple which he had made his home, his earthly habitation.

Dan 6:11 Then these men entered in a tumultuous manner, and found Daniel praying and calling upon his God.

11a-  The plotters lay in wait and watched him to catch him in the act of disobedience to the royal decree ; currently a “flagrant delicto”.

Dan 6:12 And they stood before the king, and said unto him concerning the royal defense, Have you not written a defense that whosoever within thirty days should pray to any god or to any would any man, except you, O king, be thrown into the lions' den? The king replied: The thing is certain, according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which is immutable.

12a-  The king can only confirm the decree that he himself wrote and signed.

Dan 6:13 And they spoke again, and said unto the king, Daniel, one of the captives of Judah, hath not heeded thee, O king, nor the defense which thou hast written; prayer three times a day.

13a-  Caught in the act, in the action of his prayer, Daniel is denounced. The king appreciates Daniel for his faithful and honest behavior. He will immediately make the link between himself and this God whom he serves with so much zeal and fidelity since he prays to him regularly three times a day . This explains the pain and affliction that Daniel's condemnation will cause him and the beginning of his coming conversion.

Dan 6:14 The king was greatly distressed when he heard this; he took it to heart to deliver Daniel, and until sunset he strove to save him.

14a-  The king then realizes that he has been manipulated and he goes to great lengths to save Daniel, whom he greatly appreciates. But his efforts will be in vain and the king sadly discovers before all that: the letter kills, but the spirit gives life . By later giving men this expression, God shows the limit of respect for the laws. Life cannot be regulated on letters of texts of law. In his divine judgment, God takes into account details that the dead letter of his written law ignores and men without God do not have the wisdom to do the same.

Dan 6:15 But these men insisted upon the king, and said unto him, Know, O king, that the law of the Medes and of the Persians requires that every prohibition or decree confirmed by the king be irrevocable.

15a-  The plotters recall the irrevocable (unjustified) nature of the decisions taken by the king of the Medes and the Persians. He himself is trapped by his inherited culture. But he understands that he was the victim of a plot against Daniel.

Dan 6:16 Then the king ordered Daniel to be brought and thrown into the lions' den. The king answered and said to Daniel, May your God, whom you serve with patience, deliver you!

16a-  The king is forced to have Daniel thrown into the lions' den, but he wishes with all his heart that the God he serves so faithfully would intervene to save him.

Dan 6:17 They brought a stone and put it on the opening of the pit; the king sealed it with his ring and with the ring of his nobles, so that nothing would be changed with regard to Daniel.

17a-  Here, the experience lived by Daniel presents similarities with the burial of Christ, the circular stone door of which was also sealed to prevent human intervention.

Dan 6:18 Then the king went to his palace; he spent the night fasting, he did not bring a concubine to him, and he could not fall asleep.

18a-  This behavior of the king testifies to his sincerity. By doing these things, he shows that he wants to please the God of Daniel and obtain his salvation from him. This is the beginning of his conversion to the one God.

Dan 6:19 The king rose up at daybreak, and went with haste to the lions' den.

19a-  A preparation of purity followed by a sleepless night because of his mind tormented by the thought of Daniel's death and this rush towards the lions' den at dawn are not the actions practiced by a pagan king but those of a brother who loves his brother in God.

Dan 6:20 As he came near the pit, he called to Daniel in a sad voice. The king answered and said to Daniel, Could Daniel, servant of the living God, your God, whom you serve with patience, deliver you from the lions?

20a-  As he approached the pit, he called to Daniel in a sad voice

 The king hopes but he fears and fears the worst for Daniel. However, his hope is demonstrated by the fact that he calls her and asks her a question.

20b- Was  Daniel, servant of the living God, your God, whom you serve with patience, able to deliver you from the lions?

 By designating him as “ living God ”, Darius testifies to the beginning of his conversion. However, his question “ was he able to deliver you from the lions? » shows us that he doesn't know him yet. Otherwise he would have said “ did he want to deliver you from the lions?” » .

Dan 6:21 And Daniel said to the king, King, live forever!

21a-  In the mouths of the plotters, in verse 6, the expression had little meaning, but in that of Daniel, it prophesied access to eternal life reserved for God's elect.

Dan 6:22 My God sent his angel and stopped the mouths of the lions, who did me no harm, because I was found innocent before him; and neither before you, O king, have I done anything evil.

22a-  In this experience, King Darius realizes how stupid, unjustified and disapproved of the immutable conception of human royal decrees is by the true Living God whom Daniel serves without hiding.

Dan 6:23 Then the king was very glad, and ordered Daniel to be brought out of the pit. Daniel was taken out of the pit, and no wound was found on him, because he trusted in his God.

23a-  Then the king was very joyful

 This reaction of natural and spontaneous joy reveals a future chosen by God because the king now has the certainty of his existence and his power.

23b-  Daniel was taken out of the pit, and no wound was found on him

 Just as the clothes of Daniel's three companions thrown into the superheated furnace were not burned.

23c-  because he had trusted in his God

 This confidence was revealed in his decision not to obey the royal decree which would have deprived God of his prayers; an impossible and inconceivable choice for this purely human model of faith.

Dan 6:24 The king ordered that those men who had accused Daniel should be brought and thrown into the lions' den, they and their children and their wives; and before they reached the bottom of the pit, the lions seized them and broke all their bones.

24a-  God turned the situation against the wicked who planned evil. During the time of the Persian kings who will come, the experience will be renewed for the Jew Mordecai whom the leader Haman will want to put to death with his people in the time of Queen Esther. There too, it is Haman who will end up hanged on the gallows set up for Mordecai.

Dan 6:25 And after this King Darius wrote unto all people, and to all nations, and to all tongues, that dwell in all the earth, Peace be to you in abundance.

25a-  This new writing from the king is that of a man conquered by the living God. Being now at perfect peace in his heart, he uses his dominant position to speak to all the people of his kingdom, the testimony of his peace which he received from the true God.

Dan 6:26 I command that throughout all my kingdom there should be fear and fear of the God of Daniel. For he is the living God, and endures forever; his kingdom will never be destroyed, and his dominion will last until the end.

26a-  I command that throughout the extent of my kingdom

The king orders but he does not force anyone.

26b-  fear and fear for the God of Daniel

But enriched by this experience, he imposes the fear and fear of the God of Daniel in order to dissuade the authors of a new plot fomented against Daniel.

26c-  For he is the living God, and he endures forever

He hopes that this testimony will be received in the hearts of the people of the kingdom, and to do so he praises and exalts it.

26d-  his kingdom will never be destroyed, and his dominion will last until the end

The eternal character of the 5th kingdom of the statue is once again proclaimed.

Dan 6:27 It is he who delivers and saves, who works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth. It was he who delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.

27a-  It is he who delivers and who saves

 The king testifies to what he has observed but this deliverance and this salvation only concern the physical body, the life of Daniel. We will have to wait for the coming of Jesus Christ to understand God's desire to deliver and save from sin. But let us point out that the king naturally felt the need to purify himself in order to please the living God.

27b-  who works signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth

 The book of Daniel testifies to these signs and wonders, supernatural actions that God performed, but be careful, the devil and his demons can also counterfeit certain divine miracles. To identify between the two possible origins, it is enough to understand who benefits from the delivered message. Does it lead to obedience to the creator God, or to his disobedience?

Dan 6:28 Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian.

28a-  We understand, Daniel will not return to his national native land, but the lessons that God taught him in Dan.9 will have made him accept without suffering this fate decided by his God.












Daniel 7


Dan 7:1 : In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel dreamed and saw visions while he was lying. Then he wrote down the dream, and related the main things.

1a-  The first year of Belshazzar, king of Babylon

 That is to say in – 605. Since the vision of Dan.2, 50 years have passed. Death, the great king Nebuchadnezzar is replaced by his grandson Belshazzar.

Dan 7:2 : Daniel began and said, I looked in my night vision, and, behold, the four winds of heaven burst upon the great sea.

2a-  the four winds of heaven broke in

 These are the universal wars which lead dominators to extend their power in the direction of the four cardinal points , towards the North, the South, the East and the West.

2b-   on the great sea

 The image is not flattering for humanity, because the sea, even large, is a symbol of death. It is not, in God's project, the environment prepared for man made in his image, according to Gen.1. Its environment is the earth. But humanity has lost, since original sin, through its disobedience, its divine image and it is no longer in its pure and holy eyes than impure and voracious marine animals which devour each other under the inspirations of the devil. and demons. In this vision, the sea symbolizes the anonymous mass of human beings.

 Furthermore, the area covered by the prophecy concerns peoples connected by their coastal aspects bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The sea therefore plays a large role in the warlike actions of the dominators' conquests.

Dan 7:3 And four great beasts came out of the sea, different ones from each other.

3a-  And four great animals came out of the sea

We find in a new vision the teaching given in Daniel 2, but there, animals replace the body parts of the statue .

3b-  different l e s from each other

 Like the materials of the statue of Dan.2.

Dan 7:4 The first was like a lion , and had the wings of eagles; I watched until his wings were torn off; he was taken up from the earth and made to stand on his feet like a man, and the heart of a man was given to him.

4a-  The first was like a lion , and had eagles' wings

Here the golden head of the Chaldean king of Dan.2 becomes a lion with eagles' wings ; emblem engraved on the blue stones of Babylon, the pride of King Nebuchadnezzar in Dan.4.

4b-  I looked, until his wings were torn off

The prophecy refers to the seven years or seven times during which King Nebuchadnezzar was made stupid by God. During these 7 years ( seven times ) of humiliation prophesied in Dan.4:16, his human heart was removed, replaced by the heart of a beast.

4c-  he was taken up from the earth and made to stand on his feet like a man, and the heart of a man was given to him.

  His conversion to the creator God is here confirmed. His experience allows us to understand that, for God, man is man only when his heart bears the image of that of God. He will reveal it in his incarnation in Jesus Christ the perfect divine model of love and obedience.

Dan 7:5 And, behold, a second beast was like a bear , and stood on one side; he had three ribs in his mouth between his teeth, and they said to him: Get up, eat a lot of flesh.

5a-  And behold, a second beast was like a bear , and stood on one side

 After the Chaldean king, the silver chest and arms of the Medes and Persians become a bear . The precision “ which stood on one side ” illustrates the Persian domination which appeared second after the Mede domination, but its conquests obtained by King Cyrus 2 the Persian gave it much greater power than that of the Medes.

5b-  he had three ribs in his mouth between his teeth, and they said to him: Get up, eat a lot of flesh

The Persians will dominate the Medes and conquer three countries: Lydia of the rich king Croesus in – 546, Babylonia in – 539, and Egypt in – 525.

Dan 7:6 After this I looked, and, behold, another was like a leopard , and had four wings on his back like a bird; this animal had four heads, and dominion was given to it.

6a-  After this I looked, and behold, another was like a leopard

Idem, the brazen belly and thighs of the Greek rulers become a leopard with four bird's wings ; The Greek leopard 's spots make it a symbol of sin .

6b-  and had four wings on his back like a bird

The four bird wings associated with the leopard illustrate and confirm the extreme speed of the conquests of its young king Alexander the Great (between -336 and -323).

6c-  this animal had four heads, and dominion was given to it

 Here, “ four heads ” but in Dan.8 it will be “ four great horns ” which designate the Greek rulers, successors of Alexander the Great: Seleucus, Ptolemy, Lysimachus, and Cassander.

Dan 7:7 After this I looked in my night visions, and, behold, there was a fourth beast, terrible , terrible, and exceedingly strong; he had large iron teeth, he ate, broke, and trampled underfoot what was left; it was different from all previous animals, and it had ten horns.

7a-  After this, I looked in my night visions, and behold, there was a fourth beast, terrible , terrible and extraordinarily strong

Here again, the iron legs of the Roman Empire become a monster with iron teeth and ten horns . Because according to Rev.13:2, it alone bears the criteria of the 3 previous empires: Strength of the lion , confirmed in this verse where it is specified: extraordinarily strong ; the power of the bear , and the speed of the leopard with the inheritance of his sin symbolized by his stains.

7b-  he had large iron teeth, he ate, broke, and trampled underfoot what was left;

 These details attribute to him carnage and massacres carried out by the symbol of Roman iron which will continue until the end of the world, by his papal domination.

7c-  it was different from all previous animals, and it had ten horns.

The ten horns represent the Franks, the Lombards, the Alemanni, the Anglo-Saxons, the Visigoths, the Burgundians, the Suevi, the Heruli, the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths. These are the ten Christian kingdoms which will be formed after the collapse of the Roman Empire from 395, according to the explanations given by the angel to Daniel in verse 24.

Dan 7:8 And I considered the horns, and, behold, another little horn came out from among them, and three of the first horns were plucked out before that horn; and, behold, she had eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth, which spoke arrogantly.

8a-  I looked at the horns, and behold, another little horn came out from among them

The little horn comes out of one of the ten horns, which designates the Italy of the Ostrogoths where the city of Rome is located and the so-called papal "holy see", at the Lateran Palace on Mount Caelius; Latin name meaning: the sky.

8b-  and three of the first horns were torn off in front of this horn

The torn off horns are chronologically: the three kings lowered from verse 24, namely, the Heruli between 493 and 510, then successively, the Vandals in 533, and the Ostrogoths in 538 who were chased from Rome by general Belisarius on the orders of Justinian 1st, and definitively defeated at Ravenna in 540 . Because we must note the consequence of the expression before this horn . This means that the Horn has no personal military power and benefits from the armed force of monarchs who fear it and its religious power and thus prefer to support and obey it. This reasoning will be confirmed in Dan.8:24 where we will read: his power will increase, but not by his own strength and verse 25 will specify: because of his prosperity and the success of his tricks, he will have arrogance in the heart . It is thus demonstrated that the truth receives confirmation only by grouping together similar messages scattered in the different chapters of the book of Daniel and more broadly of the entire Bible. Separated, the chapters of the book “seal” the prophecy and its messages, the most subtle and most important remain inaccessible.

8c-  and behold, she had eyes like the eyes of a man

In Rev.9, the Spirit precedes his descriptions with the term like . In this way, it suggests a resemblance of appearance which is not a reality. Here, likewise, we must note the resemblance with man incarnate in his perfection in Jesus Christ, but he only has the pretension of it. But there is more, because the “ eyes ” are symbolic of the clairvoyance of the prophets of which Jesus is also the perfect model. And the Spirit alludes to the prophetic pretension of the papacy which will eventually establish its official headquarters in the city of the Vatican, a word which means: to prophesy, from the Latin “vaticinare”. The thing will be confirmed in Rev.2:20, when the Spirit compares this Roman Catholic church to the Jezebel who had the prophets of YaHWéH killed, the foreign woman worshiping the Baals, married by King Ahab. The comparison is justified because popery causes the true prophets of God in Christ to die at the stakes of the inquisition.

8d-  and a mouth, which spoke with arrogance.

In this chapter 7, the divine Filmmaker and Director presents in “zoom” the Christian era which particularly concerns him, the period between the end of the Roman Empire and the glorious return of Christ in Michael, his celestial name with Angels. He announces the coming of an arrogant king, persecutor of the saints of the Most High , which attacks divine religious norms attempting to change times and the law , the ten commandments but also other divine ordinances. The Spirit announces his final punishment; he will be “ consumed by fire because of his arrogant words .” Therefore, the scene of the heavenly judgment of the seventh millennium is immediately presented after the mention of his arrogant words . Before her, King Nebuchadnezzar had also shown arrogance but he humbly accepted the lesson of humiliation that God gave him.


Heavenly Judgment


Dan 7:9 I looked while thrones were being set up. And the Ancient of Days sat down. His garment was white as snow, and the hair on his head was like pure wool; his throne was like flames of fire, and the wheels like blazing fire.

9a-  I looked, while thrones were placed

This scene represents the time of judgment which will be carried out by the redeemed saints of Jesus Christ in his presence, seated on thrones , in heaven according to Rev.4, during the thousand years cited in Rev.20. This judgment prepares the conditions for the final judgment , the execution of which is illustrated in verse 11.

9b-  And the ancient of days sat down.

 It is the deified Christ, the only creator God. The action of the verb sit indicates the cessation of a standing activity, it is the image of rest. The sky is in absolute peace. On earth, the wicked were destroyed at the return of Christ.

9c-  His garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head was like pure wool

 White is the symbol of the perfect purity of God which concerns his entire nature at the level of his clothes , symbols of his works and the hair of his head which is a crown of pure and perfect wisdom free from all sin .

This verse suggests Isa.1:18: Come and let us plead! says YaHWéH. If your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow; if they are red like purple, they will become like wool.

9d-  his throne was like flames of fire,

 The throne designates the place of the great Judge, the judgment of the mind of God. It is placed under the image of the flames of fire which will be the eyes of Christ the justice in Rev.1:14 where we find the descriptions of this verse. The fire destroys, which gives this judgment the purpose of destroying the enemies of God and his elect. Because they are already dead, this judgment concerns the second death which will definitively strike the condemned.

9th-  and the wheels like a blazing fire.

The throne has wheels compared to a blazing fire which will be kindled on the earth: Rev.20:14-15: the second death is the lake of fire . The wheels therefore suggest the movement of judges from heaven to earth for the execution of the verdicts pronounced. The living God, the great Judge, moves and when the earth is renewed and purified, he will move again to install his Royal throne there according to Rev.21:2-3.

Dan 7:10 A river of fire flowed and came out from before him. A thousand thousands served him, and ten thousand millions stood in his presence. The judges sat down, and the books were opened.

10a-  A river of fire flowed and came out from before him

 The purifying fire which will come down from heaven to devour the souls of the fallen dead and then resurrected, according to Rev.20:9: And they went up on the face of the earth, and they surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city . But fire came down from heaven and devoured them .

10b-  A thousand thousands served him

 That is, a million souls, of the elect redeemed from the earth.

10c-  and ten thousand millions stood in his presence

 Ten billion earthly souls called by God are resurrected and summoned before him and his judges to suffer the just divine sentence of the second death , something confirmed in Luke 19:27: And the rest, bring here my enemies , who have not wanted me to reign over them, and kill them in my presence . In this way, the Spirit confirms the words he spoke through Jesus in Matt.22:14: For many are called, but few are chosen . This will be particularly the case in the last days according to Luke 18:8: … But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

10d-  The judges sat down, and the books were opened

 The supreme court will judge on the basis of the testimonies which allowed the judgment and the indictments adapted individually for each condemned soul. His books contain the life of a creature, kept in memory by God, with faithful angels as witnesses, currently invisible to Earthlings.

Dan 7:11 Then I looked, because of the arrogant words which the horn spoke; and as I looked, the animal was killed.

11a-  Then I looked, because of the arrogant words that the horn uttered

Like the words “ because of arrogant words " indicate, this verse wants to show us the cause and effect relationship which defines God's judgment. He does not judge without cause.

11b-  and while I looked, the animal was killed

If the fourth animal representing the succession, Imperial Rome - ten European kingdoms - Papal Rome, is destroyed by fire, it is because of the arrogant oral activity of Papal Rome; activity which will continue until the return of Christ.

11c-  and his body was destroyed , delivered to the fire to be burned

The judgment strikes at the same time the little horn and the ten civil horns which supported it and participated in its sins according to Rev.18:4. The Lake of Fire of the second death will devour and destroy them .

Dan 7:12 The other animals were deprived of their power, but they were given prolongation of life until a certain time.

12a-  The other animals were stripped of their power

Here, as in Rev. 19:20 and 21, the Spirit reveals that a different fate is provided for the ordinary sinners of paganism, being heirs of the original sin passed down from Adam to the human masses throughout earthly history.

12b-  but an extension of life was granted to them until a certain time

 This precision means the advantage of previous empires in not having experienced the end of their domination at the end of the world as is the case for the 4th Roman animal under its last form of Christian universal government at the time of return. of Jesus Christ. The end of the 4th is marked by its complete destruction. After this, the earth will remain formless and empty in the image of the abyss of Gen.1:2.


Jesus Christ, the son of man

Dan 7:13 I looked in the night visions, and, behold, in the clouds of heaven came one like the son of man; he came to the Ancient of Days, and they brought him near to him.

13a-  I looked in my night visions, and behold, on the clouds of heaven came one like a son of man

This appearance of the son of man sheds light on the meaning given to the judgment just mentioned. Judgment belongs to Christ. But in Daniel's time, Jesus had not yet come, so God pictures what he will accomplish through his earthly ministry during his first coming to the earth of men.

13b-  he came to the ancient of days, and they brought him near to him.

After his death, he will resurrect himself, to present his perfect righteousness which was sacrificed as an offering to the offended God, to obtain the forgiveness of his faithful elect, sorted and selected by himself. The picture presented teaches the principle of salvation obtained through faith in God's willing sacrifice in Christ. And it confirms its validity with God.

Dan 7:14 And they gave him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom; and all peoples, nations, and men of every language served him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and his kingdom shall never be destroyed.

14a-  He was given dominion, glory and kingdom

The data of this verse are summarized in these verses of Matt.28:18 to 20 which confirm that the judgment indeed belongs to Jesus Christ: Jesus, having approached, spoke to them thus: All authority has been given to me in heaven and earth . Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the world .

14b-  and all peoples, nations, and men of every language served him

 In absolute terms, it will be on the new earth, the old renewed and glorified after the seventh millennium. But the redeemed will have been selected from all peoples, nations, and languages by the one salvation obtained by Jesus Christ because they served him during their life. In Rev.10:11 and 17:15 this expression refers to Christianized Europe and the Western world. In this group we find the one million saved elect who serve God in verse 10.

14c-  and his reign will never be destroyed

The details cited in Dan.2:44 concerning him are confirmed here: his reign will never be destroyed.

Dan 7:15 As for me, Daniel, my spirit was troubled within me, and the visions of my head terrified me.

15a-  I, Daniel, had a troubled spirit within me

Daniel's trouble is justified, the vision announces a peril for the saints of God.

15b-  and the visions in my head frightened me.

Soon his vision of Michael would have the same effect on him, according to Dan.10:8: I was left alone, and saw this great vision; my strength failed me, my face changed color and was decomposed, and I lost all vigor. Explanation: the son of man and Michael are one and the same divine person . Fear will characterize the reign of Rome, because in these two successive dominations, it will not give the people of holy rulers like Nebuchadnezzar, Darius the Mede and Cyrus 2 the Persian.

Dan 7:16 And I came near to one of them that stood there, and asked him the truth concerning all these things. He told me, and gave me the explanation:

16a-  Here begin the additional explanations given by the angel


Dan 7:17 These four great beasts, these are four kings which will arise from the earth;

17a-  Note that this definition applies as much to the successions revealed in Dan.2 by the image of the statue as here in Dan.7, by that of the animals .

Dan 7:18 But the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom, and they will possess the kingdom forever, from everlasting to everlasting.

18a-  Same comment as for the four successions. Again, the fifth concerns the eternal kingdom of the elect that Christ builds on his victory over sin and death.

Dan 7:19 Then I desired to know the truth about the fourth beast, which was different from all the others, extremely terrible, having teeth of iron and nails of bronze, which ate and broke and trampled underfoot what was remained;

19a-  who had iron teeth

We find here, in the teeth , the iron already symbol of the hardness of the Roman Empire designated by the legs of the statue of Dan.2.

19b-  and nails of brass .

In this additional information, the angel specifies: and nails of brass . The heritage of Greek sin is thus confirmed by this impure material, an alloy which symbolized the Greek empire in the belly and thighs of the statue of Dan.2.

19c-  who ate, broke, and trampled what was left

 Eating , or taking advantage of things conquered, what makes them grow – breaking , forcing and destroying – trampling on , despising and persecuting – These are the actions that the two successive “Romes” and their civil and religious supporters will practice until at the return of Christ. In Rev.12:17: the Spirit designates the last “Adventists” by the word “ remnant ”.

Dan 7:20 And of the ten horns which were on his head, and of the other which came out, and before which three fell, on that horn which had eyes, a mouth speaking arrogantly, and a greater appearance than the others .

20a-  This verse brings a contradictory detail to verse 8. How does the “ little horn ” take here a greater appearance than the others? This is all his difference from the other kings of the ten horns . She is very weak and fragile and yet, through credulity and the fear of God that she claims to represent on earth, she dominates and manipulates them as she pleases, except in rare exceptions.

Dan 7:21 And I saw this horn making war against the saints, and prevailing over them,

21a-  The paradox continues. She claims to embody the highest holiness and God accuses her of persecuting his saints. Only one explanation then: she lies like she breathes. Its success is that of an immense deceptive and devastating lie , very destructive of the path traced by Jesus Christ.

Dan 7:22 until the Ancient of Days came and gave right to the saints of the Most High, and the time came when the saints possessed the kingdom.

22a-  Fortunately, the good news is confirmed. After the dark actions of papal Rome and its civil and religious supporters, the final victory will come to Christ and his elect.


 Verses 23 and 24 specify the order of succession

Dan 7:23 Thus he spoke to me: The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom which shall exist on the earth, different from all kingdoms, and which shall devour the whole earth, and tread it down, and break it in pieces.

23a-  The pagan Roman empire in its imperial form between – 27 and 395.

Dan 7:24 The ten horns are ten kings who will arise from this kingdom. Another will arise after them, different from the first, and will bring down three kings.

24a-  It is thanks to this precision that we can identify these ten horns with the ten Christian kingdoms formed on the western territory of the collapsed and shattered Roman Empire. This territory is that of our current Europe: the EU (or EU).

Dan 7:25 He will speak words against the Most High, and he will oppress the saints of the Most High, and he will hope to change the times and the law; and the saints shall be delivered into his hands for a time, and times, and half a time.

25a-  He will speak words against the Most High

God concentrates in this verse his denunciation of the sins which he attributes to the Roman papal regime and to its predecessor bishops of Rome by whom the evil committed was popularized, justified and taught to the ignorant multitudes. The Spirit lists the accusations starting with the most serious: words against the Most High himself. Paradoxically, popes claim to serve God and represent him on earth. But it is precisely this pretension that constitutes the fault because God in no way approves of this papal pretension. And as a result, everything that Rome falsely teaches about God affects him in person.

25b-  he will oppress the saints of the Most High

The unrighteous persecution of the saints of verse 21 is here recalled and confirmed. Judgments are pronounced by religious tribunals bearing the name of “Holy Inquisition”. Torture is used to force innocent people to admit their guilt.

25c-  and he will hope to change the times and the law

 This accusation gives the reader the opportunity to reestablish the fundamental truths of worship given to the true, living and only God.

The beautiful order established by God was changed by the Roman monks. According to Exodus 12:2, God said to the Hebrews at the exodus from Egypt: This month will be the first of months for you; it will be for you the first month of the year . This is an order, not a simple proposal. And since salvation comes from the Jews according to Jesus Christ, since the Exodus, every being who enters salvation also enters the family of God where his order must reign and be respected. This is the true doctrine of salvation, and has been since the time of the apostles. In Christ, the Israel of God took on a spiritual aspect, it is no less his Israel for which he established his order and his doctrines. According to Rom.11:24, the pagan convert is grafted into the Hebrew root and trunk of Abraham, not the other way around. He is warned by Paul against unbelief which has become fatal for the rebellious Jews of the old covenant and it will be just as fatal for the rebellious Christians of the new; which directly concerns the Roman Catholic faith, and the study of Dan.8 will confirm it, since 1843, Protestant Christians.

 We are only at the beginning of a long prophetic revelation where the divine accusation made in this verse is omnipresent because the consequences are terrible and dramatic. The times changed by Rome concern:

 1 – the sabbatical rest of the 4th commandment of God. The seventh day has been replaced since March 7, 321 by the first day, held as a secular day and start of the week by God. Moreover, this first day was imposed by the Roman Emperor Constantine I when it was dedicated to the adoration of the "venerable unconquered sun", the sun deified by the pagans, already in Egypt, biblical symbol of sin . Daniel 5 showed us how God punishes the outrages done to him, man is thus warned and he knows what awaits him when God judges him as he judged and killed King Belshazzar. The Sabbath sanctified by God from the foundation of the world has the dual characteristics of being about time and divine law, as our verse mentions.

 2 – The beginning of the year, which originally took place in spring, a word which means first time, was changed to take place at the beginning of winter.

3 – According to God, the change of day occurs at sunset, in the order night day, not at midnight, because it is rhythmic and marked by the stars that he created with this intention.

The change in the law goes much deeper than the subject of the Sabbath. Rome did not desecrate the golden vessels of the temple, it authorized itself to change the original text of the words written by God with his finger on the stone tables given to Moses. Things so holy that to touch the ark, in which they were found, was struck by God with immediate death.

25c-  and the saints will be delivered into his hands for a time, times, and half a time

 What does a time mean ? The experience of King Nebuchadnezzar gives us the answer in Dan.4:23: They will drive you out from among men, you will dwell with the beasts of the field, they will give you grass to eat like oxen; and seven times will pass over you , until you know that the Most High rules over the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he pleases. After this hard experience, the king said in verse 34: After the appointed time , I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up my eyes to heaven, and reason returned to me . I have blessed the Most High, I have praised and glorified him who lives forever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and whose kingdom endures from generation to generation . We can deduce that these seven times represent seven years since the duration begins and ends in the course of his life. What God calls time is therefore the time it takes for the earth to complete one complete revolution of the sun. From there many messages emerge. God is symbolized by the sun and when a creature rises in pride, to put it in its place, God says to it: “Circular around my divinity and learn who I am”. For Nebuchadnezzar, seven turns are necessary but effective. Another lesson will concern the duration of the papal reign also prophesied by the term “ time ” in this verse. Comparing with the experience of Nebuchadnezzar, God punishes Christian pride by delivering it to stupidity for a time, times, and half a time of prophetic years. From March 7, 321, pride and ignorance in stupidity made men agree to respect the order which changed a commandment of God; what the humble slave of Christ cannot obey, otherwise he would cut himself off from his savior God.

 This verse leads us to seek the real value and the dates of the beginning and end of this prophesied duration. We will discover that it represents 3 years and six months. In fact, this formula will reappear in Rev.12:14 where it is paralleled with the formula 1260 days from verse 6. The application of the code of Ezé.4:5-6, one day for a year, will make it possible to understand that these are really 1260 long and terrible years, of suffering and death.             

Dan 7:26 Then judgment will come, and his dominion will be taken away from him, and it will be destroyed and destroyed forever.

2a-  Highlights the interest of this precision: the judgment and the end of the domination of the popes occur at the same time. This proves that the judgment mentioned will not begin before the return of Christ. In 2021, popes are still active, so the judgment cited in Daniel did not begin in 1844, Adventist brethren.

Dan 7:27 The kingdom and dominion and greatness of all kingdoms under heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High. His reign is an everlasting reign, and all rulers will serve and obey him.

27a-  The judgment is therefore well implemented after the return in glory of Christ and the rapture to heaven of his elect.

27b-  and all rulers will serve him and obey him

 As examples, God shows us the three rulers presented in this book: the Chaldean king Nebuchadnezzar, the Mede king Darius, and the Persian king Cyrus 2.

Dan 7:28 Here ended the words. I, Daniel, was extremely troubled by my thoughts, I changed color, and I kept these words in my heart.

28a-  Daniel's trouble is still justified, because at this level the proofs of the identity of papal Rome still lack strength; his identity still remains an already very convincing “hypothesis”, but all the same, a “hypothesis”. But Daniel 7 constitutes only the second of the seven prophetic plates presented in this book of Daniel. And already, we have been able to see that the messages delivered in Dan.2 and Dan.7 are identical and complementary. Each new page will bring us additional elements which will be superimposed on the studies already carried out , will reinforce and reinforce the message of God which will thus become more and more clear.


 The hypothesis that the “ little horn ” of this chapter 7 is papal Rome remains to be confirmed. The thing will be done. But let us already remember this historical succession which concerns Rome, “ the 4th monstrous animal with iron teeth ”. It designates the Roman Empire followed by the “ ten horns ” of free and independent European kingdoms which were succeeded, in 538, by the “ little horn ” presumed papal, this “ different king ”, before which “ three horns or three kings ”, the Herules, the Vandals and the Ostrogoths are debased between 493 and 538 in verses 8 and 24.






















Daniel 8


Dan 8:1 In the third year of the reign of King Belteshazzar, I Daniel saw a vision, besides the one I had seen before.

1a-  Time has passed: 3 years. Daniel receives a new vision. In this one, there are only two animals which are clearly identified in verses 20 and 21 with the Medes and Persians and the Greeks who were in the previous visions the 2nd and 3rd Empires of the prophesied successions. Over time, in the visions, the animals conform more and more clearly to the rites of the Hebrews. Dan.8 presents a ram and a goat ; the animals offered in the sacrifice of the Day of Atonement of the Jewish rite. We can thus notice the symbol of sin in the superposition of the Greek empire: the brazen belly and thighs of Dan.2, the leopard of Dan.7 and the goat of Dan.8.

Dan 8:2 When I saw this vision, it seemed to me that I was in Shushan, the capital, in the province of Elam; and during my vision I was near the river Ulai.

2a-  Daniel is in Persia near the river Karoun which in his time was the Ulai. The Persian capital and the river symbol of a people indicate a geographical place of reference for the vision that God will give them. The prophetic messages therefore provide valuable geographical data in this chapter that was missing in chapters 2 and 7.

Dan 8:3 And I lifted up my eyes, and looked, and, behold, a ram stood before the river, and it had horns; these horns were high, but one was higher than the other, and it rose last.

3a-  This verse summarizes the history of Persia illustrated by this ram whose horn the highest represents it because having been initially dominated by its ally Mede, it rose above it last by the arrival to power of King Cyrus 2 the Persian, in 539, the last contemporary of Daniel according to Dan.10:1. But here, I point out a problem of real date, because historians completely ignore the eyewitness testimony of Daniel who attributes, in Dan.5:31, the conquest of Babylon to the Mede king Darius who organized Babylon into 120 satrapies according to Dan.6: 1. Cyrus came to power after the death of Darius, therefore not in 539 but a little later, or on the contrary, the conquest by Darius could have taken place a little before the date – 539.

3b-  A divine subtlety appears in this verse, in the form used to designate a small and a large horn. This confirms that the carefully avoided expression “ little horn ” is specifically and exclusively attached to the identity of Rome.

Dan 8:4 I saw the ram striking with his horns to the west, and to the north, and to the south; no animal could resist him, and there was no one to deliver his victims; he did what he wanted, and he became powerful.

4a-  The image of this verse illustrates the successive phases of the Persian conquests which lead them towards the empire, the domination of the king of kings.

 In the West : Cyrus 2 made an alliance with the Chaldeans and the Egyptians between – 549 and – 539.

 In the north : Lydia of King Croesus is conquered in – 546

 At noon : Cyrus conquers Babylonia by succeeding the Mede king Darius after – 539 and later the Persian king Cambyses 2 will conquer Egypt in – 525.

4b-  and he became powerful

 He achieved the imperial power which made Persia the first empire prophesied in this chapter 8. It was the 2nd empire in the visions of Dan.2 and Dan.7. In this power the Persian Empire extended to the Mediterranean Sea attacked Greece which stopped it at Marathon in – 490. The wars resumed.

Dan 8:5 As I looked closely, behold, a he-goat came from the west, and ran over all the earth on its face, without touching it; this goat had a large horn between its eyes.

5a-  Verse 21 clearly identifies the goat: The goat is the king of Javan, The great horn between his eyes is the first king . Javan, is the ancient name of Greece. Ignoring the weak Greek kings, the Spirit builds its revelation on the great Greek conqueror Alexander the Great.

5b-  behold, a goat came from the west

Geographical indications are still given. The goat comes from the West in relation to the Persian Empire taken as a geographical reference location.

5c-  and traveled all over the earth on its surface, without touching it

 The message is analogous to the four bird wings of the leopard of Dan.7:6. He underlines the extreme speed of the conquests of this young Macedonian king who will extend his domination as far as the Indus River in ten years.

5d-  this goat had a large horn between its eyes

 The identity is given in verse 21: The great horn between his eyes is the first king. This king is Alexander the Great (– 543 – 523). The Spirit gives it the appearance of the Unicorn, a fabulous mythical animal. He thus denounces the inexhaustible fertile imagination of a Greek society which invented fables applied to religion and whose spirit has crossed the centuries until our time in the deceptively Christian West. It is an aspect of sin which is confirmed by the image of the goat , the animal which played the role of sin in the sacred annual rite of the "day of atonement". The crucifixion of the Messiah Jesus accomplished in his divine perfection this rite had to cease after him... by force, through the destruction of the temple and the Jewish nation by the Romans in 70.

Dan 8:6 And he came unto the ram which had horns, which I saw standing before the river, and he ran upon him in all his fury.

6a-  Alexander the Great launches his attack against the Persians whose king is Darius 3. The latter is defeated at Issus, he flees leaving behind his bow, his shield, and his cloak, as well as his wife and his heir, in – 333. He will be killed later by two of his greats.

6b-  and he ran at him in all his fury

 This fury is historically justified. It was preceded by this exchange between Darius and Alexander: “Before Alexander met Darius, the Persian king sent him gifts intended to underline their respective positions as king and child – Alexander was still a young man at the time. prince novice in the art of war (branch I, leash 89). Darius sends him a bullet, a whip, a horse's brake and a silver box full of gold. A letter accompanying the treasure glosses the elements: the ball is so that he continues to play like the child he is, the brake to teach him to control himself, the whip to correct him and the gold represents the tribute that the Macedonians must pay to the Persian emperor.

Alexander shows no sign of anger, despite the fear of the messengers. On the contrary, he asks them to congratulate Darius on his finesse. Darius, he says, knows the future, since he gave Alexander a ball which represents his future conquest of the world, the brake means that all will submit to him, the whip will be to punish those who dare to stand up against him and the gold suggests the tribute he will receive from all his subjects.” Prophetic detail, Alexander had a horse to which he gave the name “Bucephalus” which means, with an augmentative prefix, “head”. In all his battles, he will be at the “head” of his army, weapon in hand. And he will become for “ten years” the ruling “head” of the world covered by the prophecy. Its notoriety will promote Greek culture and the sin that stigmatizes it.

Dan 8:7 I saw him approaching the ram and being angry with him; he struck the ram and broke its two horns, without the ram having the strength to resist him; he threw him to the ground and trampled him, and there was no one to rescue the ram.

7a-  The war launched by Alexander the Great: in – 333, at Issus, the Persian camp was defeated.

Dan 8:8 And the goat became very strong; but when he was strong, his great horn broke. Four great horns rose up to replace it, to the four winds of heaven.

8a-  his great horn broke

 In 323, the young king (– 356 – 323) died without an heir at the age of 32, in Babylon.

8b-  Four great horns rose up to replace it, in the four winds of heaven.

 The dead king's replacements were his generals: the diadochi. There were ten of them when Alexander died and for 20 years they fought among themselves to the point that at the end of 20 years only four survivors remained. Each of them founded a royal dynasty in the country over which he dominated. The greatest is Seleucus known as Nicator, he founded the “Seleucid” dynasty which reigned over the kingdom of Syria. The second is Ptolemaios Lagos, he founded the “Lagid” dynasty which reigned over Egypt. The third is Cassandros who reigns over Greece, and the fourth is Lysimachus (Latin name) who reigns over Thrace.

 The prophetic message based on geography continues. The four cardinal points of the four winds of the heavens confirm the identity of the countries of the combatants concerned.


The return of Rome, the little horn

Dan 8:9 Out of one of them came a little horn , which grew greatly toward the south, toward the east, and toward the most beautiful land.

9a-  The aspect of this verse describes the extensions of a kingdom which will in turn become a dominating empire. However, in the previous lessons and in the history of the world the successor kingdom of Greece is Rome. This identification is further justified by the expression “small horn” which is this time, contrary to what was done for the shorter Median horn, clearly cited. This allows us to say that this “little horn” symbolizes, in this context, the growing republican Rome. Because, it intervenes towards the east, as policemen of the world, often because it is called to resolve a local conflict between opponents. And this is the precise reason which justifies the image which follows.

9b-  From one of them came a small horn

 The previous dominator was Greece, and it is from Greece that Rome comes to dominate in this eastern zone where Israel is located; Greece, one of the four horns.

9c-  which expands greatly towards the south, towards the east, and towards the most beautiful of countries.

 Roman growth begins from its geographical location towards the south first. History confirms this               , Rome entering the Punic Wars against Carthage, present-day Tunis, around – 250.

The following phase of extension takes place towards the east by intervening in one of the four horns : Greece, around – 200. It was called there by the Aetolian Greek league to support it against the Achaean league (Aetolia against Achaia ). Arriving on Greek soil, the Roman army would never leave it and the whole of Greece would become a Roman colony from – 160.

From Greece, Rome will continue its expansion by setting foot in Palestine and Judea which will become in – 63 a province of Rome conquered by the armies of General Pompey. It is this Judea, which the Spirit designates by this beautiful expression: The most beautiful of countries , expression cited in Dan.11:16 and 42, and Ezé.20:6 and 15.

The hypothesis is confirmed, the “ little horn ” is Rome


This time, doubt is no longer permitted, the papal regime of Dan.7 is unmasked, so, skipping the unnecessary centuries, the Spirit leads us to the tragic hour when, abandoned by the emperors, Rome resumes its domination under a religious form of Christian appearance to which he attributes the actions revealed by the symbols of verse 10 which follows. These are the actions of the “ different ” king of Dan.7.


Imperial Rome then Papal Rome persecute the saints

Two successive readings for this single verse

Dan 8:10 She rose up to the host of heaven, and she brought down part of that host and some of the stars to the earth, and trod them underfoot.

10a-  She rose up to the army of heaven

 By saying " she ", the Spirit keeps as a target the identity of Rome, in the chronological sequence of its extensions, after various forms of government to which he alludes in Rev. 17:10, Rome reached the empire under the reign of the Roman emperor Octavian known as Augustus. And it was during his time that Jesus Christ was born of the Spirit, in the still virgin body of Mary, the young wife of Joseph; both chosen for the sole reason of their belonging to the lineage of King David. After his death, once resurrected by himself as he had announced, Jesus entrusted to his apostles and his disciples the mission of announcing the good news of salvation (the Gospel) in order to make elect people throughout the world. earth. At this time Rome confronted meekness and Christian pacifism; she in the role of the butcher, the disciples of Christ in that of the slaughtered lambs. At the cost of much martyr blood shed, the Christian faith spread throughout the world and particularly in the capital of the empire, Rome. Persecuting imperial Rome rises against Christians. In this verse 10, two actions of Rome overlap. The first concerns the imperial and the second, the papal.

In the imperial regime we can already attribute the actions cited to him:

She rose up to the army of heaven : she confronted the Christians. Behind this symbolic expression, armed with heaven , is the Christian Elect according to which Jesus had already named his faithful: citizens of the kingdom of heaven . Furthermore, Dan.12:3 compares the true saints to the stars which are also, the seed of Abraham of Gen.15:5. On first reading, daring to martyr the sons and daughters of God already constitutes for pagan Rome an arrogant action and an unworthy and unjustified elevation . On second reading, the claim of the Bishop of Rome to rule as pope the Chosen One of Jesus Christ from 538 is also an arrogant action, and an even more unworthy and unjustified elevation .

She caused part of this army and the stars to fall to the ground, and she trampled them : She persecuted them and put them to death to distract her population in her arenas. The persecutors are mainly Nero, Domitian and Diocletian the last official persecutor between 303 and 313. On first reading, this dramatic period is covered in Apo.2 under the symbolic names "of Ephesus", the time when John receives his divine Revelation called " Apocalypse” and “ Smyrna ”. On second reading, attributed to papal Rome, these actions are placed in Apo.2 under the periods named " Pergamum " i.e. broken alliance or adultery and "Thyatira" i.e. abominations and deaths. Saying, and she trampled them, the Spirit imputes to both Romes the same type of bloodthirsty actions. The verb trampled and its expression trampled underfoot are attributed to pagan Rome in Dan.7:19. But the action of treading will continue until the end of the 2300 evening-morning of verse 14 of this chapter 8 according to the statement of verse 13: Until when will the holiness and the army be trodden ? This action was accomplished in the time of the Christian era and we must therefore attribute it to papal Rome and its monarchical supports; which history confirms. Let us nevertheless note an important difference. Pagan Rome only literally makes the saints of Jesus Christ fall to the ground , while papal Rome, through its false religious instruction, makes them fall to the ground spiritually, before literally persecuting them in turn.


The sporadic persecutions continued with alternations of peace until the arrival of Emperor Constantine I who put an end to the persecutions against Christians with the edict of Milan, his Roman capital, in 313, which constitutes the term of the period of " ten years " of persecutions which characterize the " Smyrna " era of Rev.2:8. Through this peace, the Christian faith will gain nothing, and God will lose a lot. Because without the barrier of persecution, the commitments of the unconverted to this new faith abound and multiply throughout the empire and especially in Rome where the blood of the martyrs flowed the most.

 It is therefore to this time that we can connect the beginning of the second reading of this verse. The one where Rome becomes Christian by obeying the orders of the Emperor Constantine who, in 321, has just issued an edict which orders the change of the weekly day of rest: the seventh day Sabbath is replaced by the first day of the week; at the time, dedicated by the pagans to the worship of the god “ venerable unconquered sun ”. This action is as serious as drinking in the golden vessels of the temple , but this time, God will not react, the hour of final judgment will be enough. With his new day of rest, Rome will extend its Christian doctrine throughout the empire, and its local authority, the bishop of Rome will gain in prestige and support, until the supreme elevation the papal title gives him by decree, in 533 , the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. It was not until the expulsion of the hostile Ostrogoths that the first reigning pope, Vigilius, took up his papal seat in Rome, at the Lateran Palace built on Mount Caelius. The date 538 and the arrival of the first pope marks the accomplishment of the actions described in verse 11 which follows. But it is also the beginning of the 1260 day-years of reign of the popes and everything that concerns them and which was revealed in Dan.7. A continuing reign during which the saints are, once again, trampled underfoot , but this time, by Roman papal religious domination and its civil supporters, the monarchs, and the height of it... in the name of Christ.


Specific actions of popery established in 538

Dan 8:11 She rose up to the captain of the army, and took away from him the perpetual sacrifice , and overthrew the place the foundation of his sanctuary.

11a-  She rose to the head of the army

 This leader of the army is logically and biblically Jesus Christ, according to Eph.5:23: for the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the Church , which is his body, and of which he is the Savior. The verb “ she rose ” is well chosen, because precisely, in 538, Jesus is in heaven while the papacy is on earth. The sky is beyond her reach but “ she rose ” by making men believe that she replaces him on earth. From heaven, Jesus has little chance of avoiding men from the trap set for them by the devil. Moreover, why would he do it, when he himself delivers them to this trap and all its curses? For we have well read, in Dan.7:25, “ the saints shall be delivered into his hands for a time, times (2 times) and a half time ”; they are delivered intentionally by the God Christ, because of the changed times and the law . The law modified in 321 by Constantine regarding the Sabbath, of course, but above all, the law changed by Roman popery, after 538 where there, it is not only the Sabbath which is affected and attacked, but the entire law which is reworked Rome version.

11b-  took away the perpetual sacrifice from him

 I point out the absence of the word sacrifice in the original Hebrew text. That said, its presence suggests the context of the old alliance, but this is not the case as I have just demonstrated. Under the new covenant sacrifice and offering ceased, the death of Christ, in the middle of the week cited in Dan.9:27, having rendered these rites useless. However, something remained of the old covenant: the ministry of the high priest and intercessor for the sins of the people who also prophesied the celestial ministry that Jesus accomplished in favor of only his elect purchased by his blood since his resurrection. Christ returned to heaven, what was left to take from him? His priestly function is his exclusive role as intercessor to forgive the sins of his elect. Indeed, since 538, the establishment on earth, in Rome, of a leader of the Church of Christ made the celestial ministry of Jesus vain and useless. Prayers no longer pass through him and sinners remain bearers of their sins and their guilt towards God. Heb.7:23 confirms this analysis, saying: “ But he, because he abides forever, has a priesthood which is not transferable .” The change of ruler on earth justifies the abominable fruits borne by this Christianity without Christ; fruits prophesied by God to Daniel. Why were Christians hit by this terrible curse? The following verse 12 will give the answer: because of sin .

 The identification of the perpetual which has just been carried out will serve as a basis for the calculations using the durations 1290 and 1335 day-years which will be proposed in Dan.12:11 and 12; the established basis being the date 538, when the perpetual priesthood was stolen by the earthly papal leader.

11c-   and overthrew the place the base of his sanctuary

 Because of the context of the new covenant, between the two possible meanings of the Hebrew word "mecon" translated by "place" I retained its translation "base" just as legitimate and better adapted to the context of the Christian era targeted by the prophecy.

sanctuary is often discussed , which is confusing. However, it is possible not to be deceived depending on the verb that marks the action that is done at the sanctuary .

 Here in Dan.7:11: its basis is overthrown by the papacy.

 In Dan.11:30: he is desecrated by the Greek king persecutor of the Jews Antiochos 4 Epiphanes in – 168.

 In Dan.8:14 and Dan.9:26 it is not a question of sanctuary but of holiness . The Hebrew word “qodesh” is systematically mistranslated in all translations of the most common versions. But the original Hebrew text remains unchanged to testify to the original truth.

 You should know that the term “ sanctuary ” refers exclusively to the place where God stands in person. Since Jesus was resurrected and returned to heaven, there is no longer any sanctuary on earth . Overturning the basis of his sanctuary therefore means undermining the doctrinal foundations which concern his celestial ministry which illustrates all the conditions of salvation. Indeed, once baptized, the person called must be able to benefit from the approval of Jesus Christ who judges his faith on his works and agrees or not to forgive his sins in the name of his sacrifice. Baptism marks the beginning of an experience lived under the just judgment of God and not its end. Which means that when the direct relationship between the earthly elect and his heavenly intercessor is interrupted, salvation is no longer possible, and the holy covenant is broken. It is a terrible spiritual drama ignored by the deceived and seduced human masses since March 7, 321 and the year 538 in which the perpetual priesthood of Jesus Christ was removed by the pope for his benefit. Overturning the basis of his sanctuary also means attributing to the 12 apostles who represent the base or foundation of the Elect, spiritual house, a falsely Christian doctrine which justifies and legalizes sin against divine law; what no apostle would have done.

Dan 8:12 And the army was delivered up with the perpetual sacrifice because of sin; the horn threw the truth to the ground, and succeeded in his undertakings.

12a-  The army was delivered with the perpetual sacrifice

In more symbolic language this expression has the same meaning as that of Dan.7:25: the army was delivered ... But here the Spirit adds with the perpetual

12b -  because of sin

 Either, according to 1 John 3:4, because of the transgression of the law changed in Dan.7:25. For John said and wrote: Whoever sins transgresses the law, and sin is transgression of the law .              This transgression dates back to March 7, 321 and it concerns, firstly, the abandonment of the holy Sabbath of God; the Sabbath sanctified by him, since the creation of the world, on the unique and perpetual “ seventh day ”.

12c-  the horn threw the truth to the ground

 Truth is still a spiritual word which designates the law according to Psa.119:142-151: Your law is the truth...all your commandments are the truth .             

12d-  and succeeds in his endeavors

 If the Spirit of the creator God announced it in advance, then do not be surprised to have ignored this deception, the greatest spiritual fraud in all the history of men; but also, the most serious in its consequences of loss of human souls for God. Verse 24 will confirm saying: His power will increase, but not by his own strength; he will wreak incredible havoc, he will succeed in his undertakings , he will destroy the powerful and the people of the saints.


Preparation for Sanctification

In the lessons given by the religious rites of the old covenant this subject of preparation for sanctification appears constantly. First, between the time of slavery and the entry into Canaan, the celebration of Passover was necessary to sanctify the people whom God was going to lead to his national soil, Israel, the promised land. In fact, it took 40 years of trial of purification and sanctification for the entry into Canaan to be accomplished.

Likewise, regarding the Sabbath marked on the seventh day from one sunset to the next, a prior time of preparation was necessary. The six days of secular activities required a washing of the body and a change of clothing, these things were also imposed on the priest so that he could, without danger to his life, enter the holy place of the temple to officiate his ritual service there. .

The seven-day, 24-hour week of creation is modeled on the seven thousand years of God's plan of salvation. So that the first 6 days represent the first 6 millennia during which God selects his elect. And the 7th and last millennium constitutes the great Sabbath during which God and his elect gathered in heaven enjoy true and complete rest. The sinners being temporarily all dead; except Satan, who remains isolated on a depopulated earth during this period of “a thousand years” revealed in Rev.20. Before entering “heaven” the elect must be purified and sanctified. Purification rests on faith in the voluntary sacrifice of Christ, but sanctification is obtained by his help after baptism because, purification is imputed, or obtained in advance in the name of a principle of faith, but sanctification is the fruit obtained in reality in his entire soul by the elect through his real cooperation with the living God Jesus Christ. It is obtained through a fight he wages against himself, against his bad nature, in order to resist sin.

Daniel 9:25 will teach us, Jesus Christ came to die on a cross in order to get his elect to sin no more, because he came to put an end to sin . Now we have just seen in verse 12, the Christian Chosen was delivered over to papal despotism because of sin. Purification is therefore necessary to obtain the sanctification without which no one will see God as it is written in Heb.12:14: Pursue peace with all, and sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord .

Applied to the 2000 years of the Christian era from the death of Jesus Christ until his return in 2030, this time of preparation and sanctification will be revealed in verses 13 and 14 which follow. Contrary to the original belief of the Adventists, this era is not that of judgment that Daniel 7 describes but that of sanctification made necessary because of the centuries-old legacy of sins legitimized by the abominable teaching of papal Rome. I specify that the work of the Reformation initiated from the 13th century did not accomplish the purification and sanctification demanded in all justice by the thrice holy and perfectly pure savior God.


Dan 8:13 I heard a saint speak; and another saint said to him who spoke, How long will the vision about the perpetual sacrifice and about the devastating sin be fulfilled? How long will the sanctuary and the army be trodden down?

13a-  I heard a saint speak; and another saint said to him who spoke

 Only true saints become aware of the sins inherited from Rome. We will find them again in the vision scene presented in Dan.12.

13b-  For how long will the vision be fulfilled?

 The saints demand a date that will mark the end of Roman abominations.

13c-  on the perpetual sacrifice

 The saints ask for a date which will mark the resumption of the perpetual priesthood by Christ.

13d-  and about devastating sin ?

 The saints ask for a date which will mark the return of the seventh-day Sabbath, the transgression of which is punished by Roman devastation and that of wars; and for its transgressors this punishment will last until the end of the world.

13th-  How long will the sanctuary and the army be trampled?

 The saints are asking for a date that will mark the end of the papal persecutions applied against them, God's chosen saints.

Dan 8:14 And he said to me, Two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary will be purified.

14a-  Since 1991, God has directed my study on this poorly translated verse. Here is his true translation of the Hebrew text.

 And he said to me: Until evening-morning two thousand three hundred and justified will be holiness.

 You can see, the term of the 2300 evening-morning is aimed at the sanctification of the elect selected by God from the date which will be determined for this term. The eternal justice obtained by baptism until then is called into question. The requirement of the thrice holy God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, has changed and been strengthened by the need for the elect to no longer sin against the Sabbath or against any other ordinance coming from the mouth of God. . The narrow path of salvation taught by Jesus is thus restored. And the model of the elect presented in Noah, Daniel, and Job justifies the chosen million for the fallen ten billion of the last judgment of Dan.7:10.

Dan 8:15 While I, Daniel, saw this vision and sought to understand it, behold, there stood before me one who had the appearance of a man.

15a-  Logically, Daniel would like to understand the meaning of the vision and this will earn him in Dan.10:12, a justified approval from God, but he will never be fully granted in his wish like the response from God in Dan.12:9 shows it: He answered: Go, Daniel, for these words will be kept secret and sealed until the time of the end .

Dan 8:16 And I heard the voice of a man in the midst of Ulai; he cried out and said: Gabriel, explain to him the vision.

16a-  The image of Jesus Christ in the middle of Ulai anticipates the lesson given in the vision of Dan.12. The angel Gabriel, a close servant of Christ, is responsible for explaining the meaning of the entire vision from its beginning. Let us therefore carefully follow the additional information that will be revealed in the verses that follow.

Dan 8:17 Then he came near the place where I was; and as he approached I was frightened, and I fell on my face. He said to me, Pay attention, son of man, for the vision concerns a time which will be the end.

17a-  The vision of celestial beings will always cause this effect on the man of flesh. But let us be attentive as he invites us to do. The relevant end time will begin at the end of the entire vision.

Dan 8:18 As he spoke to me, I stood stunned on my face. He touched me, and made me stand where I was.

18a-  In this experience, God underlines the curse of the flesh which does not equal the purity of the celestial bodies of faithful angels.

Dan 8:19 Then he said to me, I will teach you what will happen at the end of the wrath, for there is a time appointed for the end .

19a-  The end of God's wrath will come, but this wrath is justified by Christian disobedience, heritage of Roman papal doctrine. The cessation of this prophesied divine wrath will therefore be partial since it will only truly cease after the entire destruction of humanity at the return in glory of Christ.             

Dan 8:20 The ram which you saw, which had horns, are the kings of the Medes and the Persians.

20a-  It is a question of God giving reference points to his chosen ones so that they understand the principle of the succession of symbols presented. The Medes and Persians mark the historical context of the beginning of the revelation. In Dan.2 and 7 they were in second position.

Dan 8:21 The goat is the king of Javan, the great horn between his eyes is the first king.

21a-  In turn, Greece is the second succession; the third in Dan.2 and 7.

21b-  The big horn between his eyes is the first king

 As we have seen, it concerns the great Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great. The great horn, image of its offensive and belligerent character that King Darius 3 was wrong to humiliate, because it cost him his kingdom and his life. By placing this horn not on the forehead but between the eyes, the Spirit shows his insatiable lust for conquest that only his death will stop. But the eyes are also prophetic clairvoyance, and since his birth, an exceptional destiny has been announced to him by a clairvoyant and he believes in his prophesied destiny throughout his life.

Dan 8:22 The four horns that have arisen to replace this broken horn are four kingdoms that will arise from this nation, but they will not be as strong.

22a-  We find the four Greek dynasties founded by the four generals who succeeded Alexander, still alive after 20 years of wars between the ten that they were at the beginning.

Dan 8:23 At the end of their rule, when the sinners are consumed, there will arise a king who is impudent and crafty.

23a-  Skipping the intermediate times, the angel evokes the Christian era of the domination of papal Rome. Doing so, he indicates the main purpose of the revelation given. But this explanation brings another teaching which appears in the first sentence of this verse: At the end of their domination, when sinners will be consumed. Who are these consumed sinners who precede the time of the papal regime? These are the rebellious national Jews who refused Jesus Christ as Messiah and savior, liberator, yes, but only of sins committed and only in favor of those whom he recognizes by the quality of their faith. They were in fact consumed in 70 by the troops of Rome, they and their city of Jerusalem, and this for the second time after the destruction wrought under Nebuchadnezzar in – 586. By this action, God gave proof that the ancient alliance had ended since the death of Jesus Christ where in Jerusalem the veil of separation of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom, thus showing that the action came from God himself.

23b-  there will arise an impudent and artful king

 This is God's description of popery characterized according to Dan.7:8 by its arrogance and here by its impudence . He adds and is artful . The artifice consists of veiling the truth and taking on the appearance of what we are not. The artifice is used to deceive one's neighbor, this is what successive popes do.

Dan 8:24 His power shall increase, but not by his own strength; he will wreak incredible havoc, he will succeed in his undertakings, he will destroy the powerful and the people of the saints.

24a-  His power will increase

 Indeed, described in Dan.7:8 as a “ little horn ”, verse 20 attributes to it “ a greater appearance than the others ”.

24b-  but not by his own strength

 Here again, history confirms that without the armed support of the monarchs, the papal regime could not have existed. The first support having been Clovis the king of the Franks of the Merovingian dynasty and after him, that of the Carolingian dynasty and lastly, that of the Capetian dynasty, the support of the French monarchy has rarely been lacking. And we will see that this support has a price to pay. This will be done as an example by the beheading of the French King Louis 16, Queen Marie Antoinette, the monarchist courtiers and the Roman Catholic clergy mainly responsible, by the guillotine installed in France in the capital and provincial towns, by French revolutionaries between 1793 and 1794; two eras of “Terrors” inscribed in letters of blood in the memory of humanity. In Rev.2:22 this divine punishment will be prophesied in these words: Behold, I will cast her upon a bed, and send great tribulation has those who commit adultery with her , unless they repent of their works. I will put her children to death ; and all the churches will know that I am he who searches the minds and the hearts, and I will reward each one according to your works.

24c-  he will wreak incredible havoc

 On earth, no one can count them, but in heaven, God knows the exact number and at the hour of the punishment of the last judgment, they will all be expiated, from the smallest to the most terrible, by their authors.

24d-  he will succeed in his undertakings

 How could he not succeed, when God gave him this role to punish the sin committed by his people who claim salvation won by Jesus Christ?

24th-  he will destroy the mighty and the people of the saints

 By passing themselves off as the representative of God on earth and threatening them with excommunication which would close their entrance to heaven, the papacy obtains the submission of the great and the monarchs of the western earth, and even more by the small, rich or poor, but all ignorant, because of their unbelief and indifference to divine truths.

 From the beginning of the era of the Reformation initiated since Peter Valdo in 1170, the papal regime reacted with fury by inciting against the faithful servants of God, the only true saints always peaceful and peaceful, the murderous Catholic leagues supported by the courts of the inquisition of his false holiness. The hooded judges who thus ordered terrible tortures to the saints and others, all accused of heresy against God and Rome, will all have to account for their exactions before the true God at the hour of the just prophesied final judgment. in Dan.7:9 and Rev.20:9 to 15.

Dan 8:25 Because of his prosperity and the success of his devices, he will have arrogance in his heart, and he will destroy many who lived peacefully, and he will exalt himself against the chief of princes; but it will be broken, without the effort of any hand.

25a-  Because of his prosperity and the success of his tricks

 This prosperity suggests his enrichment which the verse links to his tricks . We must, in fact, use trickery , when we are small and weak to obtain rich people, money and riches of all kinds that Rev. 18:12 and 13 lists.

25b-  he will have arrogance in his heart

 This, despite the lesson given by the experience of King Nebuchadnezzar in Dan.4 and that, more tragic, of his grandson Belshazzar in Dan.5.

25c-  he will destroy many men who lived peacefully

 Peaceful character is a fruit of true Christianity, but only until 1843. For before that date, and mainly, until the end of the French Revolution, at the end of the 1260 years of papal reign prophesied in Dan.7:25 , false faith is characterized by brutality that attacks or responds to brutality. It is only in these times that gentleness and peace make the difference. The rules set by Jesus have not changed since apostolic times, the chosen one is a sheep who accepts to be sacrificed, never a butcher.

25d-  and he will rise up against the chief of chiefs

 With this precision, doubt is no longer permitted. The leader , cited in verses 11 and 12, is indeed Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords who appears in the glory of his return in Rev.19:16. And it was from him that the legitimate perpetual priesthood was taken away by Roman popery.

Dan 8:26 And the vision of the evening and the morning which is spoken of is true. For your part, keep this vision secret, because it relates to distant times.

26a-  And the vision of the evenings and the mornings, in question, is true

 The angel attests to the divine origin of the prophecy of the “2300 evening-morning” of verse 14. He therefore draws attention, lastly, to this enigma which must be illuminated and understood by the chosen saints of Jesus Christ when the time will have arrived to do it.

26b-  For your part, keep this vision secret, because it relates to distant times

 Indeed, between the time of Daniel and ours, approximately 26 centuries have passed. And so we find ourselves in the time of the end where this mystery must be illuminated; the thing will be done, but not before the study of Dan.9 which will provide the essential key to carrying out the proposed calculations.

Dan 8:27 I, Daniel, was many days languishing and sick; then I got up and attended to the king's affairs. I was amazed at the vision, and no one knew of it.

27a-  This detail which concerns Daniel's health is nothing personal. It translates for us the extreme importance of receiving information from God concerning the prophesied 2300 evenings-mornings; for just as illness can lead to death, ignorance of the enigma will condemn the last Christians who will live in the time of the end to eternal spiritual death .







Daniel 9



Dan 9:1 In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of the race of the Medes, who became king of the kingdom of the Chaldeans,

1a-  According to the eyewitness testimony of Daniel, therefore undeniable, we learn that King Darius of Dan.5:30 is the son of Ahasuerus, of the race of the Medes; the Persian king Cyrus 2 has therefore not yet replaced him. The first year of his reign was the one in which he conquered Babylon, thus taking it from the Chaldeans.

Dan 9:2  in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, saw by the books that seventy years were to pass for the ruins of Jerusalem, according to the number of years of which the Lord had spoken to Jeremiah, the Prophet.

2a-  Daniel refers to the prophetic writings of Jeremiah, the prophet. He gives us a beautiful example of faith and trust which unites the servants of God under his gaze. He thus confirms these words of 1 Cor.14:32: The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets . Daniel lived in Babylon for much of the 70 years prophesied of the deportation of the Hebrew people. He is also interested in the subject of his return to Israel which, according to him, should be quite close. In order to obtain answers from God he addresses a magnificent prayer that we are going to study.


The model prayer of the faith of a saint


The first lesson of this chapter 9 of Daniel is to understand why God wanted it to appear in this part of the book of Daniel.

In Dan.8:23 through the prophetic announcement of the consumed sinners , we received confirmation that the Jews of the nation Israel were again condemned and destroyed by fire by the Romans in 70, because of all the things that Daniel goes to confess in his prayer. Now who was this Israel presented in the first alliance with the living God from Abraham to the 12 apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ, himself being Jewish? Only a sample of all humanity, because since Adam, men have been the same apart from their skin color which ranges from very light to very dark. But whatever their race, their ethnicity, things transmitted genetically from father and mother to sons and daughters, their mental behavior is identical. According to the principle of stripping the leaves of the daisy, "I love you, a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all", men reproduce this range of feelings towards the living God creator of all things when he discovers its existence. Also, the great Judge sees among those who claim to be from him, faithful people who love him and obey him, others who claim to love him, but disobey him, others who live their religion in indifference, still others who live it with a hard and acerbic heart which makes them fanatics and in the extreme, they cannot stand contradiction and even less reproaches and support the killing of the unbearable opponent. These behaviors were found among the Jews, as they are still found among men throughout planet Earth and in all religions which, however, are not equal.

Daniel's prayer comes to question you, in which of these behaviors do you recognize yourself? If it is not that of one who loves God and obeys him as a testimony of his faithfulness, question your conception of faith; repent and give to God a sincere and real fruit of repentance as Daniel will do.

The second reason for the presence of this prayer in this chapter 9 is that the cause of the last destruction of Israel, in the year 70 by the Romans, is treated and developed there: the first coming of the Messiah on the earth of men . And having rejected this Messiah whose only faults were the perfection of his works which condemned them, the religious leaders aroused the people against him, with slanderous accusations all dismantled and contradicted by the facts. So they based their final accusation on a divine truth, accusing him, a man, of claiming to be the Son of God. The souls of these religious leaders were black like the coal of a burning hearth which will consume them in the time of righteous anger. But the Jews' greatest fault was not in having killed him, but in not having recognized him after his divine resurrection. Faced with the miracles and good works that were carried out by his twelve apostles, they hardened themselves like Pharaoh in his time and testified to this by putting to death the faithful deacon Stephen whom they stoned themselves without resorting this time to the Romans. .

The third reason for this prayer is that it takes the role of a final saddening observation at the end of a long experience lived in relationship with God ; a testimony, a sort of testament left by the Jewish alliance to the rest of humanity. For it is in this deportation to Babylon that the demonstration prepared by God ceases. It is true that the Jews will return to their national soil, and that for a time God will be honored and obeyed, but loyalty will quickly disappear, to the point that their survival can only be justified as their last test of faith based on first coming of the Messiah, because he must be, a son of Israel, a Jew among the Jews.

The fourth reason for this prayer is based on the fact that the faults stated and confessed have all been accomplished and renewed by Christians in their era, from the abandonment of the Sabbath on March 7, 321 until our time . The last official institution blessed since 1873 and individually since 1844 has not escaped the curse of time, since Jesus vomited it out in 1994. The study of the last chapters of Daniel and the book Revelation will explain these dates and the last mysteries .

Now let's listen carefully to Daniel speaking to Almighty God.



Dan 9:3 I set my face toward the Lord God, that I might turn to prayer and supplication, fasting, and taking sackcloth and ashes.

3a-  Daniel is now old, but his faith does not weaken, and his connection with God is preserved, nourished and maintained. In his case, his heart being deeply sincere, the fast, the sackcloth and the ashes carry real meaning. These practices indicate the strength of one's desire to be heard and granted by God. Fasting shows the superiority given to God's response compared to the pleasures of eating. In this approach there is the idea of telling God I no longer want to live without your answer, without going so far as to commit suicide.

Dan 9:4 I prayed to the LORD my God and confessed to him: Lord, great and awesome God, who keeps your covenant and has mercy on those who love you and keep your commandments.

4a-  Lord, great and awesome God

 Israel is in exile in Babylon and has paid to learn that God is great and awesome.

4b-  you who keep your covenant and have mercy on those who love you and keep your commandments!

 Daniel shows that he knows God since he draws his arguments from the text of the second of the ten commandments of God, which the unfortunate Catholics do not know over the centuries of darkness, because sovereignly, the papacy took the initiative of remove it from his version of the ten commandments, because a commandment focused on the flesh was added to keep the number at ten; a fine example of impudence and deception denounced in the previous chapter.

Dan 9:5 We have sinned, we have done iniquity, we have been wicked and rebellious, we have turned away from your commandments and your judgments.

5a-  We could not be more true and clearer because these are the faults which led Israel to deportation, except that Daniel and three of his companions were not guilty of this type of fault; this does not prevent him from espousing the cause of his people while carrying with him the burden of his guilt.

 It is then that we must in 2021 realize that we too, Christians, serve this same God who does not change according to his declaration in Mal.3:6: For I am the Lord, I do not change; and you, children of Jacob, have not been consumed . It would be appropriate to say “not yet consumed”. For since Malachi wrote these words, Christ appeared, the children of Jacob rejected him and put him to death, and in accordance with the word prophesied in Dan.8:23, they ended up being consumed in 70 by the Romans. And if God does not change, this means that unfaithful Christians who transgress his commandments, including, first of all, the sanctified Sabbath, will be hit even harder than the Hebrews and the national Jews in their time.

Dan 9:6 We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, to our princes, to our fathers, and to all the people of the land.

6a-  It is true, the Hebrews are guilty of these things, but what can we say about the Christians who, even in the last institution established by him, are guilty of the same actions?

Dan 9:7 Yours, O Lord, is righteousness, and ours is shame in this day, to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Israel, both those who are near and those who are far away, in all the countries where you chased them because of the unfaithfulness of which they were guilty towards you.

7a-  The punishment of Israel was terrible, there were many deaths and only the survivors had the chance to be deported to Babylon and from there scattered throughout the countries of the Chaldean empire and the empire Persian who succeeded him. The Jewish nation has been dissolved in foreign lands and yet, according to his promise, God will soon reunite the Jews on their national soil, the land of their fathers. What power and power does this living God have! In his prayer, Daniel expresses all the repentance that these people must demonstrate before returning to their holy land, but only when God is at their side.

 Daniel confesses Jewish infidelity punished by God but then what punishment for Christians who do the same? deportation, or death?

Dan 9:8 Lord, to us shame of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against you.

8a-  The terrible word, the word “sin” is cited. Who can put an end to the sin that causes such great suffering? This chapter will give the answer. A lesson is worth learning and remembering: Israel suffered the consequences of the choices and behaviors of the kings, leaders and fathers who ruled it. So here is an example where disobedience to corrupt leaders can be encouraged to remain in God's blessing. This is the choice that Daniel and his three companions made and they are blessed for it.

Dan 9:9 With the Lord our God be mercy and forgiveness, for we have been disobedient to him.

10a-  In a situation of sin there remains only one hope; rely on the good, merciful God so that he grants his forgiveness. The process is perpetual, the Jew of the old alliance and the Christian of the new have the same need for forgiveness. Here again God is preparing a response for which he will have to pay dearly.

Dan 9:10 We have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God, to follow his laws which he set before us by his servants the prophets.

10a-  This is also the case for Christians in the year 2021.

Dan 9:11 All Israel have transgressed your law, and have turned away from hearing your voice. Then curses and imprecations were poured out on us, which are written in the law of Moses, the servant of God, because we have sinned against God.

11a-  In the law of Moses, God indeed warned Israel against disobedience. But after him, the prophet Ezekiel, contemporary of Daniel, deported 13 years after Daniel, that is to say, 5 years after King Jehoiachin, brother of Jehoiakim, whom he succeeded, found himself captive at the River Chebar located between the Tigris and the Euphrates. There God inspired him and made him write messages that we find today in our Bible. And it is in Ezé.26 that we find a succession of punishments whose model is found applied spiritually but not only, in the seven trumpets of the Apocalypse in Rev.8 and 9. This surprising resemblance confirms that God does not really change not. Sins are punished in the new covenant as they were in the old.

Dan 9:12 He has fulfilled the words that he spoke against us and against our rulers who ruled us, and he has brought upon us a great calamity , such as has never happened under all heaven. the one who arrived in Jerusalem.

12a-  God has not weakened, he fulfills his announcements to bless or curse with the same care, and the “ calamity ” which struck the people of Daniel is intended to warn the nations who learn these things. But what do we see? Despite the testimony written in the Bible, this lesson remains ignored even by those who read it. Remember this message: God is preparing for the Jews and after them, for the Christians, two other great calamities which will be revealed in the rest of the book of Daniel.

Dan 9:13 As it is written in the law of Moses, all this calamity has come upon us; and we have not prayed to the LORD our God, nor have we turned away from our iniquities, nor have we heeded thy truth.

13a-  Contempt for the things that God had written in the Bible is perpetual, too, in 2021 Christians are also guilty of this fault and they believe that God is not going to contradict them. Nor do they turn away from their iniquities and are not more attentive to the biblical truth but so important for our time of the end, its prophetic truth revealed intensely and understandably, since the keys to understanding are in the Bible itself. even.

Dan 9:14 The LORD has watched over this calamity, and has brought it upon us; for the LORD our God is righteous in all that he has done, but we have not obeyed his voice.

14a-  What more can I say? In truth ! But know well that a much greater calamity has been prepared by God for present-day humanity, and for the same cause. It will come, between 2021 and 2030, in the form of a nuclear war whose divine mission is to kill a third of men according to Rev.9:15.

Dan 9:15 And now, O Lord our God, who brought out thy people out of the land of Egypt by thy mighty hand, and made thy name as it is this day, we have sinned, we have committed iniquity.

15a-  Daniel reminds us why unbelief is condemnable by God. On earth, the existence of the Jewish people testifies to this extraordinary fact due to a supernatural power, the exodus from Egypt of the Hebrew people. Their entire story is based on this miraculous fact. We do not have the opportunity to witness this exodus, but no one can deny that the descendants of this experience are still among us today. And to better exploit this existence, God delivered these people to Nazi hatred during the Second World War. The attention of humanity was thus directed to the survivors who in 1948 obtained their resettlement on the soil of their ancient homeland lost since 70. God only let fall on their heads the words of their fathers who had said to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate about Jesus, in order to obtain his death, I quote “may his blood fall on us and on our children”. God answered them to the letter. But Christians of all denominations have shamefully ignored this divine lesson, and we can understand why, since they all share their curse. The Jews refused the Messiah, but the Christians despised his laws. God's condemnation of both is therefore perfectly justified.

Dan 9:16 Lord, according to your great mercy, let your anger and your fury turn away from your city Jerusalem, from your holy mountain; for because of our sins and the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and your people are a reproach to all those around us.

16a-  Daniel here takes up an argument that Moses had presented to God: what will the people who witness the punishment of his people say? God is aware of the problem since he himself declares about the Jews, through the mouth of Paul in Rom.2:24: For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you, as it is written . He alludes to the text of Eze.16:27: And, behold, I have stretched out my hand against you, I have reduced the portion which I appointed you, I have delivered you to the will of your enemies, the daughters of the Philistines, who were ashamed of your criminal conduct . In his compassion, Daniel still has much to learn about God's judgment on his city Jerusalem. But when he says " Jerusalem and your people are a reproach to all those around us " he is not wrong, for if the punishment of Israel had produced in the pagans a salutary fear and a desire to serve this true God, the punishment would have had a real interest. but this sad experience bore little fruit, not insignificant, since we owe it the conversion of King Nebuchadnezzar and King Darius the Mede. 

Dan 9:17 Now therefore, O our God, hear the prayer and the supplications of thy servant, and for the sake of the Lord let thy face shine upon thy desolate sanctuary.

17a-  What Daniel asks will be granted but not because God loves him, but simply because this return to Israel and the rebuilding of the temple are in his project. However, Daniel is unaware that the temple, which will in fact be rebuilt, will be destroyed again in 70 by the Romans. This is why the information he will receive in this chapter 9 will cure him of the very Jewish importance that he still gives to the stone temple built in Jerusalem; the temple of Christ's flesh will soon make it vain, and for this reason it will be destroyed again in 70 by the Roman armies.

Dan 9:18 My God, give ear and listen! Open your eyes and look at our ruins, look at the city over which your name is invoked! For it is not because of our righteousness that we present our supplications to you, but because of your great mercies.

18a-  It is true that God had chosen Jerusalem to make it the place sanctified by his glorious presence. But the place is holy only when God stands there, and since the year – 586, this was no longer the case. And, on the contrary, the ruins of Jerusalem and its temple testified to the impartiality of his justice. This lesson was necessary for men to look at the true God as a living being who sees, judges, and reacts unlike the idolatrous pagan deities who only relate to the bad angels of the devil's camp. The faithful man serves God but the unfaithful man uses God to give himself religious legitimacy towards those around him. The compassion of God to which Daniel appeals is real and he will soon give the most beautiful proof of it, in Jesus Christ.

Dan 9:19 Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, pay attention! Act and do not delay, for love of you, O my God! For your name is called upon your city and upon your people.

19a-  Daniel's advanced age justifies his insistence because, like Moses, his dearest personal desire is to be able to experience this return to his “holy” land. He wishes to witness the rebuilding of the holy temple which will once again bring glory to God and Israel.

Dan 9:20 And yet I spake, and prayed, and confessed my sin, and the sin of my people Israel, and presented my supplications unto the LORD my God for the holy mountain of my God;

20a-  It is not surprising that God loves Daniel, it is a model of humility which enchants him and meets the criterion of holiness which he demands. Every man is fallible as long as he lives in a body of flesh and Daniel is no exception. He confesses his sins, aware of his extreme weakness as we all have to do. But his personal spiritual quality cannot cover the sin of the people, because he is only a man, himself imperfect. The solution will come from God in Jesus Christ.

Dan 9:21 I was still speaking in prayer, when the man Gabriel, whom I had previously seen in a vision, came flying towards me at the time of the evening offering.

21a-  The time chosen by God for Gabriel's visit is that of the evening offering, that is, that of the perpetual sacrifice of a lamb which prophesies evening and morning the future voluntary offering of the perfectly holy and innocent body of Jesus Christ. He will die crucified to atone for the sins of his only elect who constitute his only true people. The link with the revelation which will be given below, to Daniel, is therefore established.


 End of prayer: God's answer

Dan 9:22 He taught me, and talked with me. He said to me: Daniel, I have come now to open your understanding.

22a-  The expression “open your intelligence” means that until then, intelligence was closed. The angel speaks on the subject of God's saving plan which was kept hidden until the time of his meeting with God's chosen prophet.

Dan 9:23 When you began to pray, the word went out, and I have come to tell you; for you are beloved. Pay attention to the word, and understand the vision!

23a-  When you began to pray, the word came out

 The God of heaven had organized everything, the moment of the meeting at the hour of the perpetual and the angel Gabriel designates Christ by “the Word” as John will do at the beginning of his Gospel: the word was made flesh . The angel comes to announce to him “the Word” which means that he comes to announce to him the coming of Christ prophesied from Moses according to Deut.18:15 to 19: The Lord, your God, will raise you up from among you, 'among your brothers, a prophet like me: you will listen to him! Thus will he answer the request that you made of the LORD your God in Horeb on the day of the assembly, when you said: Let me no longer hear the voice of the LORD my God, and let me see no more this great fire, so as not to die. The LORD said to me: What they have said is good. I will raise up for them from among their brothers a prophet like you , I will put my words in his mouth, and he will speak to them whatever I command him . And if anyone does not listen to my words that he speaks in my name, I will hold him accountable . But the prophet who has the audacity to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet will be punished with death.

 This text is fundamental to understanding the guilt of the Jews in their refusal of the Messiah Jesus because he met all the criteria prophesied about his coming. Taken among men and transmitter of the divine word, Jesus corresponded to this description and the miracles he performed testified to divine action.

23b-  for you are a beloved

 Why does God love Daniel? Quite simply because Daniel loves him. Love is the reason why God created life for free creatures in front of him. It is his need for love that has justified the very high price that he will have to pay to obtain it from some of his human earthly creatures. And at the price of his death, which he will have to pay, those he will select will become his eternal companions.

23c-  Pay attention to the word, and understand the vision!

 Which word is it, the word of the angel or the divine “Word” hidden in Christ? What is certain is that both are possible and complementary because the vision will concern “the Word” who will come in the flesh in Jesus Christ. Understanding the message is therefore of the utmost importance.


The 70 Week Prophecy

Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks have been appointed for your people and for your holy city, to stop transgressions and to put an end to sins, to atone for iniquity and to bring everlasting righteousness, to seal the vision and the prophet, and to anoint the Holy of Holies.

24a-  Seventy weeks have been cut off from your people and from your holy city

 The Hebrew verb “hatac” means in the first sense to cut or slice ; and only figuratively, “to determine or fix.” I retain the first meaning, because it gives meaning to this action of Abraham who concretizes his alliance with God through a sacrifice, in Gen.15:10: Abram took all these animals, cut them in the middle, and put each piece one towards the other; but he did not share the birds . This rite illustrated the alliance between God and his servant. This is why this verb “to cut” will take on its full meaning in “the alliance made with many for a week” in verse 27. These “many” are the national Jews for whose benefit, the benefit of faith in Christ crucified is presented first. The second interest of this verb cut is that the 70 weeks of years of this chapter 9 are cut on the “2300 evening-morning” of Dan.8:14. And a lesson emerges from this chronology which places the Christian faith before the Jewish faith. In this way, God teaches us that in Jesus Christ he gives his life to offer it as redemption for every believer worthy of his salvation in all humanity. The old covenant had to disappear when Jesus shed his blood               to break his new covenant with the elect of the whole earth.

 The book of Daniel aims to teach this universal salvation by presenting us with the conversions of Daniel's contemporary kings; Nebuchadnezzar, Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian.

The message is a solemn warning that threatens the Jewish people and their holy city Jerusalem, to whom a deadline of 70 weeks is given. Here again the code of Ezé.4:5-6 gives one day for one year the duration represents in all 490 years. Daniel must have difficulty understanding the meaning of a threat against his city which is already in ruins.

24b-  to stop transgressions and put an end to sins

 Imagine what was going through Daniel's mind hearing these things when he had just called upon God in prayer for forgiveness of his sins and the sins of his people. He will quickly understand what it is. But we ourselves understand well the divine requirement expressed. God wants to obtain from his elect that he saves, that they no longer sin, that they put an end to their transgressions of his laws thus putting an end to sins in accordance with what will be written by the apostle John in 1 John 3 :4: Whoever sins transgresses the law, and sin is the transgression of the law . This objective is addressed to men who must fight their evil nature to no longer sin.

24c-  to atone for iniquity and bring eternal justice

 For the Jew Daniel , this message evokes the rite of the “day of atonement” an annual festival where we celebrate the removal of sins through the sacrifice of a goat. This typical symbol of sin represented Greece in Dan.8 and its presence placed the prophecy in the spiritual atmosphere of this "day of atonement." But how can the death of a goat remove sins if the death of other animals sacrificed throughout the year has not succeeded in removing them? The answer to this dilemma is given in Heb.10:3 to 7: But the remembrance of sins is renewed every year by these sacrifices; for it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins . Therefore Christ, entering into the world, said: Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body thou hast formed for me ; You have not accepted burnt offerings or sacrifices for sin. Then I said: Behold, I come (in the scroll of the book it speaks of me) to do, O God, your will . The explanations given by the apostle Paul are very clear and logical. It follows that God has reserved for himself, in Jesus Christ, the work of atonement for the sins announced by the angel Gabriel to Daniel. But where was Jesus Christ in this rite of the “day of atonement”? His perfect personal innocence, which symbolically made him the paschal lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, took care of the sins of his elect symbolized by the goat of the rite of atonement. The lamb was hidden by the goat so that the lamb died for the goat he had taken care of. By accepting his death on the cross to atone for the sins of his elect, sins for which he was responsible, in Christ God gave them the most beautiful proof of his love for them.

24d-  and bring eternal justice

 This is the happy consequence of the death of the savior Messiah. This righteousness that man, since Adam, could not produce is imputed to the elect so that through their faith in this demonstration of divine love, by pure grace, the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ may be imputed to them, initially . , until the fight of faith overcomes sin. And when this disappears entirely, the justice of Christ is said to be imparted. The student becomes like his Master. It is on these doctrinal bases that the faith of the apostles of Jesus was built. Before time and dark powers transform them, thus widening the narrow path taught by Jesus Christ. This righteousness will be eternal only for the faithful elect, those who hear and respond in obedience to God's righteous demands.

24th-  to seal the vision and the prophet

 Or, so that the vision is fulfilled by the appearance of the announced prophet. The verb to seal alludes to the seal of God which thus gives to the prophecy and to the prophet who will present himself a complete and indisputable divine authority and legitimacy. The work that is about to be accomplished is sealed with its divine royal seal. The symbolic number of this seal is “seven: 7”. It also designates the fullness which characterizes the nature of the creator God and that of his Spirit. The basis of this choice is the construction of his project over seven thousand years, which is why he divided time into weeks of seven days like the seven thousand years. The prophecy of the 70 weeks thus gives a role to the number (7), the seal of the living God in Rev.7. The verses that follow will confirm the importance of this number “7”.

24f-  and to anoint the Holy of Holies

 This is the anointing of the Holy Spirit that Jesus will receive at the time of his baptism. But let us make no mistake, the dove that landed on him from heaven had only one goal, that of convincing John that Jesus was indeed the announced Messiah; heaven bears witness to him. On earth, Jesus was always the Christ and in the form of selected questions asked of the priests, his teaching in the synagogue at the age of 12 is proof of this. For his people, among whom he was born and raised, his official mission was to begin at his baptism in the fall of the year 26 and he was to give up his life in the spring of the year 30. The title Holy of Holies designates with dignity since he embodies in the form of flesh the living God who terrified the Hebrews in the time of Moses. But the living Holy of Holies had a material symbol on earth; the most holy place or sanctuary of the temple of Jerusalem. It was a symbol of heaven, this dimension inaccessible to humanity where God and his angels stand. Seat of divine judgment and place of his throne, God as Judge awaited the blood of Christ to validate the forgiveness of the sins of the elect selected during the 6 millennia set for this selection. The death of Jesus thus fulfilled the ultimate “feast of atonement.” Forgiveness has been obtained and the ancient sacrifices approved by God have all been validated. The anointing of the Holy of Holies was done on the Day of Atonement by sprinkling the blood of the goat killed on the mercy seat, an altar placed above the ark containing the transgressed commandments of God. For this action, once a year, the high priest was authorized to penetrate beyond the veil of separation, into the most holy place. Thus after his resurrection, Jesus brought to heaven the atonement of his blood in order to receive dominion, the legitimacy to save his elect by the imputation of his justice and the right to condemn unrepentant sinners, including evil angels and their leader Satan, the devil. The Holy of Holies, also designating heaven, the blood shed by Jesus on earth, will allow him, in Michael, to cast out the devil and his demons from heaven, something revealed in Rev.12:9. Thus, the error of the Jewish religious people was not to understand the prophetic character of the annual “day of atonement”. They wrongly believed that the animal blood offered in this celebration could validate another animal meaning shed during the year. Man made in the image of God; the animal produced by terrestrial life, how can we justify equality of value for the two species?

Being God, Jesus Christ was himself the oil of anointing as the Holy Spirit and in ascending to heaven he brings with him the anointing of his legitimacy won on earth.


The key to calculations

Dan 9:25 Know therefore, and understand! From the time when the word declared that Jerusalem would be rebuilt to the Anointed, to the Leader, seven weeks and threescore and two weeks ago, the places and the ditches will be restored, but in difficult times.

25a-  Know this then, and understand!

 The angel is right to invite Daniel to attention because he addresses data that requires great spiritual and intellectual concentration; because calculations will have to be made.

25b-  From the time when the word announced that Jerusalem will be rebuilt to the Anointed, to the Leader

 This part of the verse alone is of utmost importance because it summarizes the purpose of the vision. God gives his people who are waiting for their Messiah the means of knowing in what year he will present himself to them . And this moment when the word announced that Jerusalem will be rebuilt must be determined according to the duration of the prophesied 490 years. For this decree of reconstruction, in the book of Ezra, we find three possible decrees ordered successively by three Persian kings: Cyrus, Darius, and Artaxerxes. It turns out that the decree established by the last in – 458, allows the culmination of the 490 years in the year 26 of our era. It will therefore be this decree of Artaxerxes that should be retained taking into account the season in which it was written: spring according to Esd.7:9: he left Babylon on the first day of the first month, and he arrived at Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month, the good hand of his God being upon him . The year of the king's decree is given in Ezra.7:7: Many of the children of Israel, priests and Levites, singers, doorkeepers, and Nethinites, came also to Jerusalem in the seventh year of King Artaxerxes .

 The departure of the decree being a spring, the Spirit targets for its prophecy, the Easter of the spring where Jesus Christ died crucified. The calculations will lead us to this objective.

25c-  seven weeks and sixty-two weeks ago, the places and the ditches will be restored, but in difficult times.

We initially have 70 weeks. The angel evokes 69 weeks; 7 + 62. The first 7 weeks culminate in the time of recovery of Jerusalem and the temple, in unfortunate times because the Jews work under the permanent adversity of the Arabs who came to settle in the area left free by their deportation. This verse from Neh.4:17 describes the situation well: Those who built the wall, and those who carried or loaded the burdens, worked with one hand and held a weapon in the other . This is a detail that is specified, but the main one is found in the 70th week counted.


 The 70th week

Dan 9:26 And after the sixty-two weeks shall an Anointed One be cut off, and he shall have no successor , nothing for him. The people of a ruler who comes will destroy the city and the holy sanctuary , and their end will come as by a flood; It is decided that the devastations will last until the end of the war.

26a-  After the sixty-two weeks, an Anointed One will be cut off

 These 62 weeks are preceded by 7 weeks , which means that the real message is "after the 69 weeks" an anointed one will be cut off , but not just any anointed one, the one who is thus announced embodies the divine anointing himself. Using the formula “ a anointed ”, God prepares the Jewish people for their encounter with an ordinary-looking man, far from divine constraints. In accordance with his parable of the winegrowers, the Son of Man, son of the Master of the vineyard, presents himself to the winegrowers after sending his messengers who preceded him and whom they mistreated. From a human perspective, Jesus is only an anointed one who presents himself after other anointed ones.

 The angel said “ after ” the total duration of 69 weeks thus indicating the 70th . Thus, step by step, the angel's data directs us towards the spring Passover of the year 30 which will be located in the middle of this 70th week of day-years.

26b-  and he will have no successor for him

 This translation is all the more illegitimate as its author, L.Segond, specifies in the margin that the literal translation is: nobody for him . And for me the literal translation suits me perfectly because it says what really happened at the hour of his crucifixion. The Bible testifies that the apostles themselves had stopped believing that Jesus was the expected Messiah because, like the rest of the Jewish people, they were waiting for a warrior messiah who would throw the Romans out of the country.

26c-  The people of a leader who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary holiness

 This constitutes God's response to the observed Jewish national unbelief: no one for him . The outrage against God will be definitively paid for by the destruction of Jerusalem and its false holiness ; because since the year 30, there has been no more holiness on Jewish soil; the sanctuary no longer being one. For this action, God used the Romans, those through whom the Jewish religious leaders had the Messiah crucified, not daring and not being able to do it themselves, while they knew, without them, to stone the deacon Stephen “three years and six months” later.

26d-  and its end will come like a flood

It was therefore in 70, that after several years of Roman siege, Jerusalem fell into their hands, and filled with destructive hatred, animated by divine ardor, they frantically destroyed, as announced, the city and the holiness which was no longer, until there was no longer one stone left upon another as Jesus had announced before his death in Matt.24:2: But he said to them: Do you see all this? Truly I tell you, there will not be one stone left upon another here that will not be torn down .

26th -  it is decided that the devastations will last until the end of the war

  In Matt.24:6, Jesus said: You will hear of wars and rumors of wars: take care not to be troubled, for these things must come to pass. But that will not be the end yet. After the Romans, wars continued throughout the two thousand years of the Christian era and the long time of peace that we have enjoyed since the end of the Second World War is exceptional but programmed by God. Humanity can thus produce the fruits of its perversion to the end of its fantasies before mortally paying the price.

 However, we must not forget when speaking of the Romans that their papal succession will prolong the works of the pagan “ devastator or desolator ” and there too until the end of the war waged against the elect of Christ God.

Dan 9:27 He will make a strong covenant with many for a week , and for half the week he will cause sacrifice and grain offering to cease; And [there will be] on the wing of the abominations of desolation and even to an extermination (or utter destruction), and it will be broken, [ according to] that which has been decreed, in the desolate [earth] .

27a-  He will make a strong alliance with many for a week

 The Spirit prophesies the establishment of the new covenant ; it is solid because it becomes the basis of the salvation offered until the end of the world. Under the term many, God targets Jewish nationals, his apostles and his first Jewish disciples who will enter into his covenant during the last seven years of the deadline given to the Jewish nation to officially accept or reject the crucified Messiah. It is this covenant that is “ cut ” in verse 24 between God and the repentant Jewish sinners. In the fall of 33, the end of this last week will be marked by this other unjust and odious act represented by the stoning of Stephen the new deacon. His only wrong was to tell the Jews truths that they could not bear to hear, while Jesus put his words in his mouth. Seeing a follower of his cause killed, Jesus recorded the official national refusal of his intercession. From the fall of the year 33, the Jewish rebels fueled the Roman anger which was emptied of a block on Jerusalem in the year 70.

27b-  and for half the week he will cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease

 This moment in the middle or half of the week is spring 30 targeted by the prophecy of the 70 weeks. This is the moment when all the actions mentioned in verse 24 are accomplished: The end of sin, its atonement, the coming of the prophet who fulfills the vision by establishing his eternal justice and the anointing of the resurrected Christ who ascends to heaven Victorious and Almighty . The atoning death of the Messiah is mentioned here under the aspect of a consequence that it entails: the definitive cessation of animal sacrifices and offerings made evening and morning in the Jewish temple, but also from morning until evening , for the sins of the people. The death of Jesus Christ renders obsolete the animal symbols which prefigured him in the old covenant, and this is the essential change brought about by his sacrifice. The tearing of the veil of the temple that God carries out at the moment when Jesus expires confirms the definitive cessation of earthly religious rites, and the destruction of the temple, in 70, reinforces this confirmation. In turn, the annual Jewish festivals, all prophetic of his coming, had to disappear; but in no case, the practice of the weekly Sabbath which receives in this death its true meaning: it prophesies the celestial rest of the seventh millennium which, through his victory, Jesus Christ obtains for God and his true elect to whom he imputes his perfect eternal justice cited in verse 24.

 The beginning of this “ week ” of days-years occurs in the fall of 26 with the baptism of Jesus who was baptized by John the Baptizer.

27c-  And [there will be] on the wing of the abominations of desolation

 Sorry, but this part of the verse is poorly translated in the L.Segond version because it was misinterpreted. Taking into account the revelations provided in the Apocalypse of John, I present my translation of the Hebrew text which other translations confirm. The phrase " on the wing ", symbol of heavenly character and dominion, suggests a religious responsibility that directly targets papal Rome, which " rises " in Dan.8:10-11, and its religious allies of the last days. Eagle wings symbolize the supreme elevation of the imperial title, for example the lion with eagle wings which concerns King Nebuchadnezzar, or of God himself, who carried on eagle wings his Hebrew people whom he delivered from Egyptian slavery. All empires have adopted this symbol of the eagle including , in 1806, Napoleon 1st , which will be confirmed by Apo.8:13, then the Prussian and German emperors, the last being the dictator A.Hitler. But since then, the USA has also had this imperial eagle on the greenback of its national currency: the dollar.

 Leaving the previous subject, the Spirit returns to target its favorite enemy: Rome. After the earthly mission of Jesus Christ, the targeted actor of the abominations which cause the final desolation of the earth is indeed Rome whose pagan imperial phase has just destroyed Jerusalem in 70 in verse 26. And the action of committing " abominations of desolation ” will continue in time until the end of the world. The abominations, in the plural, are therefore attributable, first of all, to Imperial Rome which will persecute the faithful elected by putting them to death in spectacular “stages” to entertain the bloodthirsty Roman people, things which will cease in 313. But another abomination comes next and it consists of putting an end to the practice of the seventh-day Sabbath, March 7, 321; this action is still attributable to the Roman Empire and its imperial leader Constantine I. With him, the Roman Empire came under the domination of the Byzantine emperors. In 538, in turn, the emperor Justinian 1st committed another abomination by establishing on his Roman seat the papal regime of Vigilius 1st , and this prolongation of the abominations until the end of the world must then be attributed to this phase papal law that God has denounced since Dan.7. We remember that the name “ little horn ” designates the two dominant phases of Rome in Dan.7 and Dan.8. God sees in these two successive phases only the continuity of the same abominable work.             

The study of the previous chapters has allowed us to identify the different kinds of abominations that this verse imputes to him.

27d-  and until an extermination (or complete destruction ) and it will be broken , [according to] what has been decreed, in the desolate [land] .

 She will be broken [according to] that which has been decreed ” and revealed in Dan.7:9-10 and Dan.8:25: Because of his prosperity and the success of his wiles, he will have arrogance in his heart, he will do many men who lived peacefully will perish, and he will rise up against the chief of chiefs; but it will be broken, without the effort of any hand.

The Hebrew text offers this divine thought different from current translations.

This nuance is based on God's project to place the blame of men on the planet Earth on which they live; what Rev.20 teaches us. Let us note the fact that the false Christian faith ignores this divine project which will consist of exterminating men from the face of the earth, at the glorious return of Christ. Ignoring the revelations given in Revelation 20, they wait in vain for the establishment of Christ's kingdom on earth. However, complete destruction of its surface is planned here and in Rev.20. The return in glory of the victorious Christ in all his divinity will return to the earth its chaotic appearance from the beginning of its history described in Genesis 1. Gigantic earthquakes will shake it and it will return under the name abyss to its chaotic state “ formless and empty ” , “tohu wa bohu”, initial. There will be no living man left on her, but she will be the prison of the devil isolated on her for a thousand years until the hour of his death.


At this stage of the study, I must provide additional information concerning firstly the “70th week ” which has just been studied. Its fulfillment in prophetic days-years is coupled with a literal fulfillment. Because thanks to the testimony of a Jewish calendar, we know the configuration of the Easter week of the year 30. Its center was a Wednesday eve of the occasional Sabbath justified by the Jewish Passover which fell in that year on Thursday. Thus we can completely reconstruct the course of this Passover in which Jesus died. Arrested on Tuesday evening, Judged during the night, Jesus was crucified on Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. It expires at 3 p.m. Before 6 p.m., Joseph of Arimathea placed his body in the tomb and rolled away the stone that closed it. The Easter Sabbath of Thursday passes. On Friday morning, pious women buy spices which they prepare during the day to embalm the body of Jesus. On the evening of Friday at 6 p.m. the weekly Sabbath begins, one night, a day passes in rest sanctified by God. And on Saturday evening at 6 p.m., the first day of the secular week begins. The night passes and at the first light of dawn, the women go to the tomb hoping to find someone to roll away the stone. They find the stone rolled away and the tomb open. Entering the tomb, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus, see an angel sitting who tells them that Jesus is resurrected, the angel tells them to go and warn his brothers, his apostles. While lingering in the garden, Mary Magdalene sees a man dressed in white whom she takes for a gardener; in the exchange she recognizes Jesus. And here, a very important detail which destroys a very widespread belief, Jesus says to Mary: “ I have not yet returned to my Father ”. The thief who was on the cross and Jesus himself did not enter paradise, the kingdom of God, on the same day of their crucifixion, since 3 whole days later, Jesus still has not yet returned to heaven. So can I say in the name of the Lord, let those who have nothing to say from Him, be silent! So as not to have to suffer ridicule or shame one day.


The second thing is to take advantage of the date – 458 which first marks the beginning of the 70 weeks of day-years fixed for the Jewish people to whom God gave two main signs of identity: the Sabbath and the circumcision of the flesh.

According to Rom.11, pagan converts entered into the new covenant are grafted into the Hebrew and Jewish root and trunk. But the bases of the new alliance are purely Jewish and Jesus made a point of recalling this in John 4:22: You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, because salvation comes from the Jews. Today, this message takes on a living relevance because Jesus addresses it to falsely converted pagans in all ages. To better ruin them, the devil pushed them to hate the Jews and their alliance; which turned them away from the commandments of God and his holy Sabbath. We must therefore rectify this error and look at the new covenant with a Jewish identity . The apostles and the new converted Jewish disciples are these “ many ” who make a solid alliance with Jesus , in Dan.9:27, but their base remains Jewish, they are also concerned by the beginning of the period of the “ 70 weeks ” given by God to the Jewish nation to accept or reject the standard of the new covenant based on the human blood shed voluntarily by Jesus Christ. In deduction from these reasonings the date – 458 becomes the beginning of the “2300 evening-morning” of Dan.8:14.

At the end of this long prophetic duration, 2300 years, three things had to cease according to Dan.8:13.

1-     the perpetual priesthood

2-     the devastating sin

3-     the persecution of holiness and the army.

The three things are identified:

1-     the perpetual earthly priesthood of the pope

2-     the rest of the first day renamed: Sunday.

3-     The persecution of Christian holiness and saints, citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

These changes aimed to:

1-     Restore to Jesus Christ his holy perpetual celestial priesthood.

2-     Restore the entire divine law including the 7th day sabbatical rest .

3-     See an end to the persecutions of Christian holiness and saints.


The calculation proposed for the “2300 evening-morning” starting from the date – 458, the end of this duration ends in the spring of 1843: 2300 – 458 = 1842 +1. In this calculation we have 1842 whole years to which we must add +1 to designate the spring at the beginning of the year 1843 where the prophesied “2300 evening-morning” ends. This date marks the beginning of a return of the intervention of God who thus wants to free his true saints from the religious lies inherited from Roman papal Catholicism for 1260 years. Thus, taking the initiative to create a spiritual awakening in the USA where Protestants have found refuge, the Spirit inspires in William Miller an interest in the prophecy of Daniel 8:14 and two successive proposed dates announce the return of Jesus Christ , the first for the spring of 1843, the second for the fall of 1844. For him, the purification of the sanctuary means that Jesus returns to purify the earth. After two disappointments on the scheduled dates, the Spirit gives a sign to the most persevering who took part in the two tests of faith. A celestial vision was received on the morning of October 23, 1844 by one of the saints who was crossing the fields. Heaven opened to a scene showing Jesus Christ as High Priest officiating in the heavenly sanctuary. In the vision he passed from the holy place to the most holy place. Thus after 1260 years of darkness, Jesus Christ reconnected with his faithful sorted by the two successive trials.

1-     The resumption of the perpetual . It is therefore through this vision that God officially took back control of his perpetual celestial priesthood on October 23, 1844.

2-     The Return of the Sabbath . In the same month, another of the Saints began observing the seventh-day Sabbath, following a visit from Mrs. Rachel Oaks who gave him a pamphlet from her church: "The Seventh-day Baptists." One by one, over time, the saints selected by the two tests also adopted the seventh-day Sabbath. This is how God put an end to the devastating sin established by pagan Rome, but legalized by papal Rome under its name “Sunday”.

3-     Stopping the persecutions . The third subject concerned holiness and Christians persecuted for 1260 years. And there again, in 1843 and 1844, religious peace reigned everywhere in the Western world concerned by the prophecy. This is because revolutionary France silenced with its guillotine those responsible for the religious abuses committed. Thus after the last bloody years of the punishment of religious adulterers according to Apo.2:22-23, at the end of the 1260 years begun in 538, the date linked to the removal of the perpetual by the establishment of the papal regime, i.e. in 1798, the religious peace reigns. And the freedom of conscience established allows the saints to serve God according to their choice and their knowledge that God will increase. In 1843, the holiness and the army of saints , these citizens of the kingdom of heaven selected by Jesus Christ, are no longer persecuted, as the prophecy of Daniel 8:13-14 announced.


All these experiences were organized and guided by the Almighty God who in total invisibility guides the minds of men so that they accomplish his plans, his entire program, until the end of the world when his selection of elect will have ended. It emerges from all this that man does not choose to honor the Sabbath and its light, it is God who gives him these things which belong to him as a sign of his approval and his real love for him as Ezé teaches. .20:12-20: I also gave them my sabbaths as a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD who sanctifies them...Sanctify my sabbaths, and that they may be between me and you one sign by which it is known that I am the LORD your God . Because it is he who is looking for his lost sheep, let us be sure that no elected official will miss the call.


In Dan.8, in the unique answer that God gives in verse 14 to the question in verse 13, the word " holiness " fits perfectly because holiness generally concerns everything that is God's property and which particularly affects him. This was the case of his perpetual heavenly priesthood, of his sanctified sabbath from the foundation of the world the day after the creation of Adam, and of his saints , his faithful elect.

The experiences prophesied in Daniel 8:13-14 were fulfilled between 1843 when the divine decree came into effect and the fall of 1844, both based on the expectation of the return of Jesus Christ on those dates, so relying on the idea of the advent of Jesus Christ, the contemporaries of this experience gave the participants who were followers of these expectations the name “Adventist”, from the Latin “adventus” which precisely means “advent”. We will find this “Adventist” experience in chapter 12 of this book of Daniel, where the Spirit will underline the importance of this last formalized “covenant”.







































Daniel 10


Dan 10:1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a word was revealed to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar. This word, which is true, announces a great calamity. He listened to this word, and he understood the vision.

1a-  In the third year of Cyrus, king of Persia, a word was revealed to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar

 Cyrus 2 reigned since – 539. The date of the vision is therefore – 536.

1b-  This word, which is true, announces a great calamity.

 This term, great calamity, announces the massacre on a great scale.

1c-  He listened to this word, and he understood the vision.

 If Daniel understood the meaning, we will understand it too.

Dan 10:2 At that time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks.

 This personal mourning which affects Daniel, confirms the funereal nature of the massacre which will be carried out when the great calamity announced takes place.

Dan 10:3 I did not eat any delicacy, neither meat nor wine entered my mouth, nor did I anoint myself until the three weeks were completed.

 This preparation of Daniel who seeks increased holiness prophesies the dramatic situation that the angel will prophesy in Dan.11:30.

Dan 10:4 On the twenty-fourth day of the first month I was by the great river Hiddekel.

 Hiddékel has the name Tiger in French. This is the river which watered Mesopotamia with the Euphrates which crossed and watered the Chaldean city Babylon because of the punished pride of King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel couldn't understand it, but this clarification was intended for me. Because it was only in 1991 that I made known the true explanations of Daniel 12 where the Tigris River will play the role of a “ tiger ” eating human souls. A test of faith is illustrated by its perilous crossing. Only the elect can cross it and continue their journey with Jesus Christ. It is again, an image copied from the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews, an impossible and fatal crossing for Egyptian sinners. But the one that Daniel 12 evokes selects the last elected “Adventists” whose mission will continue until the return of Christ. The last of them will experience the last great calamity , its extreme form which will require the intervention of Christ in a powerful and glorious saving and vengeful return.


The first calamity announced to Daniel is mentioned in Dan.11:30. It concerns the Jewish people of antiquity, but another similar calamity will be announced by an analogous image in Rev.1. This will be accomplished after the Third World War in which a third of men will be killed . And this conflict is presented in Rev.9:13 to 21 by symbols, but it is developed in plain language in this book of Daniel at the end of chapter 11 in verses 40 to 45. So that we will find successively, in this chapter 11, the great calamity of the Jews, then in Dan.12:1, the great calamity which will target the elect of Christianity and the faithful Jews of the end time who will convert to Christ This calamity is mentioned there under the terms “times of trouble” and the main focus will be the practice of the God-sanctified Sabbath.


Comparison of the two visions of the predicted calamities

1-     To the children of Daniel's people of the old covenant: Dan.10:5-6.

2-     To the children of Daniel's people of the new covenant: Rev.1:13-14.

To fully appreciate the interest that we must give to these two calamities, we must understand that although they follow one another in time, the first is a type which prophesies the second, which will be targeted at the return of Jesus Christ , the last faithful children of God of the type of Daniel and his three companions. After decades of peace, followed by a terrible and terribly destructive atomic war, the day of rest of Roman Sunday will be imposed by the universal government organized by the survivors of the disaster. Then again, death will come to threaten the lives of the faithful elect, as in the days of Daniel, Hananias, Mishael, and Azariah; and as in the time of the “Maccabees” in –168, which the calamity announced in this chapter of Daniel targets; and in the end, the last Adventists remaining faithful to the seventh-day Sabbath in 2029.

But before this last ordeal, the long papal reign of 1260 years will have already caused multitudes of creatures to die in the name of God.

In summary, understanding the message delivered by this vision given to Daniel will allow us to understand the meaning of the one he gives to John in Rev.1:13 to 16.


Dan 10:5 And I lifted up my eyes, and looked, and, behold, there was a man clothed in linen, and having upon his loins a girdle of gold from Uphaz.

 5a-  there was a man dressed in linen

 A work of justice symbolized by the linen will be carried out by God through a human being. In the image described God takes the appearance of the Greek king Antiochos 4 known as Epiphanes. He will be the persecutor of the Jews between – 175 and – 164, duration of his reign.

5b-  having on the loins a golden belt of Uphaz

­ Placed on the kidneys, the belt designates forced truth. Furthermore, the gold of which it is made comes from Uphaz, which in Jer.10:9 targets its pagan idolatrous use.

Dan 10:6 His body was like chrysolite, his face shone like lightning, his eyes were like flames of fire, his arms and his feet were like polished brass, and the sound of his voice was like the sound of noise of a multitude.

6a-  His body was like chrysolite

 God is the author of the vision but he announces the coming of a pagan god hence this glorious supernatural aspect.

6b-  his face shone like lightning

 The Greek identity of this God is confirmed. This is Zeus, the Greek god of King Antiochos 4. Lightning is the symbol of the Olympian god Zeus; the god of the Olympian gods of Greek mythology

6c-  his eyes were like flames of fire

 He will destroy what he looks at and does not approve of; his eyes will be on the Jews according to Dan.11:30: … he will look on those who have abandoned the holy covenant. Calamity does not come without reason, apostasy defiles the people.

6d-  his arms and feet looked like polished brass

 The executioner who will be sent by God will be as sinful as his victims. His destructive actions symbolized by his brass arms and feet are the symbol of Greek sin in the statue of Dan.2.

6th-  and the sound of his voice was like the noise of a multitude

 The Greek king will not act alone. He will have behind and in front of him a multitude of soldiers as pagan as himself to obey his orders.

 The climax and climax of this prophetic announcement will be reached at the hour of Dan's fulfillment. 11:31: Troops will appear at his command; they will desecrate the sanctuary, the fortress, they will put an end to the perpetual sacrifice , and will set up the abomination of the destroyer. For biblical honesty, I crossed out the word sacrifice which is not written in the Hebrew text, because God has provided for the “ perpetual ” two different successive roles in the old covenant and in the new. In the ancient it consists of offering a lamb in the evening and morning as a burnt offering. In the short story, it designates the celestial intercession of Jesus Christ which recalls his sacrifice to intercede for the prayers of the elect. In this context of Dan.11:31, that of the old covenant, the Greek king will put an end to the perpetual offerings of the law of Moses. Thus, it is only the context of the time in which it is evoked which determines the interpretation of the ministry of perpetual intercession of an earthly priest or that of the heavenly high priest: Jesus Christ. The perpetual is therefore linked to a human ministry or, secondarily and definitively, to the divine celestial ministry of Jesus Christ.


Dan 10:7 I, Daniel, saw the vision alone, and the men who were with me did not see it, but were greatly afraid, and fled and hid themselves.

7-  This collective fear is only the faint image of the accomplishment of the vision. For on the day of the predicted carnage, the righteous would do well to flee and hide, even if it were in the belly of the earth.

Dan 10:8 I was left alone, and saw this great vision; my strength failed me, my face changed color and was decomposed, and I lost all vigor.

8a-  Through his feelings, Daniel continues to prophesy the consequences of the misfortune that will come.

Dan 10:9 I heard the sound of his words; and as I heard the sound of his words, I fell stunned, face down on the ground.

9a-  In the day of misfortune, the voice of the persecuting king will cause the same terrifying effects; the knees will collide and the legs will bend, unable to carry the bodies which will fall to the earth.

Dan 10:10 And, behold, a hand touched me, and shook my knees and my hands.

10a-  Fortunately for him, Daniel is only the prophet responsible for announcing to his people the coming of this great calamity and he is not himself targeted by the just wrath of God.

Dan 10:11 Then he said to me, Daniel, beloved man, pay attention to the words that I will speak to you, and stand where you are; for I am now sent to you. When he had thus spoken to me, I stood trembling.

11a-  Daniel, beloved man, pay attention to the words that I will speak to you, and stand where you are

 A beloved of God has no reason to fear his heavenly interventions. God's wrath is against wicked and cruel aggressive rebellious sinners. Daniel is the opposite of these people. He must remain standing because it is the very sign of the difference in fate which will ultimately fall to the elected. Even lying in the dust of earthly death, they will be awakened and put back on their feet. The wicked will lie down and the wicked will be awakened for the final judgment to be destroyed forever. The angel specifies “in the place where you are”. And where is he? In nature on the banks of the river “Hiddekel”, in French, the Euphrates, which will designate the Christian Europe of the new alliance in Revelation. The first lesson is that man can meet God anywhere and be blessed by Him there. This lesson overturns the idolatrous prejudices that for many people, God can only be encountered in churches, sacred buildings, temples, altars, but here, there is none of that. In his time, Jesus will renew this lesson saying in John 4:21 to 24: Woman, Jesus said to her, believe me, the hour is coming when it will be neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem that you will worship the Father . You adore what you do not know; we worship what we know, because salvation comes from the Jews. But the hour is coming, and has already come, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for these are the worshipers whom the Father requires. God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

 The second lesson is more subtle, it is based on the river Hiddekel because the Spirit has planned to open the understanding of his book only to his last faithful servants whose experience and the test by which their selection is carried out is illustrated by the image of the perilous crossing of the river Hiddékel in French, the Tiger, like the animal of this name, also in the test of faith, eater of men's souls.

11b-  for I am now sent to you. When he had thus spoken to me, I stood trembling.

 The encounter is no longer a vision; it is transformed into a dialogue, an exchange between two creatures of God, one coming from heaven, the other still being from the earth.             

Dan 10:12  He said to me: Daniel, do not be afraid; for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and it is because of your words that I come .

 On this entire verse, I only have one thing to say. If you were to lose your memory, at least remember this verse which tells us how to please our creator God.

 The verse is an example of its kind; a logical sequence based on the fact that each cause has its effect with God: the thirst for understanding accompanied by true humility is heard and fulfilled.


Here begins a long revelation which will not end until the end of the Book of Daniel, that of chapter 12 .


Dan 10:13 and The ruler of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; but, behold, Michael, one of the chief leaders, came to my aid, and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

13a-  and The leader of the kingdom of Persia resisted me twenty-one days

 The angel Gabriel assists Cyrus 2 the Persian king and his mission for God consists of influencing his decisions, so that the actions taken do not oppose his great project. The example of this failure of the angel proves that God's creatures are indeed left free and independent and therefore responsible for all their choices and works.

13b-  but behold, Michael, one of the chief leaders, came to my aid

The example revealed also teaches us that in case of real necessity “ one of the main leaders, Michael ”, can intervene to force the decision. This superior help is divine help since Michael means: “Who is like God”. It is he who will come to earth to be incarnated in Jesus Christ. In heaven, he was for the angels the representation of the Spirit of God with them. In this case, the expression “ one of the main leaders ” can legitimately surprise us. Well, this is not surprising, because the humility, gentleness, sharing and love that Jesus will demonstrate on earth, were already put into practice in his celestial life with his faithful angels. The laws of heaven are those that He demonstrated during His earthly ministry. On earth, he became the servant of his servants. And we learn that in heaven he made himself equal to other chief angels.

13c-  and I remained there with the kings of Persia

 The domination of the dynasty of Persian kings will therefore continue for some time until Greek domination.

Dan 10:14 Now I come to show you what will happen to your people in the future; for the vision still concerns those times.

14a-  Until the end of the world, the people of Daniel will be concerned, in the old as in the new covenant, because his people are Israel whom God saves from Egyptian sin , from the sin of Adam by Jesus Christ and of the sin established by Rome in Christianity purified by the blood of Jesus.

 The purpose of the revelation brought by the angel to Daniel is to warn his people of the tragedies to come. Daniel can already understand that what is revealed to him no longer concerns him personally, but he is also certain that these teachings will be profitable in the future to the servants of his people and therefore to all those to whom God addresses them and destines them through him.

Dan 10:15 While he spoke these words to me, I looked toward the earth, and kept silent.

15a-  John still has in his mind the terrible vision of the calamity and he tries to concentrate on hearing what he hears, he no longer dares to raise his head to look at the one who speaks to him.

Dan 10:16 And, behold, one in the likeness of the sons of man touched my lips. I opened my mouth and spoke, and said to him who stood before me: My lord, the vision has filled me with fear, and I have lost all strength.

1a-  And behold, one who had the appearance of the sons of man touched my lips

 While the terrible vision was an unreal fictional image created in Daniel's mind, on the contrary, the angel presents himself in human form identical to earthly man. First, he too was created in the image of God, but in a celestial body free from earthly laws. His celestial nature gives him access to both dimensions by having an active capacity in each. He touches Daniel's lips who feels this touch.

Dan 10:17 How can my lord's servant speak to my lord? Now my strength is failing me, and I have no more breath.

17a-  For the purely earthly human being, the situation is very different, earthly laws are imposed and fear has made him lose his strength and his breath.

Dan 10:18 Then he who had the appearance of a man touched me again, and strengthened me.

18a-  With gentle insistence, the angel manages to restore strength to Daniel by calming him down.

Dan 10:19 Then he said to me, Fear not, beloved man, peace be with you. courage courage ! And as he spake unto me, I gained strength, and said, Let my lord speak, for thou hast strengthened me.

19a-  A message of peace! Identical to the one that Jesus will address to his disciples! Nothing like reassuring a frightened mind. The words courage, courage, help him catch his breath and regain his strength.

Dan 10:20 He said to me, Do you know why I have come to you? Now I return to fight the ruler of Persia; and when I depart, behold, the ruler of Javan will come.

20a-  Now I return to fight the leader of Persia

 This leader of Persia is Cyrus 2 the Great whom God considers his anointed; which does not prevent him from having to fight against him to direct his decisions in his direction.

20b-  and when I go, behold, the ruler of Javan will come

 When the angel leaves Cyrus 2, an attack from the Greek leader of the time will open the growing hostility between the two Persian and Greek dominations.

Dan 10:21 But I will make known to you what is written in the book of truth. No one helps me against these, except Michael, your leader.

21a-  This revelation that Daniel will receive is called the book of truth. Today in 2021, I can confirm the fulfillment of all that is revealed therein, for its understanding has been fully given by the immortal Spirit of Michael our leader, for Daniel in the old covenant and for me, in the new covenant, since Jesus Christ claims this name to judge the demons still active until his Glorious return.







Daniel 11


Attention ! Despite the change of chapter, the discussion between the angel and Daniel continues in continuity with the last verse of chapter 10 .


Dan 11:1 And I, in the first year of Darius the Mede, was with him to help and support him.

1a-  Created by God to live eternally, the angel who speaks to Daniel tells him that he helped and supported Darius, the Median king, who captured Babylon at the age of 62 and who still reigned in Dan.6. This king loved Daniel and his God but, trapped, he put his life in danger by delivering him to the lions. So it was he who intervened to close the lions' mouths and save his life. It was therefore also he who helped this king Darius to understand that the God of Daniel is the only true God, creator of all that is, who lives and that there is no other like him.

Dan 11:2 Now I will make you know the truth. Behold, there will still be three kings in Persia. The fourth will amass more wealth than all the others; and when he is powerful in his riches, he will raise all against the kingdom of Javan.

2a-  Now I will make you know the truth

 The truth is known only to the True God and it is the name that God gives himself in his relationship with his last chosen ones in Christ according to Rev.3:14. The truth is not only the divine law, its ordinances and its commandments. It also encompasses everything that God scrupulously plans and causes to be accomplished in His time. We are only discovering every day of our life, a part of this great program in which we progress until the end of our life and collectively, until the end of the final saving project which will see the elect access eternity. promised.

2b-  Behold, there will still be three kings in Persia

 1st king after Cyrus 2: Cambyses 2 (– 528 – 521) slaughters his son Bardiya nicknamed Smerdis by the Greeks.

 2nd king: the false Smerdis, the mage Gaumâta usurper of the name Smerdis only reigns for a short time.

 3rd king: Darius 1st the Persian (– 521 – 486) son of Hystape .

2c-  The fourth will amass more wealth than all the others

 4th king: Xerxes 1st ( – 486 – 465). Just after him, Artaxerxes I will reign and free all Jewish captives in the seventh year of his reign, in the spring – 458 according to Esd.7:7-9.             

2d-  and when he is powerful by his riches, he will raise everything against the kingdom of Javan

 Xerxes I repressed and pacified revolted Egypt then he waged war against Greece, invaded Attica and ruined Athens. But he was defeated at Salamis in – 480. Greece will retain domination over its territory. And the Persian king remained in Asia, nevertheless launching attacks which proved his desire to conquer Greece.

Dan 11:3 But there shall arise a mighty king, who shall rule with great power, and do whatsoever he pleaseth.

3a-  Defeated on his territory, the hunted Persian king Xerxes I will end up dying, assassinated by two of his great men. He was defeated by a young man whom he had deceptively mocked. Greece chose as its king, Alexander the Great, a young Macedonian of 20 years old (born in – 356, reigned in – 336, – died in – 323). The prophecy mentions him as founder of the 3rd empire of the statue of Dan.2, third animal of Dan.7 and second animal of Dan.8.

Dan 11:4 And when he is exalted, his kingdom shall be broken in pieces, and divided toward the four winds of heaven; it will not belong to his descendants, nor will it be as powerful as it was, for it will be torn, and it will pass to others than to them.

4a-  We find there, the exact definition given on the large broken horn of the Greek goat of Dan.8:8 and its explanation of verse 22: The four horns which arose to replace this broken horn, these are four kingdoms which will arise from this nation, but who will not have as much strength .

 I recall what the “ four great horns ” represent.

 1st horn : the Greek Seleucid dynasty founded in Syria by Seleucus 1st Nicator .

 2nd horn: the Greek Lagid dynasty founded in Egypt by Ptolemy I Lagos .

 3rd horn: the Greek dynasty founded in Trace by Lysimachus .

 4th horn : the Greek dynasty founded in Macedonia by Cassandra

Dan 11:5 The king of the south will become strong. But one of his leaders will be stronger than him, and will dominate; his dominion will be powerful.

5a-  The king of the south will become strong

 Ptolemy I Soter Lagos –383 –285 king of Egypt or “ king of the south ”.

5b-  But one of his leaders will be stronger than him, and will dominate; his dominion will be powerful.

 Seleucus 1st Nicator –312–281 king of Syria or “ king of the north ”.

Dan 11:6 After a few years they will form an alliance, and the daughter of the king of the south will come to the king of the north to restore harmony. But she will not retain the strength of her arm, and he will not resist, neither he nor her arm; she will be delivered with those who brought her, with her father and with the one who was her support at that time.

6a-  The prophecy skips the reign of Antiochos 1st ( –281–261), the second “ king of the north ” who initiated the first “Syrian War” (–274-271) against the “ king of the south ” Ptolemy 2 Philadelphus (– 282 –286). Then comes the 2nd "Syrian War" (- 260 - 253) which opposes the Egyptians the new " king of the north " Antiochos 2 Theos (- 261 - 246).

6b-  After a few years they will ally themselves, and the daughter of the king of the south will come to the king of the north to restore harmony.

 Scabrous behavior begins. To marry Berenice, Antiochos 2 divorces his legitimate wife named Laodice. The father accompanies his daughter and stays with her at his son-in-law's house.

6c-  But she will not retain the strength of her arm, and he will not resist, neither he nor her arm; she will be delivered with those who brought her, with her father and with the one who was her support at that time.

 But just before his death, Antiochos 2 disinherits Bérénice. Laodicea takes revenge and has her killed with her father and her little daughter ( the arm = child). Note : in Rev.3:16, Jesus is going to divorce his official Adventist wife symbolically named Laodicea; all the more so since Antiochos 2 calls himself “Theos”, God. In England, King Henry 8 did better, he divorced by separating himself from the religious authority of Rome, created his Anglican church and caused his seven wives to die one after the other. Then comes the 3rd “ Syrian War” (-246-241).

Dan 11:7 A shoot from his roots will arise in his place; he will come to the army, he will enter the fortresses of the king of the north, he will dispose of them as he pleases, and he will make himself powerful.

7a-  A shoot from its roots will rise in its place

 Ptolemy 3 Evergetes -246-222 brother of Berenice.

7b-  he will come to the army, he will enter the fortresses of the king of the north

 Seleucus 2 Kallinicos -246-226

7c-  he will dispose of it as he pleases, and he will make himself powerful 

 Domination belongs to the king of the south. This Egyptian domination is favorable to the Jews unlike the Seleucid Greeks. We must immediately understand that between the two opposing rulers is the territory of Israel which the two warring camps must cross in their offensives or in their retreats.

Dan 11:8 He will even take away and carry into Egypt their gods and their molten images, and their precious objects of silver and gold. Then he will stay away from the king of the north for a few years.

8a-  In recognition, the Egyptians will add to his name, Ptolemy 3, the name “Evergetes” or benefactor.

Dan 11:9 And he shall go against the kingdom of the king of the south, and shall return to his own land.

9a-  The response of Seleucus 2 failed until the start of the 4th “Syrian War” (-219-217) which pitted Antiochos 3 against Ptolemy 4 Philopator .

Dan 11:10 His sons will go out and gather a great multitude of troops; one of them will come forward, spread like a torrent, overflow, then return; and they will push hostilities to the fortress of the king of the south.

10a-  Antiochos 3 Megas (-223 -187) against Ptolemy 4 Philopator (-222-205). The added nicknames reveal the state of derision of the Lagid people, because Philopator means in Greek, love of the father; a father that Ptolemy had killed... Once again, the Seleucid attacks failed. Domination will remain in the ugly camp.

Dan 11:11 The king of the south will be angry, and will go out and attack the king of the north; he will raise up a great multitude, and the troops of the king of the north will be delivered into his hands.

11a-  This crushing Seleucid defeat is a good thing for the Jews who prefer the Egyptians because they treat them well.

Dan 11:12 And this multitude shall be proud, and the heart of the king shall be lifted up; he will bring down thousands, but he will not triumph.

12a-  The situation will change with the 5th “Syrian War” (-202-200) which will pit Antiochos 3 against Ptolemy 5 Epiphanes (-205 -181).

Dan 11:13 For the king of the north will come again and will gather a multitude greater than the first; after a while, a few years, he will set out with a large army and great wealth.

13a-  Unfortunately, for the Jews, the Seleucid Greeks returned to their territory to attack Egypt.

Dan 11:14 At that time many will rise up against the king of the south, and violent men among your people will rebel to fulfill the vision, and they will fall.

14a-  The new king of the Egyptian south Ptolemy 5 Epiphanes - or Illustrious (-205-181) aged five is put in difficulty by the attack of Antiochos 3 supported by opponents. But Jews support the Egyptian king by fighting the Seleucids. They are, not only defeated and killed, but have just made the Syrian Seleucid Greeks mortal enemies for life.

The Jewish revolt revealed in this verse is justified by a Jewish preference for the Egyptian camp; they are therefore hostile to the Seleucid camp which regains domination of the situation. But, didn't God warn his people against alliances with the Egyptians? “Egypt, that reed that pierces the hand of him who leans on it,” according to Isa.36:6: “ Behold, you have placed it in Egypt, you have taken for support this broken reed, who penetrates and pierces the hand of everyone who leans on it: this is Pharaoh, king of Egypt, to all who trust in him .” This warning seems to be ignored by the Jewish people and their relationship with God is at its worst; the punishment draws near and strikes. Antiochus 3 makes them pay dearly for their hostility.

Please note : this Jewish revolt aims to “accomplish the vision ” in the sense that it prepares and builds the hatred of Syrians against the Jewish people. Thus the great calamity announced in Dan.10:1 will come to strike them.

Dan 11:15 And the king of the north shall come forth, and build up terraces, and take the strong cities. The southern troops and the king's elite will not resist, they will lack the strength to resist.

15a-  Domination has changed sides permanently, it is in the Seleucid camp. In front of him, the Egyptian king is only five years old.

Dan 11:16 Whoever goes against him will do whatever he wants, and no one will resist him; he will stop in the most beautiful country, exterminating whatever comes under his hand.

16a-  Antiochos 3 still fails to conquer Egypt and his thirst for conquest makes him irritated, the Jewish people become his pain. He empties the surplus of his anger on the martyred Jewish nation referred to by the expression " the most beautiful of lands " as in Dan.8:9.

Dan 11:17 He will propose to come with all the forces of his kingdom, and to make peace with the king of the south; he will give him his daughter to wife, with the intention of bringing about his ruin; but this will not happen, and will not succeed.

17a-  Since the war does not succeed, Antiochos 3 tries the path of alliance with the Lagid camp. This change in strategy has a cause: Rome became the protector of Egypt. So he tries to settle the differences by giving his daughter Cleopatra, the first of the name, in marriage with Ptolemy 5. The marriage takes place, but the married couple wants to maintain their independence from the Seleucid camp. Antiochus 3's plan to seize Egypt failed again.             

Dan 11:18 He will set his sights on the isles, and he will take many of them; but a leader will put an end to the opprobrium he wanted to attract, and will make it fall on him.

18a-  He will conquer lands in Asia but ends up finding on his route the Roman army, here designated as in Dan.9:26 by the term “ leader ”; this because Rome is still a republic which sends its armies in muscular pacification operations under the direction of the Legates representing the power of the senators and the people, the plebs. The transition to imperial rule will not change this type of military organization. This leader is called Lucius Scipio known as African, King Antiochos took the risk of confronting him and he was defeated at the Battle of Magnesia in 189 and condemned to pay Rome as war compensation a huge debt of 15,000 talents . In addition, his youngest son, the future Antiochos 4 Epiphanes, persecutor of the Jews who will fulfill in verse 31 the “ calamity ” prophesied in Dan.10:1, is taken hostage by the Romans.

Dan 11:19 Then he will go to the strongholds of his country; and he will stumble and fall, and he will be found no more.

19a-  The dreams of conquest ended with the death of the king, replaced by his eldest son Seleucus 4 (-187-175).

Dan 11:20 Whoever takes his place will bring an exactor into the most beautiful part of the kingdom, but in a few days it will be broken, and not by wrath or by war.

20a-  In order to settle the debt owed to the Romans, the king sends his minister Heliodorus to Jerusalem to seize the treasures of the temple, but victim of a terrible vision in the temple, he abandons this frightened project. This exactor is Heliodorus who will then assassinate Seleucus 4 who had charged him with his mission to Jerusalem. The intention is worth the action, and God made him pay for this desecration of his holy temple by the death of his leader who, murdered, died neither by anger nor by war .


Antiochos 4 the man imaged in the vision of the great calamity


Dan 11:21 A despised man will take his place, without being clothed with royal dignity; he will appear in the midst of peace, and will seize the kingdom by intrigue.

21a-  This is Antiochos, the youngest son of Antiochos 3. Captive and hostage of the Romans, we can imagine the effects produced in his character. Having become king, he had revenge to take on life. Furthermore, his stay with the Romans allowed a certain understanding with them. His arrival to the throne of Syria is based on intrigues, because another son, Demetrius, older, had priority over him. Seeing that Demetrius made a pact with Perseus, the king of Macedonia, enemy of the Romans, the latter favored and placed their friend Antiochos on the throne.

Dan 11:22 And the troops that are poured out like a torrent shall be overwhelmed before him, and destroyed, even as a prince of the covenant.

22a-  The troops which spread like a torrent will be submerged before him, and destroyed

Hostility resumes with the 6th “Syrian War” (-170-168 ) .

This time the Romans let Antiochos 4 resume his father's war against the ugly camp of Egypt. She has never so deserved her symbol of sin, Greek it is true in this context. Rather judge the facts, as God did then. In the Lagid camp Ptolemy 6 is incestuously married to his sister Cleopatra 2. Their younger brother Ptolemy 8 known as Physcon is associated with them. We can then understand why God lets Antiochus crush their army.

22b-  as well as a leader of the alliance.

Menelaus, collaborator of the Seleucids, covets the position of the legitimate high priest Onias, he has him assassinated by Andronicus, and takes his place. Is this still the Israel of God? In this drama, God begins to recall actions that Rome will perform over the centuries. Indeed, Imperial Rome will kill the Messiah and Papal Rome will covet and take away His perpetual priesthood, just as Menelaus killed Onias to replace him.

Dan 11:23 And after he is joined to him, he will use deceit; he will set off, and he will have the upper hand with few people.

23a-  Antiochus makes alliances with everyone, ready to break them if it is in his interest. This character alone is an image of the history of the kings of France and Europe; alliances made, alliances broken, and bloody wars interspersed with short periods of peace.

 But this verse also continues, in double reading, to give us a sketch of the papal regime which will persecute the saints for 120 years. Because the Greek king and popery are very similar: deceptions and tricks in both.

Dan 11:24 He will enter in peace into the most fertile places of the province; he will do what his fathers, nor his fathers' fathers, had not done; he will distribute the spoils, spoils and riches; he will form projects against the fortresses, and this for a certain time.

24a-  The enormous debt owed to the Romans must be paid. To this end, Antiochus 4 taxes his provinces and therefore the Jewish people over whom he dominates. He takes where he has not sown and strips the enslaved peoples who came under his domination of their wealth. He did not abandon his goal of conquering Egypt by hook or by crook. And to be appreciated by his soldiers and obtain their support, he shares the spoils with his troops and he lavishly honors his Greek deities, the main one of which: the Olympian Zeus, the god of gods of Greek mythology.

 In double reading, the Roman papal regime will act the same. Because he is weak by nature, he must seduce and enrich the greats of the kingdoms to be recognized and supported by them and their armed forces.

Dan 11:25 At the head of a great army he will use his strength and his ardor against the king of the south. And the king of the south will engage in war with a numerous and very powerful army; but he will not resist, because evil plans will be planned against him.

25a-  In – 170, Antiochos 4 snatches Pelusium and takes possession of all of Egypt except its capital Alexandria.

Dan 11:26 Those who eat of his table will destroy him; his troops will spread like a torrent, and the dead will fall in great numbers.

26a-  Ptolemy 6 then engages in negotiations with his uncle Antiochos 4. He joins the Seleucid camp. But disapproved by the Egyptians, he was replaced, in Alexandria, by his brother Ptolemy 8, therefore betrayed by his family who ate food from his table . The war continues and the dead fall in large numbers .

Dan 11:27 Both kings shall seek evil in their hearts, and at the same table they shall speak falsely. But this will not succeed, because the end will not come until the appointed time.

27a-  Once again the intrigues of Antiochos 4 fail. His relationship with his nephew Ptolemy 6 who joined him is based on deception.

27b-  But this will not succeed, because the end will only come at the appointed time.

What purpose is this verse talking about? In truth, it suggests several endings and firstly, the end of the war between Antiochos 3 and his Egyptian nephews and niece. This end is near. Other endings will concern the duration of the 1260 years of papal reign in Dan.12:6 and 7 and the time of the end of verse 40 of the current chapter which will see the fulfillment of the Third World War which prepares the context for the last great universal calamity.

But in this verse, this expression has no direct link with “ the time of the end ” cited in verse 40 as we will discover and demonstrate. The structure of this chapter is cleverly deceptive in appearance.

Dan 11:28 He will return to his land with great riches; he will be hostile in his heart to the holy alliance, he will act against it, then return to his country.

28a-  He will return to his country with great riches

 Responsible for the wealth taken from the Egyptians, Antiochos 4 sets out on his way back to Antioch, leaving behind Ptolemy 6 whom he has placed as king over half of conquered Egypt. But this half-victory irritates the dissatisfied king.

28b-  The annoyance encountered by the king made the Jews the targets of his anger. Also, by visiting their home, he will vent some of this anger on them, but he will not be appeased.             

Dan 11:29 At an appointed time he will go again against the south; but this last time things will not happen as before.

29a-  We are entering the year of the great calamity.

 In – 168, Antiochos learned that his nephews had again reconciled against him, Ptolemy 6 made peace with his brother Ptolemy 8. The conquered Egyptian lands returned to the Egyptian camp. He therefore sets off again on campaign against his nephews, determined to break all resistance, but...

Dan 11:30 The ships of Chittim shall come against him; discouraged, he will turn back. Then, furious against the holy alliance, he will not remain inactive; when he returns, he will look at those who have abandoned the holy covenant.

30a-  Ships of Chittim will advance against him

 The Spirit thus designates the Roman fleet based on the current island of Cyprus. From there they control the peoples of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal peoples of Asia. After his father Antiochos 3 is faced with the Roman veto. He suffers a humiliation which will enrage him. The Roman legate Popilius Laenas draws a circle on the ground around his feet and instructs him not to leave it unless he decides to fight Rome or obey it. Antiochos, the former hostage, has learned the lesson given to his father and he must renounce his conquest of Egypt, entirely placed under the Roman protectorate. In this context of explosive anger, he learns that the Jews, believing dead, rejoice and celebrate. They will learn terribly the hard way that he is still very much alive.

Dan 11:31 Troops will come at his command; they will desecrate the sanctuary, the fortress, they will put an end to the perpetual sacrifice , and will set up the abomination of the desolator (or destroyer).

31a-  This verse confirms the facts related in the apocryphal account of 1 Macc.1:43-44-45: Then king Antiochus wrote to all his kingdom, so that all would become one people, and that each should abandon his particular law. All nations consented to this command of King Antiochus, and many in Israel consented to this bondage, sacrificed to idols, and broke (defiled) the Sabbath. We find in this description the trials experienced by Daniel and his three companions in Babylon. And God presents to us in 1 Maccabees, a description of what will be the last great calamity that we who are alive in Christ will have to face just before the return in glory of Jesus Christ. Between our time and that of the Maccabean Jews, another great calamity caused the saints of Jesus Christ to die for 120 years.

31b-  they will desecrate the sanctuary, the fortress, they will put an end to the perpetual sacrifice , and will set up the abomination of the desolator (or destroyer).

 These actions will be confirmed in this historical testimony recorded by the Jewish and Roman historian Josephus. The importance of the thing justifies it, so let's look at this testimony in which we find details identical to the Sunday law of the last days proclaimed by the universal regime formed by the survivors of the Third World War.

Here is an early version of 1 Macc.1:41 to 64:

1Ma 1:41 Then the king gave orders that all in his empire should become one people :

1Ma 1:42 everyone was to renounce their customs. All the pagans submitted to the king's orders

1Ma 1:43 and even in Israel many people welcomed his worship: they sacrificed to idols and profaned the Sabbath.

1Ma 1:44 The king sent messengers to Jerusalem and to the cities of Judah to carry his orders there: from now on it was necessary to follow customs foreign to the country,

1Ma 1:45 to cease the burnt offerings of the Temple, the sacrifices and the drink offerings. Sabbaths and festivals were to be profaned,

1Ma 1:46 defile the Sanctuary and all that is holy,

1Ma 1:47 raising altars and places of worship and temples to idols, slaughtering swine and unclean animals.

1Ma 1:48 They were to leave their sons uncircumcised and thus make themselves odious by all kinds of impurities and profanations.

1Ma 1:49 In a word, we were to forget the Law and neglect all its observances:

1Ma 1:50 Anyone who did not obey the king's orders must be put to death.

1Ma 1:51 Thus were the letters of the king sent throughout his kingdom; he appointed overseers over all the people and commanded all the cities of Judah to offer sacrifices.

1Ma 1:52 Many of the people obeyed, all who forsook the Law; they did evil in the land,

1Ma 1:53 forcing Israel to seek refuge.

1Ma 1:54 On the fifteenth day of the month Kisleu, in the year 145, the king set up the Abomination of Desolation on the altar of burnt offerings, and they raised altars in the neighboring cities of Judah.

1Ma 1:55 They burned incense in the doors of houses and in the squares,

1Ma 1:56 The books of the law were torn up and thrown into the fire when they were found,

1Ma 1:57 And if a book of the Covenant was found in anyone, or if anyone obeyed the law of God, they would put him to death according to the decree of the king.

1Ma 1:58 They punished the Israelites who were caught in violation month after month in their cities,

1Ma 1:59 and on the 25th of every month sacrifices were offered on the high altar in place of the altar of burnt offerings.

1Ma 1:60 According to this law they put to death women who had their children circumcised,

1Ma 1:61 with their babies hanging on their necks; their relatives and those who had performed the circumcision were also put to death.

1Ma 1:62 Despite all this, many in Israel remained faithful and were courageous enough not to eat unclean foods.

1Ma 1:63 They would rather die than make themselves unclean with foods that contravened the Holy Covenant, and in fact they were put to death.

1Ma 1:64 It was a great trial for Israel.

 In this story, let us note verses 45 to 47 which confirm the cessation of the offerings of the perpetual intercession and verse 54 which testifies to the desecration of the sanctuary: the king set up the Abomination of Desolation on the altar of burnt offerings.

At the origin of these evils, this apostasy of Israel : 1Ma 1:11  It was at that time that a generation of misguided people arose in Israel who brought many people behind them: “Let us make an alliance with the nations around us,” they said, “because since we separated ourselves from them , many misfortunes have happened to us .” Misfortunes were already the consequence of their unfaithfulness to God and they were going to bring even more misfortunes upon themselves through their rebellious attitude.

 In this bloody tragedy, Greek domination well justified its omnipresent symbol of sin in the bronze of the statue of Dan.2; the spotted leopard of Dan.7; and the stinking goat of Dan.8. But one detail still needs to be noted. The person in charge of the punitive mission sent by Antiochos 4 to Jerusalem in – 168 is called Apollonius, and this Greek name which means in French “Destroyer” will be chosen by the Spirit to denounce in Apo.9:11, the destructive use of the Holy Bible by false, latter-day Protestant Christianity; or, the very ones who will organize the ultimate great final calamity . Apolonius came to Jerusalem with 22,000 soldiers and on a Sabbath day , during a spectacular public uprising, he massacred all the Jewish spectators. They defiled the Sabbath with this profane interest, and God had them killed. And his anger does not subside because behind this bloody fact the Hellenization of the Jews is ordered. The Athenian Gerontes, the royal delegate, imposed for all the people the Hellenization of worship and morals in Jerusalem as in Samaria . The temple of Jerusalem was then dedicated to Olympian Zeus and that of Mount Gerizim to hospitable Zeus. We thus see God withdrawing his protection from his own temple, from Jerusalem, and from the entire nation. The holy city is full of outrages, each more abominable than the last. But it was only the will of God that applied, so great was the moral and religious relaxation after the warning represented by the deportation to Babylon.

Dan 11:32 He will deceive the traitors of the covenant with flattery. But those of the people who know their God will act steadfastly,

32a-  He will seduce the traitors of the alliance with flattery

 This clarification confirms that the divine punishment was deserved and justified. In holy places, desecration had become the norm.

32b-  But those of the people who know their God will act with firmness,

 In this tragedy, sincere and worthy believers distinguished themselves by their faithfulness and preferred to die as martyrs rather than renounce honoring the creator God and his holy laws.

 Once again, on second reading, this bloody experience of 1090 actual days resembles the conditions of the papal reign of 1260 day-years prophesied successively in different forms in Dan.7:25, 12:7 and Rev.12:6- 14; 11:2-3; 13:5.


Looking back on current events in the context of antiquity

To clearly understand what is happening, I will take the image of a cameraman who is filming with his camera a scene that he was following closely. At this point he zooms out while gaining height and the viewed field widens more and more. So that when applied to religious history, the gaze of the Spirit supervises the entire religious history of Christianity, from its small beginnings, its hours of suffering, the time of the martyrs, to its glorious end marked by the return of the expected Savior.

Dan 11:33 and the wisest among them shall instruct the many. There are some who will succumb for a time to the sword and the flame, to captivity and plunder.

33a-  and the wisest among them will instruct the multitude

 The apostles of Jesus Christ, as well as Paul of Tarsus to whom we owe 14 epistles of the new covenant. This new religious instruction has a name “the Gospel” or, the Good News of the salvation offered by divine grace to the elect. In this way, the Spirit moves us forward in time and the new target examined becomes the Christian faith.

33b-  There are some who will succumb for a time to the sword and the flame, to captivity and plunder.

 For a time said the Spirit through the angel and this time will be 1260 long years prophesied but under certain Roman emperors Caligula, Nero, Domitian and Diocletian being a Christian meant having to die as a martyr. In Rev.13:10, the Spirit recalls the times of papal Roman exactions, saying: If anyone leads into captivity, he will go into captivity; if anyone kills with the sword, he must be killed with the sword. This is the perseverance and faith of the saints .

Dan 11:34 In the time when they fail, they will be helped a little, and many will join them in hypocrisy.

34a-  It is indeed in this time of the cruel domination of the papacy that the help of the hypocrites of this verse appeared. Their identification is based on their disregard for the values and commands taught by Jesus Christ, and in this case for this targeted era, the prohibition against killing by the sword. By revisiting history, you can then understand that the broad Protestant movement from the 15th century until our time was judged hypocritical by the just Judge Jesus Christ. Their complete abandonment since 1843 will therefore be easier to understand and accept.

Dan 11:35 Some of the wise men will fall away, that they may be purified, purified, and made white, until the time of the end, for it will not come until the appointed time.

35a-  Some of the wise men will fall, that they may be purified, purified and made white, until the time of the end

 Judging from this statement, the standard of the Christian life is trial and selection , by the ability to endure and suffer persecution until the end of the world. In this way, modern man accustomed to peace and tolerance no longer understands anything. He does not recognize his life in these messages. This is why explanations will be given on this subject in Rev.7 and 9:5-10. A long period of religious peace of 150 real years, or “five prophetic months”, was programmed by God, but since 1995 this period has ended and religious wars have started again. Islam kills in France and elsewhere all over the world; and its action is intended to intensify until it ignites the entire earth.

35b-  because it will only arrive at the appointed time

 This end will be that of the world and the angel tells us that no sign of peace or war allows anyone to see it coming. It depends on a single factor: the “ time marked ” by God, the end of the 6000 years devoted to his selection of earthly elect. And it is because we are less than ten years from this term that God has given us the grace to know the date: March 20 of the spring which precedes April 3, 2030, that is, 2000 years later the atoning death of Christ. He will appear powerful and victorious to save his chosen ones and destroy the murderous rebels who intended to kill them.



The Catholic papal regime of “Christian” Rome: The great persecutor of the religious history of the Western world.

It is towards him that the Antiochos 4 model should lead us. The type has prepared its antitype and what can we say about this comparison? Certainly on a phenomenal scale, the Greek persecutor acted for 1090 real days, but popery will rage for almost 1260 real years, thus surpassing all historical models.


Dan 11:36 The king will do what he wishes; he will exalt himself, he will glory above all gods, and he will say incredible things against the God of gods; it will prosper until the wrath is completed, for that which is determined will be accomplished.

36a-  The words of this verse remain ambiguous and can still be adapted to the Greek king and the Roman papal king. The revealing structure of the prophecy must be carefully concealed from superficial readers. A small detail nevertheless designates the papal target; it is precision: because what is decided will be accomplished. This quote echoes Dan.9:26: After the sixty-two weeks, an Anointed One will be cut off, and he will have nothing for himself. The people of a ruler who comes will destroy the city and the holy sanctuary , and their end will come as by a flood; It is decided that the devastations (or desolations) will last until the end of the war .

Dan 11:37 He will not respect the gods of his fathers, nor the god who delights in women; he will have no regard for any god, for he will glorify himself above all.

37a-  He will not respect the gods of his fathers

 Here it is, the little detail that clarifies our intelligence. We have here the formal proof that the king targeted by his words cannot be Antiochos 4 who had regard for the gods of his fathers and among them the greatest, Zeus the god of the gods of Olympus to whom he offered the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. We thus obtain undeniable proof that the targeted king is indeed the Roman papal regime of the Christian era. From now on, all the words revealed will therefore concern this king different from Dan.7 and impudent and cunning from Dan.8; I add, this devastating or desolating king of Dan.9:27. The “rocket stages” all support the head of a papal man , small and arrogant placed at the top of dominations.

 Did Papal Rome respect the gods of its fathers? Officially no, because her conversion to Christianity led her to abandon the names of pagan Roman deities. However, she retained the forms and style of their worship: the carved, sculpted or molded images before which her worshipers bow and kneel to pray. To preserve this behavior condemned by God in all his laws, she made the Bible inaccessible to ordinary mortals and removed the second of the ten commandments of the living God because it prohibits this practice and reveals the punishment planned for its transgressors. Who can want to hide the punishment incurred if not the devil? The personality of the papal regime therefore falls into the box of the definition proposed in this verse.

37b-  nor to the divinity who delights women

 It is by thinking of the pagan Roman religion abandoned by popery that the Spirit of God evokes this scabrous subject. Because she turned her back on her overtly sexual heritage to display values of holiness. This suggested deity is Priapus, the male phallus honored as divinity by the pagan church fathers of Rome. It was still a legacy of Greek sin. And to break with this sexual heritage, she excessively defends the purity of the flesh and the spirit.

Dan 11:38 However he will honor the god of fortresses on his pedestal; to this god, whom his fathers did not know, he will pay homage with gold and silver, with precious stones and precious objects.

38a-  However he will honor the god of fortresses on his pedestal

 A new pagan god is born: the god of fortresses . Its pedestal is in human minds and its height is as high as the impression made.

Pagan Rome built pagan temples open to all winds; capitals supported by columns were sufficient. But by acceding to Christianity, Rome aims to replace the destroyed Jewish model. The Jews had a closed temple in powerful appearance which gave them glory and prestige. Rome will therefore imitate him and in turn build Romanesque churches resembling fortified castles, because insecurity reigns and the richest Lords fortify their homes. Rome does the same. It built its churches in an austere style until the time of the cathedrals, and there, everything changed. The rounded roofs become arrows pointing towards the sky, and this, higher and higher. The exterior facades take on the appearance of lace, they are enriched by stained glass windows of all colors which bring inside an iridescent light which impresses the celebrants, followers and visitors.

38b-  to this god, whom his fathers did not know, he will pay homage with gold and silver, with precious stones and valuable objects.

 To make them even more attractive, the interior walls are adorned with gold, silver, precious pearls, expensive objects : the prostitute Babylon the great of Rev.17:5 knows how to showcase herself to attract and attract its customers.

The true God does not allow himself to be seduced because this magnificence does not benefit him. In his prophecy he denounces this papal Rome with which he has never had the slightest relationship. For him, his Romanesque or Gothic churches are just more pagan divinities which only serve to seduce spiritual people whom it turns away from him: a new god is born: the god of fortresses and he seduces multitudes who believe they have found God entering its walls under disproportionately high ceilings.

Dan 11:39  It is with the foreign god that he will act against the fortified places And he worked on the fortifications of the fortresses with the foreign god and he will fill with honors those who recognize him, he will make them dominate over many, he will distribute lands to them for reward.

39a-  And he worked on the fortifications of the fortresses with the foreign god

 For God, there is only one active god facing him, that is to say who is foreign to him : it is the devil, Satan against whom Jesus Christ warned his apostles and his disciples. In the Hebrew text, it is not a question of “acting against” but of “doing to”. The same message will be read in Rev.13:3, in the form: ...the dragon gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority . The dragon which is the devil in Rev.12:9 but at the same time imperial Rome according to Rev.12:3.

 Furthermore, by converting to the Christian religion, the Roman authority adopted the true God who was foreign to it since it was originally the God of the Jews, of the Hebrews descendants of Abraham.

39b-  and he will fill with honors those who recognize him

 These honors are religious. Popery brings to the kings who recognize him as the representative of God on earth, the seal of divine authority for their own authority. Kings only truly become kings when the church has consecrated them in one of its deified fortresses , in France, Saint-Denis and Reims.

39c-  he will make them dominate over many

 Popery awards the imperial title which designates a suzerain king dominating over other vassal kings. The most famous: Charlemagne, Charles V, Napoleon I , Hitler.

39d-  he will distribute land to them as a reward.

 This earthly and celestial temporal superpower, according to his claim, suited the kings of the earth well. Because he resolved their differences, particularly regarding conquered or discovered lands. This is how in 1494, Alexander 6 Borgia, the worst of popes, an assassin in office, was led to fix a meridian line in order to share between Spain and Portugal the attribution and possession of the territory of the South America rediscovered since antiquity.


The Third World War or 6th trumpet of Rev.9 .

It reduces humanity by a third of its population and putting an end to national independence, it prepares the universal regime which will establish the ultimate great calamity announced in Apo.1. Among the aggressive actors is Islam in Muslim countries, so I offer you the biblical view on this subject.


The role of Islam

Islam exists because God needs it. Not to save, this role rests exclusively on the grace brought by Jesus Christ, but to strike, kill, massacre his enemies. Already, in the old covenant, to punish the infidelity of Israel, God had recourse to the “Philistine” people. In the story, to punish Christian infidelity, he appeals to Muslims. At the origin of Muslims and Arabs is Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, the Egyptian servant of Sarah, his wife. And already at that time, Ishmael was in dispute with Isaac the legitimate son. This is so much so that with God's agreement, at the request of Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael were chased out of the camp by Abraham. And God took care of the expelled people whose descendants, half-brothers, would maintain a hostile attitude towards the posterity of Abraham; the first, Jewish; the second, in Jesus Christ, Christian. Here is how God prophesied about Ishmael and his Arab descendants in Gen.16:12: “ He will be like a wild donkey; his hand will be against all, and the hand of all will be against him; and he will dwell opposite all his brothers .” God wants to make known his thoughts and his judgment on things. Christ's elect must know and share this plan of God who uses the peoples and powers of the earth according to his supreme will. It should be noted that the prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, was born at the end of the 6th century after the establishment of Roman Catholic popery in 538. Islam appeared to attack pagan Catholicism and the Christians of generally when they are struck by God's curse. And this has been the case since March 7, 321, since Emperor Constantine I caused the seventh-day Sabbath rest to be abandoned in favor of his first day dedicated to the “unconquered sun” (Sol Invictvs), our current Sunday. Like many Christians today, Constantine wrongly wanted to mark a break between Christians and Jews. He criticized the Christians of his time for Judaizing by honoring God's holy Sabbath. This unjustified judgment coming from a pagan king was paid for and will continue to be paid until the end by the punishments of the “ seven trumpets ” revealed in Revelation 8 and 9, an uninterrupted succession of misfortunes and tragedies. The final punishment will come in the form of terrible disillusionment, when Jesus Christ appears to remove His elect from the earth. But the theme which has just been treated, that of the “Third World War” is itself, the sixth of these prophesied divine punishments in which Islam is an important actor. For God also prophesied about Ishmael, saying in Gen.17:20: “ As for Ishmael, I have heard you. Behold, I will bless him, and make him fruitful, and multiply him exceedingly; he will beget twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation .” I close this parenthesis to resume the study in Dan.11:40.


Dan 11:40 In the time of the end shall the king of the south strike against him. And the king of the north shall whirl upon him like a storm, with chariots and with horsemen, and with many ships; it will go into the land and spread like a torrent and overflow.

40a-  At the time of the end

 This time it is indeed the end of human history; the end of the time of the present nations of the earth. Jesus announced this time, saying in Matt.24:24: This good news of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations. Then the end will come.

40b-  the king of the south will strike against him

 Here we must admire the immense divine subtlety which allows his servants to understand what remains hidden from other human beings. Apparently, but only in appearance, the conflict between the Seleuci kings and the Lagid kings seems to resume and continue in this verse, which could not be more misleading. Because in reality, we left this context from verses 34 to 36 and the time of the end of this new confrontation concerns the Christian era of the papal Catholic regime and universal Protestantism which entered into its ecumenical alliance. This change in context requires us to redistribute roles.

 In the role of “ him ”: papal Catholic Europe and its allied Christian religions.

 In the role of the “ king of the south ”: the conquering Islam which must convert humans by force or put them into slavery, according to the actions led by its founder Mohammed.

 Let us note here the choice of the verb: to collide ; in Hebrew, “nagah” which means to strike with one’s horns. As an adjective, it designates a furious aggressor who usually strikes. This verb fits perfectly with Arab Islam which has been aggressive against the Western world without interruption since the end of the Second World War. The possible verbs “ to fight, to fight, to collide ” indicate a very close proximity, hence the idea of national neighborhood or neighborhood of towns and streets. Both possibilities confirm Islam, well established in Europe because of the religious disinterest of Europeans. Struggles have intensified since the return of Jews to Palestine in 1948. The plight of the Palestinians has pitted Muslim peoples against Western Christian colonials. And, in 2021, Islamist attacks are increasing and creating insecurity among European peoples, first and foremost France, the former colonizer of North African and African peoples. Will a bigger national clash occur? Perhaps, but not before the internal situation deteriorates to the point of producing brutal group-on-group clashes on the soil of the metropolis itself. On that day, France will be in a situation of civil war; in reality, an authentically religious war: Islam against Christianity or unbelievers without God.

40c-  And the king of the north will whirl upon him like a storm , with chariots and horsemen, and with many ships

 In Ezek.38:1, this king of the north is called Magog, prince of Rosh (Russia) of Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk) and we read in verse 9: And you will go up, you will come like a storm , you will be as a cloud to cover the land, you and all your bands, and many peoples with you.

Redistribution of roles: In the role of the “ king of the north ”, Orthodox Russia and its Muslim allied peoples . Here again, the choice of the verb “ tourera sur him ” suggests a sudden massive surprise attack from the air. Moscow, the capital of Russia, is in fact a good distance from Brussels, the European capital, and Paris, its military spearhead. European prosperity has made its leaders blind, to the point of underestimating the military potential of powerful Russia. It will launch in its aggression, planes and thousands of tanks on land routes and multitudes of marine and submarine warships. And so that the punishment is expressed forcefully, these European leaders have not stopped humiliating Russia and its leaders from the fiery Vladimir Zhirinovsky to its new current “Tsar”, Vladimir Putin (Vladimir: prince of the world in Russian).

 The actors having been identified, the three “kings” concerned will confront each other in what takes the form of a 7th Syrian War” in which the new national Israel will be involved; which the following verse will confirm. But for the moment, the “king” ( him ) attacked by Russia is the Europe of the Treaty of Rome.

40d-  it will advance into the lands, will spread like a torrent and overflow.  Its overwhelming military superiority allows Russia to invade Europe and occupy its entire territorial extent. Facing it, the French troops are no match; they are crushed and destroyed.

Dan 11:41 He will enter into the most beautiful land, and many will fall; but Edom, Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon shall be delivered out of his hand.

41a-  He will enter the most beautiful country, and many will succumb

 Russian expansion is taking place towards its south where Israel is located , the ally of Western countries which is in turn invaded by Russian troops; Jews will still die.

41b-  but Edom, Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon will be delivered from his hand

 This is a consequence of the military alliances which will place these names which represent modern Jordan on the Russian side. In 2021, Russia is already the official ally of Syria, which it arms and protects.

Dan 11:42 And he shall stretch out his hand over divers countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

42a-  It is only since 1979 that this political configuration has come to confirm the prophecy. Because that year, at Camp David in the USA, Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat officially made an alliance with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The strategic and political choice made at that time was to embrace the cause of the strongest of the day because Israel was powerfully supported by the USA. It is in this sense that the Spirit of God imputes to him the initiative of trying to “ escape ” ruin and disaster. But over time, the game changes hands, and Israel and Egypt find themselves, since 2021, almost abandoned by the USA. Russia imposes its law on the Syrian area.

Dan 11:43 He will possess the treasures of gold and silver, and all the precious things of Egypt; the Libyans and Ethiopians will follow him.

43a-  He will become master of the treasures of gold and silver, and of all the precious things of Egypt

 Thanks to the revenue from tolls paid to use the Suez Canal, Egypt became greatly enriched. But this wealth is only good in times of peace because in times of war the trade routes become deserted. Egypt grew rich through tourism. From the four corners of the earth, people come to contemplate its pyramids, its museums enriched by continual discoveries of Egyptian tombs hidden underground since antiquity. In these tombs, that of the young king Tutankhamun revealed objects in solid gold of an unknown value. Russia will therefore find in Egypt something to satisfy its desire for spoils of war.

At the end of the Sabbath of January 22, 2022, the Spirit brought me an argument which confirms without possible dispute , the interpretation that I give to Daniel 11. Let us note in the two verses 42 and 43, the importance of the clear mention not coded, from the name “ Egypt ” which is in this context a different country from that which is called “ king of the south ”. However, in verses 5 to 32, the lagid “Egypt ” of the Ptolemies was masked but identified as “ king of the south ”. The change in historical context is thus confirmed and proven irrefutably . Beginning with the context of antiquity, the story of Daniel 11 ends with “ the time of the end ” of the world, in which “ Egypt ”, an ally of the Christian and agnostic Western camp since 1979, is the target. of the new king of the south ” that is, warlike Islam, and especially that of the new king of the north ”, Russian Orthodoxy.

43b-  the Libyans and Ethiopians will follow him

 The translator has correctly translated the words " Puth and Cush " of the prophecy which designate for "Libya", the Muslim countries located north of the Sahara, the coastal countries of the African coast and for Ethiopia, black Africa, all countries located south of the Sahara. A large number of them also accepted and adopted Islam; in the case of Ivory Coast, with the complicity of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to whom we also owe the Libyan chaos.

 Thus, struck by Russia, " Egypt " becomes the prey of all predators, and the Muslim vultures, its brothers, descend on it, to clean its corpse and take their share of the spoils which still remain, after the Russian puncture.

 By clearly citing " Libya and Ethiopia ", the Spirit designates African religious allies of the " king of the south " who should be identified with Arabia, where the prophet Mohammed appeared in 632, to spread, since Mecca, his new religion called Islam. It is supported by powerful Turkey, which has returned, in this final context, to a fundamentalist, conquering, and vengeful Muslim religious commitment, after the humiliation of its momentary submission to Western secular values. But other Muslim countries, not located in the “ south ”, such as Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, can join the “ king of the south ” to fight Western peoples with moral values hated by all Muslim peoples. This hatred is in truth only that of the true God Jesus Christ despised by Western Christians. It thus punishes, through Islam and Orthodoxy, Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and even Adventist infidelity in the Western world; all the monotheistic faith guilty towards him.

Dan 11:44 News from the east and the north will come and terrify him, and he will go out in great wrath to destroy and destroy multitudes.

44a-  News from the east and the north will come to frighten him

 These two cardinal points " east and north " concern the Russian country alone, depending on whether it is mentioned from papal Europe or from Israel, because the prophecy designates them as being successively attacked by Russia in verses 40 and 41. This means that the fear cited comes from Russian territory, but what can frighten such a conqueror? What happened to his country to scare him so much? The answer is not in the book of Daniel, but in Revelation 9, which reveals and targets the Protestant religion whose global stronghold is in the USA. The mystery will become clearer, taking into account this existence of the USA. Since the year 1917 when rebellious Russia adopted its socialist and communist regime, a gap has lastingly separated it from the imperialist capitalist USA. The individual cannot enrich himself at the expense of his neighbor if he is a communist; this is why the two options are irreconcilable. Beneath the ashes of peace, the fires of hatred smolder and beg to be expressed. Only competition and the nuclear threat have managed to prevent the worst. It was the balance of Nuclear Terror. Only, without using nuclear weapons, Russia will take over Europe, Israel and Egypt. The balance being disrupted, the USA will feel cheated and threatened, so, in order to reduce the number of its deaths, it will enter the war, striking hard first. A nuclear destruction of Russia will cause fear among the Russian armies scattered across the occupied territories.

44b-  and he will go out with great fury to destroy and exterminate multitudes.

 Until that moment, Russia will be in the spirit of conquest and taking spoils, but suddenly its state of mind will change, the Russian army will no longer have a homeland to return to and its despair will transform in desire to “ destroy and exterminate multitudes ”; which will be the “ third of the men slain ” of the 6th trumpet of Rev.9. All nations equipped with nuclear weapons will thus be forced by the facts to use them against their personal potential enemies.

Dan 11:45 He will pitch the tents of his palace between the seas, towards the glorious and holy mountain; then he will reach the end, without anyone to help him.

45a-  He will pitch the tents of his palace between the seas, towards the glorious and holy mountain

 Tents between the seas , because its palaces are no longer on earth. The desperate situation of the Russian troops is clearly described by the Spirit who condemned them to this fate. Under the fire of their adversaries they are pushed back to the land of Israel. Hated by everyone, they benefited from no support or pity and were exterminated on Jewish land. Russia will thus pay a heavy dispute that God attributes to it since its support of the spiritual enemies of Israel in the old alliance, at the time of its deportation to Babylon. She sold horses to the people of Tire, a city of pagan lust. Ezek.27:13-14 confirms, God saying to Tyre: Javan, Tubal (Tobolsk) and Meshech (Moscow) traded with you; they gave slaves and brass utensils in exchange for your goods. Those of the house of Togarma (Armenia) supplied your markets with horses, riders and mules. It was also a commercial stumbling block for the Jews who also traded with it: Ezek.27:17: Judah and the land of Israel traded with you; they gave the wheat of Minnith, the pastry, the honey, the oil and the balsam, in exchange for your goods. Tire therefore enriched itself at their expense. Later, in Ezek.28:12, under the title “ king of Tyre ,” God speaks directly to Satan. We understand that it was he who took advantage of the luxury and wealth accumulated in the great pagan cities which served him under the guise of multiple pagan deities, rather unconsciously, but always and everywhere in cult forms that God considers abominable. He carries on his heart the weight of a frustration accumulated, also, over the length of centuries and millennia of human history. This frustration justifies his anger which is partially emptied in the form of this latest terribly destructive international conflict.

 But this divine anger against the mercantile traffic of ancient times invites us to understand what God may think of contemporary international traffic in an international context entirely built on the market economy. I think the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in New York on September 11, 2001 is an answer. All the more so since, in Rev. 18, the prophecy underlines the harmful role of enrichment due to commerce and international exchanges before which any rule or divine religious right collapses so great is the impiety.

At the end of Dan.11, the USA's hereditary adversary, Russia, is destroyed. This will therefore give them absolute power over all survivors of the international conflict. Woe to the vanquished! He must bow and submit to the law of the victor wherever he is on earth, surviving. 

Daniel 12


Dan 12:1 At that time Michael will rise up, the great prince, the defender of the children of your people; and it will be a time of trouble, such as has not been since nations existed until that time. At that time those of your people who are found written in the book will be saved.

1a-  At that time Michael will arise,

 This time is that of the end of the world when having the last word, Jesus Christ returns in the glory and power of his divinity long contested by competing religions. We read in Rev.1:7: Behold, he comes with the clouds. And every eye will see it, even those who pierced it; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him. Yes. Amen! We must get used to this idea, because for each of his roles, God gave himself a different name, which is why in Daniel and Rev. 12:7 he presents himself as Michael , the supreme head of angelic celestial life. which gives him authority over the devil and demons. His name, Jesus Christ, only represents it for the elect of the earth whom he came to save under this name. 

1b-  the great leader,

 This great leader is therefore YaHWéH Michael Jesus Christ and it is from him that in its characterized impudence, the papal regime took away for its benefit, his mission as perpetual celestial intercessor until 1843, this since the year 538, dates from the beginning of the papal regime and its installation in the city of Rome, at the Lateran Palace on Mount Caelius. This subject was covered in Daniel 8.

1c-  the defender of the children of your people;

 A defender intervenes when there is an attack. And this will be the case for the last hours of earthly life of the chosen ones who remained faithful, even condemned to death by the last rebels. Here, we can find all the models proposed in the stories of Daniel because they are fulfilled in a final tragic situation. In this last great calamity , we will relive the miraculous interventions recounted in Dan.3, the furnace and its four living characters, in Dan.5, the capture of Babylon the great by God, in Dan.6, the lions rendered harmless but also the end of the great calamity prefigured by that which struck the Jews in – 168, on Kisleu 15, that is, December 18, on a Sabbath day.

1d-  and it will be a time of distress, such as has not been since the nations existed until that time.

 Judging from this statement, the last great calamity will surpass that of the Jews organized by the Greeks. Indeed, the Greeks only beat Jews they found in the streets or their homes. At the end of the world, things are very different, and modern technology allows absolute control over the people who live on the earth. Using human detection techniques, we can therefore find anyone anywhere, in whatever place they are hiding. Lists of people resisting the decreed orders can therefore be established precisely. In this final context, the eradication of the elected will be made humanly possible. Although full of faith and hope in their deliverance, the elect will experience painful hours; for those who will still be free, deprived of everything, the others being in the rebel prisons awaiting their execution. Distress will reign in the hearts of elected officials who are mistreated if not killed.

1e-  At that time, those of your people who are found written in the book will be saved.

 It is the book of life, because without a computer, God also made a list of all the creatures that Adam and Eve and their descendants generated. At the end of each person's life, the final fate was decided by God who retained two lists: that of the elect and that of the fallen , in accordance with the two paths presented to humanity in Deut.30:19-20 : I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day: I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, so that you and your descendants may live, to love the LORD your God, to obey his voice, and to cleave to him: for on this depends your life and the prolongation of your days... It is according to his choice for evil that the fate final end of Roman popery, burned in fire , is revealed to us in Dan.7:9-10; this because of his arrogant words towards the God of gods according to Dan.11:36.

In Rev.20:5, the return of Christ is accompanied by the resurrection of the dead in Christ which is called, the first resurrection : Blessed and holy are those who participate in the first resurrection , for the second death has no power on them .             

Dan 12:2 Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will wake up, some to everlasting life, and some to reproach and everlasting shame.

2a-  Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will wake up, some to eternal life,

Let us first note that in common normality, the dead sleep well in the dust of the earth and not in a marvelous paradise or a burning hell as false Christian or pagan religions teach and believe. This clarification restores the true status of the dead as taught in Ecc.9:5-6-10: For all who live there is hope; and even a living dog is better than a dead lion. The living, in fact, know that they will die; but the dead know nothing, and there is no more pay for them, since their memory is forgotten. And their love, and their hatred, and their envy, have already perished; and they will never again have any part in anything that is done under the sun . … Whatever your hand finds to do with your strength, do it; for there is no work, nor thought, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in hell, whither thou goest. ( Residence of the dead which is the dust of the earth ).

There is no thought after death because thought lives in the brain of man, only, when he is still alive and nourished by the blood sent by the beating of his heart. And this blood must itself be purified by pulmonary respiration. God never said anything else, since he said to Adam who became a sinner through disobedience, in Gen.3:19: In the sweat of your face you will eat bread, until you return to the earth, from which you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you will return . To confirm this state of nothingness of the dead, we read in Psa.30:9: What do you gain by shedding my blood, by making me go down into the pit? Has the dust praised you? Does it speak of your loyalty? No, because it cannot according to Psa.115:17: It is not the dead who celebrate the Lord, it is not any of those who go down into the place of silence. But this does not prevent God from being able to give rise again to a life which previously existed and it is this creative power which makes him God and not angel or man.

The two paths have two final outcomes and Rev.20 tells us that they are separated by the thousand years of the seventh millennium. While all human life disappears from the face of the earth at the beginning of these thousand years , the fallen will only be resurrected after their judgment carried out by the saints and Jesus Christ in his celestial kingdom. By this message attached to the 7th trumpet , Rev.11:18 confirms, saying: The nations were angry; and your wrath has come , and the time has come to judge the dead , to reward your servants the prophets, the saints and those who fear your name, both small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth . In this verse, the judgment of the dead leads God to resurrect, first, his faithful dead elect so that they can judge the wicked kept in the state of death.

2b-  and the others for reproach, for eternal shame.

 Eternity will only belong to the living. After their final annihilation at the Last Judgment , the reproach and shame of the fallen will remain only in the eternal memory of the elect, the angels and God.             

Dan 12:3 Those who understand will shine like the brightness of the sky, and those who teach righteousness to many will shine like the stars for ever and ever.

3a-  Those who are intelligent will shine like the splendor of the sky

 Intelligence elevates man above animals. It is revealed by its ability to reason, to draw conclusions by observing facts or by simple deduction. If humans were not rebellious in the freedom that God gives them, intelligence would lead all humanity towards the same recognition of the existence of God and his laws. Because since Moses, God has had the most significant events of his revelation to men recorded in writing. Here is the route of reasoning to follow. The monotheistic faith appeared in the history of the Hebrew people. His testimony and his writings therefore have priority over all other writings attributed to this same unique God. That the people of God should be fought against remains a normal possibility, but that the holy scriptures should be fought against becomes a diabolical work. The faith established by Jesus Christ takes its sources and references from the Hebrew scriptures of the old covenant, which gives it legitimacy. But the Roman Catholic doctrine does not respect this principle, which is why neither it nor the Koran of Islam can claim to be the living God, creator of all that lives and exists. Jesus confirmed the principle by recalling in John 4:22 that salvation comes from the Jews : You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, because salvation comes from the Jews .             

In this first group of elect, God designates men saved without particular knowledge because of their fidelity manifested at the risk of their lives since Adam and Eve; and this until 1843. They are saved because their works testified to their intelligence and their reception of divine laws manifested by their obedience. In this group, the most faithful and peaceful Protestants benefited until the spring of 1843 from the patience of God who only made the practice of his holy Sabbath obligatory from that date. Rev.2:24-25 will confirm this exception: To you, to all others in Thyatira, who do not receive this doctrine , and who have not known the depths of Satan, as they call them , I say to you: I do not place any other burden on yourself; only hold on to what you have until I come.

3b-  and those who teach righteousness to the multitude will shine like the stars, forever and ever

 This second group is set apart because of the high level of sanctification that it represents on earth since 1843. Selected by means of a test of faith, based initially on the hope of the return of Jesus Christ, successively for the spring of 1843 and the fall of 1844, his sanctification by God was made official by his restoration of the Sabbath which he practiced again, after long centuries of darkness, forgetfulness and contempt for him.

 In this division into two groups , what makes them different is their situation towards the justice of God, their status towards his ten commandments and his other health and other ordinances. In its original text of Exo.20:5-6, the second commandment deleted by Rome, clearly reveals the importance that God gives to obedience to his commandments and he recalls the two paths and the two opposing final fates: … I am a jealous God who punish the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation on those who hate me and transgress my commandments, and have mercy on those who love me and keep my commandments to a thousand generations .

 In this verse, Spirit reveals the reason for the existence of stars in our earthly creation. They only had reason to exist to serve as a symbol of the earthly elect selected by God; and it is Gen.1:17 which reveals their message: God placed them in the expanse of the sky, to give light to the earth. Then God uses them to show Abraham the multitude of his descendants in Gen.15:5: Number the stars of heaven if you can number them; such will be your descendants.

However, the status of these spiritual stars can change depending on the works carried out by the redeemed believer. By falling spiritually through its disobedience, the star falls , it falls from the sky . The image will be evoked to image the fall of the Protestant faith in 1843, announced by a real celestial sign in 1833, in the 6th seal of Rev.6 :13: and the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as when 'a fig tree shaken by a violent wind throws away its green figs. And again in Rev.12:4: His tail dragged away a third of the stars of the sky, and threw them to the earth. This message renews that of Dan.8:10: She rose up to the army of heaven, and she brought down part of that army and the stars to the earth, and she trampled them . The Spirit attributes to the Roman papal regime the spiritual fall of a third of redeemed believers; deceived people who will believe in vain in the salvation of Christ and claim his justice.

Dan 12:4 You, Daniel, keep these words secret, and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will then read it, and knowledge will increase.

4a-  This end time knows several successive phases but it began, officially, in the spring of 1843, with the entry into application of the divine decree pre-written in Dan.8:14: Until evening-morning 2300 and the holiness will be justified . In 1994, the second era of the end was marked by the condemnation of the universal Adventist institution. Since 1843, the book of Daniel has been read, but it has never been interpreted correctly before this work which I am still preparing in 2021 and this since 2020. It is therefore this date which marks the peak of his knowledge and therefore there, the true final time of the end which will end with the true return of Jesus Christ, known and expected, for the spring of 2030. We see that this year 2020 has already been well marked by God since all of humanity is hit by the mortality of the Covid-19 Virus which appeared in China in 2019, but in Papal Catholic Europe, only since 2020. In 2021, viruses mutate and continue to strike guilty and rebellious humanity.


The Adventist Test of Faith Illustrated


Dan 12:5